BUMPER STICKERS SPREAD 9/11 TRUTH, links at end of article

BUMPER STICKERS SPREAD 9/11 TRUTH Russ Hallberg If we could get one million 911 truthers to use 911 Truth bumper stickers, then most of the US population would be exposed to the 911 truth movement. Bumper stickers are an act of minimal activism, with maximum results. There are many people who are intuitively aware that 911 was an inside job, although they are unaware of the 911 truth movement. They may be afraid to voice their opinion about 911, for fear of ridicule. There is strength and courage in numbers. Seeing a 911 Truth bumper sticker reinforces that courage. Bumper stickers can have an "emperor has no clothes" effect. All that is needed is for someone else to be the first to tell the truth. 911 truth bumper stickers also have a personal impact. It shows conviction to place a 911 truth bumper sticker on your car. You are stating that your conviction that 911 was a false flag operation. Bumper stickers diplaying web addresses of good sites for 911 "newbies" are reccomended. This article is being written for personal activism, not financial gain. I did examine the possibilty of entering the 911 bumper sticker business, but decided it was too expensive. Also, we should support our 911 Truth friends and buy from them! Several sites offer 911 Truth bumper stickers at very low cost, in order to get the message to the public. There are reduced prices for ordering in quantity. We can order in bulk and distribute bumper stickers to our friends! Here are three web sites with inexpensive bumper stickers available from their stores: http://www.911truth.org http://www.911blogger.com http://www.911sharethetruth.com

This is probably not an ideal bumpersticker

but, placed somewhere in the public realm, might do good, still. The idea is to get people curious and thinking for themselves.

So far, suggestions, critiques and discussion can be found here. Bringing this up again because I was a little late on the other topic, and some of you might have missed it.

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I'm sold on this.

I really think this has what it takes to be a good virus. "Cui bono" without translation is perfect.


Hey, that's a nice compliment

coming from a liberal arts major :-)

Like I said: Everyone feel free to take it, copy it, improve it, stick it on strangers' backs, et cetera. When I'll see one I haven't placed myself some day, I'll be happy.

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I like this graphic very much,

but I think it will have little to no impact with most soccer moms and the NASCAR crowd, two demographics we really need to reach out to.

That said, if these stickers started popping up around every Starbucks in every major American city it may force a few attorneys to think about something other than what options they want in their next luxury car.

(I apologize for my rare outburst of somewhat misguided sarcasm on this and I freely admit I may be totally wrong in predicting how this may resonate with the general public. Perhaps I'm just expressing my frustration with the "wealthy" "progressive" ostriches I am surrounded by).

I think we should sponsor an online 9/11 art gallery and I would love to see this elegant graphic as a part of that. On the street I think that this design would work better as a poster (at least one foot wide).

We definitely need more 9/11 Truth art, so keep at it!

Be well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

You are right

and there's no need to apologize for anything. I'm always open for feedback of any articulate kind. I suppose the mindset of soccer moms and the NASCAR crowd is somewhat unlike my own, but I'll try to relate -- probably next time I'm wasted and approaching neanderthal status ;-)

Ok, that was arrogant...

A 9/11 Truth art page would be terrific! Great idea!

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Great graphic for intelligent crowd

Cui Bono is a great graphic to send out to attorneys and educated types.

I should have endorsed the great new stickers at www.911truth.org. They might penetrate the fog of of Joe and Jane Sixpack's brains. Did not want to appear to be spamming.