Radical Priest Shows Scorecard ; 9/11-1, USA-0 by Reverend Michael Valentine Goldsun

Radical Priest Shows Scorecard ; 9/11-1, USA-0

So what’s wrong with this picture ?!

Well, we didn’t start out too good now did we?!

In our tiny 200 years, we’ve killed virtually all of the buffalo.

We’ve killed virtually all of the Native Americans.

We moved in and stole a country and dominated it like we had the right.

We’ve kidnapped, stolen and sold, owned and murdered slaves by the millions, and had a major internal Civil war.

We’ve Established and run the 5000 strong KKK and had five Presidents in it, (a despicable notion ).

We have the highest number of people in jails per capita of any country on Earth.

We’ve given birth to the greediest, most disillusioned generation on Earth; and attacked and murdered 100 thousand innocent people in Iraq.

We’re in the top 25 murder rates in the world, with 5% of the global population we consume 25% of the world’s resources, and contribute 25% of the greenhouse gases.

We generate 40% of earth’s garbage.

About 11 percent of young citizens of the U.S. couldn’t even locate the U.S. on a map!

2.8 million people in the U.S. still cannot read & write.

We continue to ignore the Kyoto agreement;

The Geneva Convention;

World Courts;

the U.N.;

And we have the audacity to ask on 9/11, “ Why would anyone do this to us?! “

Well, those are some good reasons, but that’s not the end of the story.

I can speak from personal experience as a child in Europe, that we are despised by most of the world, as of the 50’s, and that as a result of our activities during WW II.

Now I don’t mean to imply that the liberatee’s weren’t happy to see ‘us’. That isn’t where the problem came from. The problem stemmed from the ‘ring around the tub’ that followed our presence; we wore out our welcome quite frankly, and we’re STILL doing it !

We have 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries filled with 253,288 uniformed personnel, and another 6,000 bases in the United States.

We’re a regular killing machine just waiting for some one to try something, an economy oiled by murder death kill, in fact I’ve heard the DOW Jones has a category called just that, “Murder Death Kill was up 78 points today and closed with a net gain of about 4%.”

As I gather it; the world at large became disgusted with many things that our ambassadors, the G.I.’s, were doing. The wanton waste of goods, the arrogance, the loud drunk soldiers with respect and no regard for the locals, laughing too hard and too loud at their own jokes and general shooting off of enlisted men’s mouths and there you have what turned Europe off. And for the most part; Europe and the rest of the world is still turned off; even more so these days. As a young boy, I took a lot of abuse at the hand of children and adults the second I opened my mouth and they heard my accent; and they realized that they could lay one on me without retribution. You’d be surprised to see who’ll drop a load on when there’s no one around to defend an outnumbered young fella.

This is the welcome today’s travellers will get only 10 times worse. Way ‘da’ go !

I may be wrong here, but from my view, we are the youngest nation.

We have NO culture. No society. No integrity. No respect. We ‘re stampeding around and trashing everything we touch like bulls in a china shop.

We barge into centuries old cultures like Asia in WW II or Iraq now like a bunch brat upstarts inflicting our self-impressed delusions onto thousands of years of growth and development without the slightest regard for whom we violate, insult or abuse in the process.

Our current runaway government is taking the “ Ugly American “ and building an indelible monument in the world mind, and it may never come down.

Some American people just don’t understand what the rest of the world knows;

WE are NOT the greatest nation on earth;

We’re big, but size doesn’t matter now does it?!

As Baby Boomers we didn’t derive our generational identity from the war as our parents did, and there wasn’t much else around us to serve as guidelines or parameters for behaviour and growth; so we ventured into the unknown. The stars, the religions, the microcosms , aspects of the inner being.

We believed in UFO’s without hesitation. We found out what star sign we were. We sought answers from Confucius, and Lao-Tzu, and Plato et. al.. We embraced Buddhism, Hinduism, and other older religions as bases for personal structuring. We explored all of the possibilities we could encounter, The Koran, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Zoroaster, the I-Ching, numerology, astrology, chiromancy, chiropractics, telepathy, clairvoyance, homeopathy, biorhythms….

Busy bunch weren’t we ?!

Growing up in a country without any background didn’t stop us from finding some, and thus we built our own; our Counter-Culture. It wasn’t/isn’t in opposition, but in tandem with all things on earth , a parallel world, a medium for survival from an ever more disconcerting plastic mania that was beginning to eat us up.

Still, that wasn’t enough to sway our countries status quo, even today.

What we’ve ended up with is a nation where anything old is disrespected, discarded and replaced by a “new”;

“fresh off the production line”;

“latest model”;

“state of the art”, mantra of the day;

consumer buzzword generation;

Generations ” X “-box, and ” Y “-me , ( or is that ” My ” Wii ) PS-3, iPod, iPhone, MP3, …

(” How did I EVER live without a cell phone that takes pictures, plays music, and access my emails ??!! ” good Gawd, What’s NEXT ?!!)

The shallowness of an entire cross section of kids is, however good for business, and that’s the American Way isn’t it?!

For a better bottom line, thousands are fired from their jobs.

For a better bottom line manufacturing is sent to third world countries.

For a better bottom line industries are being saved from Kyoto compliance.

For a better bottom line we have invaded the oil rich countries of Iraq and Afghanistan on the false pretext of chasing a man who was never convicted or found to be involved with 9/11.

For a better bottom line, our runaway government conceived, created and executed the 9/11 attacks on our OWN people in our OWN country!!!

WHO’s bottom line??!!

What’s unsaid by UNCED??!!

So now we’re stuck in it. Our Scammander-in-Thief, who’s already known for bankrupting everything he touched before his stolen Presidencies,

is going to run us into the ground and leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

Worse than that, it’s the political hot potato du jour and is reminiscent of a skinned knee.

Go on, you know you did it.

You picked and picked and worked your way around the scab without ever actually pulling it off.

We went from free love in stereo, to sex , drugs to rock ’n’ roll, then we ended up with “ Just say No “, The Raygunz who took sex out of everything and replaced it with violence, guns and murder dead kill.

Oh and they ran up a bill too, the Republicans ran our deficit up another minus $250 billion, but have no fear; this lost generation of video game mercenaries, all pre-trained by their own addictions to kill, maim, destroy, decimate, murder, deploy, and attack an unidentified enemy lurking inside their CD Rom, has but to wait for the military draft to give arms to their heightened response times, their sharpened reaction times, and completely blasé attitude toward virtual death from their years of practice with “Assault Team- Code Red“; or any other of the trigger happy, blood thirsty, rape, pillage and burn entertainment diversions that they’re afflicted with all in the name of ‘ cutting edge technology ‘.

Without realizing it, the kids are training themselves on their own dime, to enact the global assault decreed by the New World Order, and to have no regard for the lives of others.

And what’s to stop them?

They sure aren’t looking to U.S. for guidance. We’re OLD. Things that WE believed in are all so YESTERDAY. The ‘ culture’ we come from ( all 200 years of it ) tells them that war is honourable, conquering strange lands and murdering everyone is just fine, since we’re Americans, after all.

Anything else ? Nope. I don’t think there’s any other message out there for kids to get.

The media is pimping war like it’s ALL there is. The History channel is war, war, war.

The President is all out for war, the VP is saying everything’s just fine with the war.

The news is, “We’re a nation at war“;

The Dub sez, “Ima hwore president“ right after being a lame duck golfer.

The army pushes ads into prime time viewing.

Kids that can’t vote are enlisted at school in front of their peers; who don’t have a clue either.

It’s made to look glamorous, exciting, important, patriotic.

Of course it isn’t.

What isn’t shown is the caravan of coffins, the endless parade of crippled and wounded, or the TRUE death toll; not just those who actually die in Iraq, but those who die anywhere in between; in transit.

So who wins?

No one except the war contractors.

Those who helped fabricate this bogus assault on the oil fields. Kelley, Brown, Root, Halliburton, Lockheed, Raytheon, Bechtel, et. al.

Then, when/if it’s all over, WE pay the bill.

They go home with all the money and make themselves sick from drinking too much fancy Cognac, obese from over eating, gaseous from bad food combining, smelly from smoking Havanas, and suicidal from conscience reflux.

What good is THAT?! The world loses so that these rapists can gluttonize themselves.

That’s what they wise guys learned in their smug little ivy-league colleges, over Coirvoisier and t-bones. They learned how to divide up the world like their own private game of “ Monopoly “. Global Monopoly.

They snicker and smirk and chew on their affectations, munch on their pipes, and snap their suspenders and purse up their lips and smack them like they could just taste the money rolling in.

The “I am the centre of the Universe “ club is in session.

Like lawyers, they’re trained to find ways around problems. Ways that end up making them money. Ways that keep them in control. Ways that use the earth like it’s some bottomless fountain of wealth just sitting there waiting to be sucked dry, without ever having to give anything back. “Anything goes”, “Git da money at all costs”, “damn them all”, “we’re going to take over”, “yayy team”, ” America is the Best ! “

These fools think that the rest of the world revolves around us.

With that they graduate, or have their diplomas bought for them, and then go out into an unsuspecting world; smiling their evil little smiles; thinking their nasty little schemes , and what do you know?

That’s how we got the PNAC, WTO, and our fraudulent state of government.

So what’s to stop this atrocity?

And talk about wasted opportunity;

After 9/11 the world was with us in heart, mind and spirit; compassionate, understanding, concerned.


The world seems to wish we would get sucked into the core of the earth by the maw of a gaping sinkhole opening up like a zipper from ocean to ocean, and spurted out the other side of the earth by the puffing smokestack of a small volcano, as if from some flatulent planet.

Looks like we’re batting zero to me.

by Reverend Michael Valentine Goldsun, American columnist

Oscar Wilde once said:

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"

One might say he dwelled on his cynicism -- and so does this author. The picture this piece paints, albeit being worth looking at, simply is too one sided to depict the whole truth. And the truth is that despite all the misdeeds America has done, it hasn't yet lost its beautiful side.

Beyond all the arrogant swagger and mindnumbing glitz, there still is that something that manifested itself through the constitution, through the civil rights movement, even through the Twin Towers -- it is the spirit of justice, of daring, and even of revolution. It is the spirit of hope and confidence. It has seen better days, yes, but it's there. In fact, among other places, it's right here on 911blogger.

My own relationship with America, like most relationships, has been one of turbulence. When I grew up, I was fascinated by the glamor, glitz and gadgets like most would be, and my fascination only grew stronger with my first visit. In these days, I had many debates with people much less sympathetic to America, and I kept my faith. Years went by, then one day, 9/11 came around -- pretty much everyone with a TV set was an american these days.

Not much later, the war machine was in full force, and set its sights on Iraq. Witnessing the battle drums threatening to drown the voices of reason in light of the incredibly flimsy casus belli soon to be, I weighed in as much as I could on an american message board -- and for the first time faced the ugly grimace of widespread, willful, obedient ignorance that had seemingly intelligent people in an iron grip.

Well, you all know what went down afterwards. I became pretty disillusioned, seeing my unheeded warnings ignored and predictions turned into reality, and finally gave up on what appeared to be an exercise in futility, a modern re-enactment of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

And then, years later, I coincidentally clicked an innocuous link to Steven Jones' paper -- within 20 minutes, I became a truther. I spent the following two weeks reading nonstop, and some months later, I landed right here. And I think here is where I'll stay.

So...where was I going with this? Oh right -- my turbulent relationship with America: Curiosity turned into fascination turned into infatuation turned into disillusionment...and then, thanks to all of you, finally turned into love -- because I found that spirit of justice, of daring, and even of revolution here, which inspires hope that we, the people, will put an end to this shameful list of misdeeds above, and renew that which once made America great: Liberty and Justice for All.


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