Freerepublic Encourages Viewers To Send Emails, Demanding they Fire Rosie

(Note to Mods: I wasnt sure if the word "asshole" was allowed on here or not. If its not allowed, Just replease it was "scum" or "fools" Or something like that, If its allowed, Then cool)

This is a lot of Imformation, But Please Go over All of this. Please Do whatever Necessary Steps, You believe it Right to Show Rosie your Support. Thanks

I hate these a**hole people over at

They had something to do with Charlie Sheen on Showbiz tonight Last March 2006, They told everybody to vote "NO" Cover Up, As it Result, It effected the Poll 20 Points in the beggining, Thats why only "65%" Said Yes to a Cover up

They get tons and tons of traffic, They are encouraging all there Viewers to Email, ABC, The View, Disney, Barabra Walters, and Demand Rosie be Fired, OR ELSE They are going to BOYCOTT ABC, TheView, and DISNEY.

I wish somebody could just crash there site or something, Anyways, We must Fight back, And let them know, How we want Rosie, How thats the Only Reason We watch the View, It it wasnt for Her, We wouldnt watch it, etc etc etc, blaa, ya know?

Let Barbara Walters know what you think of Rosie O'Donnell
Telling people to send Negitive Emails Here:

Here is One A**holes Comments:
#38 I mailed an actual letter to Ms. Walters earlier this week because I couldn't get through either. I made four copies and sent them to the following addresses associated with the Grande Dame of modern journalism, glass ceiling breakage and snobby professionalism, (who now wallows in a smelly cesspool.)

The View
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

147 Columbus Ave.
New York, NY 10023

This Week
1717 DeSales St., NW
Washington, DC 20036

World News Tonight
World News This Morning
ABC's World News Now
47 West 66th St.
New York, NY 10023

Should Rosie Be Fired From ‘The View’?

Here is Another Assholes Comments:

#12 I just wrote ABC and let them know that I will boycott them, and their sponsors because of them hosting this radical pig.

Drop em a line.

To Read All Of the Headlines and Comments Regarding Rosie Go here:

And I wouldnt Waste anytime Signing up for an account to attempt to debate anybody. The mods Ban you for life, and delete your comments as soon as you mention any smoking guns. I was banned many times under many IPs As well as other truthers. They only Allow Popular Mechanics on 9/11 Conspicies.

Thanks for Reading..

I tried to email them??? wouldn't go through

I appreciate your perceived patriotism. It is a time of war. But this is really considered to be nationalism. Which is what the people in power expect from you. This allows them to do these awful things they do and get away with it. Rosie is on the right path here to the truth. Steel buildings do not fall down in that manner. If they did they wouldn't allow them to be built. We are simply asking for a new investigation.
Did you know that the same engineers were responsible for the reports on 911 (NIST, FEMA)...Oklahoma City... and WTC 93?
We can achieve it if we can stop these people in power from using False Flag events to manipulate the people to meet their agendas.
Together in Truth!

free republic

I went to freep, and registered, and logged, and posted,
addressed the issues of rosie being threatened,
and suggested it was wrong to threaten a woman, and suggested they try me instead,
and then talked about bush and his OPEN BORDERS
and how this 9-11 issue is NOT a democrat, republican issue.
as I am not a liberal, democrat.but, an american questioning 9-11
anyhow, my posting was banned and I am now banned from that group.
years ago, I knew folks that used freep, as we called it that. and I had even posted years ago,
about open borders issues,.. that issue I am sure is also banned from that site, as they are a mouthpiece for george bush-6 years after 9-11 our borders are still wide open,
america is in deep trouble,much worse than I thought,.
alex jones is right,
free republic is not free at all, it is a lie,

I was a republican, , before I was a democrat, now, Im with a reformed republican partry, in arizona,
in may ways I would be called a liberal, as in many ways I am,
freedom is what I am about,
we have a controlled media, and internet is being overtaken by that same force,.
I am deeply disturbed by freep.
we must keep up this fight,

Michael of arizona