AOL is holding their own Poll "view" of the Rosie/O'Reilly debate

There is a link from the Huffington Post to a "Rosie Opens 9/11 Conspiracy 'View' Debate - AOL News" link. There you can vote on these two questions:

"Should ABC fire Rosie, as O'Reilly implies?"
Results so far: Yes, she crossed the line 65%, No, It's free speech, 35%, total votes:123,238

"What do you think of this debate?"
Results so far: It's a ratings stunt, 60%, It's a valid one, 40%, Total Votes: 151,871

I think we all need to partake in this "poll" clearly, most of this side of the debate doesn't hang out at the AOL site.

Go to:
From there click on the link: Rosie O'Reilly feud over 9/11

I would give you the direct link to the aol site but it seems to only take me back to the results...keeps me from trying to vote again.

Good Luck!

New results...Free Speech gained 2% for 8,653 new votes

The latest Tally (12:29 pm California time) is:

"Should ABC fire Rosie, as O'Reilly implies?"

Yes, she crossed the line: 63%
No, it's free speech: 37%

Total votes polled: 131,891 (+8,653 votes...gained 2% for free speech)

No change on the Validity of debate vote other than an increase in votes (+6954)

Why do AOL polls always

slant in favor of 9/11 lies, and polls at CNN always favor 9/11 Truth? If the polls at AOL were honest, one would expect at least some of them to support 9/11 Truth. But they don't. Ever. And yet CNN's polls always do.