Rosie Should Plug

The exposure Rosie has gotten for 9/11 has been tremendous, and
she was smart to spotlight Building 7. I've always regarded Building
7 as the "lightning rod" to greater discussion about The Towers'
collapse and questions in general. I think now, however, Rosie
would be wise to plug the "Patriots" site.

She should make the point that these aren't merely "her" views, but
that heavyweight military and government officials are also publicly
questioning the events of 9/11. "Go to this site and see for yourself
who they are. You will be amazed." Then give it out:

Obviously, it would be much harder for the shills and media gate-
keepers if millions of people were talking about how Dr. Paul Craig
Roberts, Deputy Secretary of Treasury, "Father of Reaganomics"
was saying there was government complicity-- or if the former
Director of the US "Star Wars" Space Defence Program was saying
9/11 was an inside job, etc. (Col. Bob Bowman)

Rosie should also bring up the 9/11 Polls showing that only 16% of
Americans believe the Government is telling the truth about 9/11,
and the Zogby Polls that have been done. This would show how
widespread our position is that there has been a cover-up and would
make if much harder for those trying to paint Rosie as a lunatic.
These polls alone, if made public enough could destroy "The Big Lie"
because it would "embolden" Americans who are a little shy at the
moment. (Sorry for the Bush word. At least it's a real word!)

I admire Rosie for wanting to do a show about the Firefighers. This
could be very big for the truth movement because while they speak
about their health-related problems, they could mention all of the
reports of explosions! This could parlay into the fact that the media
itself reported explosions, "secondary explosions", and still more
explosions. 9/11 is about to blow...