The Truth from O'Rielly!

Here's a tune made using this post on 911 Blogger

O'Rielly Poser and Bo

Don't confuse 'em with facts Bo!



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Ouch..My side hurts!

This thing was so funny my side hurts. "Potato chips" LOL!

Bwahahaha! That was


That was wicked. Great work.

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this is misleading

you're totally selectively quoting unfrozen caveman cop, pretending his analysis was as simplistic as the potato chips analogy. Why did you not include his theory of heaviness? I think I know why--because you want to make him sound STUPID, that's why.

Heaviness fell on WTC7--deny it all you want. Leave it out of your songs. Doesn't change the facts!


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9/11 Truthers...

...always ignore the heaviness! It's such a far fetched scenario that they find it hard to believe.

But the facts are the facts. Heaviness brought down WTC 7. It was the heaviness, obviously. The question that remains is "who transported the heaviness to WTC7?" You find those responsible for the heaviness and we have a case closed.

Can't Stop The Heaviness

Bos' Natural Stupidity

I hope you'll agree that as ALL humans have a modicum of stupidity "built in"
I merely allowed Bo's own inate stupidity to shine more brightly! using "selective quoting"
I do agree however that the heavyness theory requires further investigation along with the revelation that "The foundations were all out of whack" Obviously the heavyness was of such proportion that the foundations of a 47 story buillding were put out of whack.

We\re obviously talking big big heavyness

Thanks for your comments

The Three Stooges

O'Lielly, Poseur, and Botato chip


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