Sean Hannity Calls Charlie Sheen "Enemy Of the Week"

Thanks for the clip but

Thanks for the clip but "" is a "no planes/space beams/should be called total911.disinfo" disinfo site.

Fear, FEar, FEAr, FEAR

Boy are they scared.

(Hey, OT: I just heard a caller into Alex Jones say that the plan in his town is to go to the Post Office and hand out copies of "America: From Freedom to Fascism" to everyone dropping off their taxes....thought that was a great idea).

Orwell was a genius

Now let's turn to the hate minutes.

A system dangerous truth can only be said by enemies.

It needs to be stigmatized because you could not keep it a secret- but so you will archieve that the truth will seen as nuts, off limits.

If you are not an enemy, you become one for sure. The more integrity you have the more you will be attacked.


WTF kind of classification is that??

How's Hannity going to like it when we turn that round on him?

You know that all these media goons are all in.... their cards are on the table. Everything they do and say is part of their bluff and the only way that they can win is to push it harder and harder hoping that we fold.
Together in Truth!

hahaha, yeah, and im pretty

hahaha, yeah, and im pretty sure he called this segment "enemy of the state" for a short period of time but i think his bosses must have told him how that makes him look like a mouthpiece for "the state". still laughable though. the sad thing is how many people actually take this guy seriously.

There is a position for Sean Hannity

It's the "Bent over propaganda minister"

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.