Non-violence and 9/11 Truth

Violence never solves problems. It just starts another problem.

The official 9/11 fairy tale is weak because it is not supported by reason. Therefore, the best way to combat it is with reason.

Anger dissipates and wastes energy. If we feel angry about the lies, it is important to focus our energy on tasks that promote reasonable thought and analysis. This transforms the anger into something useful.

9/11 Truth has grown not because we are violent but because we are right and many people are starting to see that.

9/11 lies are being defeated because they are violent and wrong.

When I feel angry about it, I try to do something productive--blog, talk, email, letter to the editor. By keeping a reasonable argument in the public view, we will defeat the lies and violence that characterize and support the official fairy tale.

In this vein, we probably should expect a "false-flag" act of violence by holders of the official lie--an act of violence that will be attributed to the 9/11 Truth movement. A single act like that would do much to discredit us.

Therefore, we must take care to avoid even the appearance of condoning violence in the name of truth. When the truth is on your side, you do not need any other weapon.

Well said.

This is an extremely important point. Thanks for articulating it so skilfully.

You got it

Alvin, good blog.

Over time I believe the 911 truth movement is establishing its own ground-rules, and non-violence is one of them. Your thinking on the matter helps us articulate why.

What are we working against? Violence. Isn't it obvious therefore that we can only sink our own cause if we too were to espouse violence?

My own observation, based mainly on studying M.K. Gandhi's life and writings, is that violence never really achieves anything good, or at least anything permanently good. It is worth thinking about. Toy with that idea and see if it rings true.

As you say, "When the truth is on your side, you do not need any other weapon." That is almost a direct quote from Gandhi -- not that I think you got it from him . He and you have come to the same conclusion.

Anyway, I hope we all agree on this. The other side in this struggle would love it if we as truthers were to start being violent.

Good post

When I talk to people and they are frustrated, impatient, irritated, angry, depressed, and experiencing related feelings due to the current state of "9/11 Truth and Justice", I suggest they redirect that energy to some form of ACTIVISM.

ACTIVISM is the key! (and preferably less armchair activism and more "real" activism)

There has also been the occasional person mentioning, or implying, or alluding to, various forms of potential "violence" as a response to 9/11 in our local meetings (usually thrown out in a "safe" way, of course, like as a question, etc.), and on the street, and I always refute that type of thing and redirect it to non-violence and the importance of our movement being non-violence based. (as all "movements" should be)

I try to not be too paranoid, but I always wonder if they are some sort of a "plant" or infiltraitor [sic], like various law enforcement agencies have used over the years playing their little spy games with the Animal Rights Movement and the Environmental Rights Movement and others. (including the "Black Panthers" and other peace-based groups in the 60's, Cesar Chavez' unionizing activities, and pretty much everything else, really)

I also use similar "techniques" for those who say things like "there is no hope", "we might as well give up and move to Costa Rica", and the like.

I would also like to point out that (pretty much) every movement approaches the end goal of the movement from two basic forms, the best example of which is the Civil Rights Movement and the "extreme" (if you will) peace-based approach of Martin Luther King Jr., and the more "in your face"-based approach of Malcolm X. They both have their place and work together to achieve the end goal.

And then there are always Idiots and others out on the "fringe", who should usually be ignored.

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