The time is now!

.....We have been presented an opportunity with Rosie. This woman defines America! So all you truthers
e mail her! Show her the facts.She expressed an intrest to have some experts on her show.Let us hope they are'nt
those from the NIST,FEMA,or any other goverment agency.
If it was just one person in my opinion it would have to be Dr. Griffin,and if it could be two Dr Steven Jones.
This is AMERICA'S chance!
DZ we can't let this one pass us up! Please kick it into overdrive!


from hearing her speak,i think she still has'nt see all the stuff us truthers have.
Anyway we can contact Dr.Griffin,and Dr. Jones,and see if we can get them on her show?
Also Kevin Ryan?

My Dream Team for the View

DRG for his unparalleled abiltiy to expose the fraud and implausibilty of the government's conspiracy story, as well as for his distinguished gravitas.

Steven Jones to explain the physics with his kindly, soft-spoken manner.

Webster Tarpley to expose the documented history of false-flag terror.

Mark Dice/John Conner to give some youthful energy/perspective (and eye-candy for the soccer moms in the audience :).

Donna Marsh O'Connor to represent the victims families and put a human face on the effects of the murders of that day and the governments fight not to give the families answers.