The War On Terror: The Greatest Hoax Of All Time?

When one examines the history behind the current 'war on terror', government sponsored myths begin to unravel.

Nicely done Badmachine, The

Nicely done Badmachine,

The damn Timeline nails it every time!

My Top 2 myths on the War on Terror:

#1 - OLB is wanted for 911

#2 - we are fighting for FREEDOM

Keep fighting the Good Fight!


........War on Terror? What next? War on Horror?
I got it.........War on terror part 2

Ready on not here we come

Ready on not here we come

people are not that stupid are they you notice the MSM never ever ties in the oil or mention the war on terror with 3 million ileagle immigrants sneaking across the boader a year what a joke!