Rosie O and 9-11 finally on HuffPo

The walls of MSM protecting the official narrative of 9-11 are cracking from the pressure of the truth.

The Huffington Post finally put the 9-11 conspiracy on its website. As one of the alleged left gatekeepers, the HuffPo's reluctance to carry this topic is finally caving in thanks to Rosie O'Donnels courageous stand on TV and Bill O'Reilly's mad attacks. Better late than never.


Rosie O Donnell Isnt risking Her Job for nothing, She is doing this to try to save this Country. Before you bash Her, Please Educate yourselved On What Shes Talking About. This Video Cost 100K to make and was put out for free for Educational Purposes. Give It a try, Thanks.

Research What Rosie is Saying, Watch this free Movie-

The comments at HuffPo...

...were looking very encouraging. Sure, there were plenty of OTC adherents. But as to be expected, not one of them offered anything coherent. Some even sounded like B.O.

We are beginning to see success in more skirmishes. Where is our Trenton? We're ready now to take on their Hessians before Christmas Eve.

The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

strength in numbers

The Rosie O vs. Bill O controversy is right in the front page of the HuffPo website as a news article from AOL entertainment news. But Huffington Post big shots are still silent, none of the well known pundits are going public with their stand on the issue.

Charlie Sheen, Rosie O and a few other brave souls in media have broken through the MSM silence on 9-11 truth. More media folks (including HuffPo pundits) ought to follow on their heels. When the number of 9-11 truthers going public rises, those media attack dogs ala Bill O who intimidate the truthers will start to jump ship or shut up to avoid the consequences of supporting the most heinous treason in US history.