Get Out On April Fool's Day And Tell The American Public The Truth About 9/11

The Four Cruelest Jokes Ever Pulled On The American Public:

1.) 19 Arab Terrorist with boxcutter's did 9/11
2.) Jet fuel brought down the Twin Towers
3.) 757 Passenger Jet crashed into the Pentagon
4.) A 757 Passenger Jet crashed into the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania

Find busy intersections and overpasses and bring with you 9/11 truth posters, banners, flyers, a bullhorn and like-minded people. Don't let the American Public be fooled a day longer about the events of 9/11.

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Here's some more for your list:

5.) The trenches run between left and right
6.) The Federal Reserve is federal and its main purpose is "to coin money and regulate the value thereof"
7.) The USA has to support Israel unconditionally and shares all its values (Granted, you do share a lot of valuables...)
8.) The 16th amendment has been ratified
9.) The media has a liberal bias

interns < internets

10) Your government is here... protect you....