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"Flags" - it starts at 58:08

The Eleventh Day of Every Month



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great job! really enjoyed it

great job! really enjoyed it


These are some of the ballsiest guys I've ever seen on the streets! I mean: standing toe to toe with full body armor-ed M-16 -ed JackBoots refusing to back down.
Somewhere Jefferson, Madison, Washington and all the original brass-balled founders of this country must be feeling a little bit better because of actions like these.

Incredible the degree of

Incredible the degree of harassment the NY group has suffered at the hands (or should I say hooves) of those jack-booted thugs known as the NYPD. Their appearance and demeanor reminds me of the fascist stormtroopers in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil.

One of the interesting asides to all this is that it was none other than Ghouliani himself who was largely responsible for implementing what you see in this video, namely “zero tolerance policing”.

The idea is that “small crimes” like, say pan-handling or protesting on private property, lead to an atmosphere of “tolerance” where larger crimes like assault are allowed to flourish. The statistics supporting this theory are highly dubious, as Christian Parenti reveals in his work “Lockdown America”. The evidence does not support the assertion that it reduces crime.

What zero tolerance IS effective at doing is intimidating the public, criminalizing dissent and making life a living hell for people in general and working class people in particular. It creates an authoritarian atmosphere (hell, lets just call it what it is: a police state) where people are constantly looking over their shoulder and fearing arrest or assault by the police for minor infractions. The NY model has been exported to the rest of the country and is in the process of being implemented worldwide. Thanks Ghoul!

Anyway, I’m really impressed with the activists in this video. They have suffered constant abuse by both the police and (during the early stages) an angry and ill-informed public. But instead of wrapping up their banners and going home as lesser warriors would have done, they weathered the storm and are emerging triumphant. Luke in particular, despite his age, is very adept at diffusing potentially dangerous situations.

If you check out the GNN video on Copwatch, they recommend viewing the police rather like wild animals; you have to be very delicate in your dealings with them lest they attack.

Dan Wallace’s confrontation of that mediawhore is priceless. May he RIP.

P.S.: Does anyone know what happened to Dan yet?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We are witnesses to history.

Dan didn't know that he was going to be given the challenge of heroism, when he last said good bye to his father. He accepted the challenge and turned his grief and loss into courage and we will not forget him.
We are witnesses to the rise of a new America.

All I can say is thank you.

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for your dedication to the 911 Truth Movement. I feel more inspired than ever to keep fighting for the truth and to keep trying to wake people up.

Peace to you Dan, wherever you may be now.

OT: is anyone else having

OT: is anyone else having trouble commenting on some of the entries? I noticed it with MIsterguy's blog on Guy Debord, now the Geraldo entry. In each case there was no option of commenting, only rating.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

It's times like these

where belief in the heavens above must be comforting. So that you may imagine that Dan's now with his dad. Sad story :-(

What remains, either way, is resolve. May both of them live on in our memories as shining examples of courage and heroicity.

RIP Dan & Robert

interns < internets

It will

.....not be for nothing. THE TRUTH IS COMING

Support NYC Street Activism - Buy a dvd - donate to CHANGE

Luke and his group have been cut off from any of NY911Truth funds - funds that he helped raise! This means that there has been no money available for flyers and dvds at any of the recent ground zero actions or the past two Eleventh actions. Please consider buying a dvd for $12 or donating what you can at -

Support these guys!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Dedication above and beyond the call!

Thanks allot, I found this documentary very moving and inspiring.

Kindest regards John


Dan's song

It's been stuck in my head now for hours. It's awesome. It's haunting in a way, but fucking strong. We should make it our anthem. This song should be heard by all.

So Silverstein got a warning not to come into work on 9/11

Hmmm... isn't that special. Who could have warned him not to got to the WTC on the morning of 9/11? Hmmm... who could it be? SATAN???

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace