Taming the beast!

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Taming the beast!

April 2, 2007 -- The neo-conservatives’ six years in power have turned the country into a ferocious beast, despised more than feared by the people of the world, except for certain client governments, while domestically, the country is no longer recognizable by the staunchest of patriots as their place of birth.

In November 2006, the country spoke and voted into power their only alternative, the Democrats, and tasked them with finding a way out of Iraq and preventing wider wars.

Pelosi surrendered impeachment, the only weapon the Democrats had, before the elections, and by bowing to the wishes of AIPAC, took out any language from the appropriation bill that would force Bush to come to Congress prior to any military action against Iran; again ceding the power to wage war to an irresponsible president. Pelosi tells us that such language is not good for Israel.

The Neo-cons, with AIPAC clearly on their side and the Democrats at bay, are not too concerned.

Democrats and Neo-cons have their focus on the prize of 2008; who is going to ride the beast. The Neo-cons have two years to make the beast even more ferocious, and make more wars to scare off the Democrats, while the Democrats are hoping to tame the beast before they take the reins.

Attempts at taming are a whole series of grandstanding such as the Alberto Gonzales issue, an issue caused by the Democrats’ unwillingness to take a stand to the Patriot Act, and the Walter Reed fiasco - the treatment of the veterans - where both parties are equally to blame over the past administrations.

In certain circles, grandstanding is no longer an option, the beast needs to be slain, but once slain, the Democrats lose their ride.

Kucinich tells us that impeachment should be back on the table, but we need to proceed with caution otherwise Bush can quickly take us through another war.

I guess Kucinich is right, a dragged out investigative and impeachment process would allow Bush plenty of time to launch a new war; we do need to thank his enablers, the conservative Democrats, Pelosi, and AIPAC too.

The only thing that is left is the slaying of the beast, the only way to recover our democracy and dignity, and sorry Democrats, your ship has sailed.

Impeachment is still the process in a democracy, but the cause for impeachment needs to be a crime that is on the books, a crime that is apolitical (outside politics), a crime that is easy for everyone to understand and accept; shoplifting would be a good example, but a crime that is much more heinous which would stop Bush in his tracks.

There is such a crime; the crime is high treason with intent.

There is ample evidence that the Bush administration was the closest of any to capturing bin Laden on September 26, 2001, but deliberately decided against it.

On September 21, 2001, the Bush administration launched a sting operation, with the help of Saudi intelligence, which was originally designed to capture bin Laden; after 9/11 the operation evolved into two parts.

The first part was to tape him confessing to his guilt.

The second part was to capture him.

The first part was successfully executed on September 26, 2001. The result was the grainy videotape of bin Laden confessing at a dinner meeting to a paraplegic visitor and providing proof of detailed prior knowledge.

The Bush administration had 4 days advance knowledge of the date of the meeting, 24 hours advance knowledge of the location of the meeting, and knew that bin Laden would be in that village for at least 3 hours if not overnight since his family lived in that village too.

The better part of the sting was squandered in favor of taping, if bin Laden were captured, the Bush administration could not have launched military actions against Afghanistan ten days later.

An intelligence operative was left behind to alert the special forces of bin Laden’s return to visit with his family. It is then that the second part of the sting operation would be executed; his capture.

Osama bin Laden returned the evening of November 2, 2001. The weather was freezing rain. Despite the inclement weather, two Special Forces helicopters were dispatched, a predator prototype (the most sophisticated at the time in the Air Force arsenal, one of two prototypes in operation), and F-14 jets circulated overhead.

Due to the bad weather, the airspace shrunk and brought the aircrafts too close to each other, while the helicopter is equipped with a collision avoidance system, the Predator drone is not. The drone collided with one of the helicopters and they both crashed.

The second helicopter rescued the crew of the first and an F-14 destroyed the crashed helicopter shortly after.

The capture mission failed.

Osama bin Laden is still free because of the premeditated decision to tape him instead of capturing when the Bush Administration had its best chances.

But that is not the end of it. There is another incident that qualifies as premeditated high treason.

Since bin Laden is still free, the videotape resulting from the first part of the sting operation can only be described as a sensitive by-product of a failed intelligence operation.

Buckling under pressure from the Muslim and Arab streets for proof that bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, the Bush administration released the only evidence it had of his guilt. The White House and the Pentagon tell us that there was ample deliberation, indicating a premeditated act, of the consequences of its release; the videotape was released on December 13, 2001.

The one major consequence they don’t want anyone to know about is how bin Laden would react when viewing the tape. Inevitably, bin Laden was to see that tape and he would quickly realize that it was taped covertly. He would realize how close intelligence operatives were to him; basically they could have captured him.

The only time bin Laden took exception to his own security rules in meeting visitors – he went to this visitor in accommodation to the visitor’s handicap (paraplegic) while other visitors were always brought to him under a strict security protocol – he gets taped covertly confessing by intelligence operatives.

The very serious consequence of releasing the tape is that security around bin Laden got even tighter and no one will ever get close to him again regardless of how honest the effort is by this administration or any future one.

The most wanted man in America for a crime that resulted in 3,000 deaths is still at large as a result of deliberate and premeditated acts by the Bush administration and the second of which insured that he would never be caught.

The evidence was strong enough that many in Congress were informed, including Kucinich, Judiciary committees in house and senate, the attorney generals of the states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York, The Manhattan DA, and the DoJ through Patrick Fitzgerald.

No one would act for fear of slaying the beast and losing the ride. While the Democrats are busy taming, more of our kids and innocent Iraqis are dying, and more of our national wealth is being squandered.

The Democrats’ plan forward is best described by a word used by Senator Biden “recovery”. Gambling on a recovery is their answer to these heavy losses in Iraq; ante funds for the war now so they could have the opportunity to recover something later, anything.

Unfortunately, nothing that could be recovered in Iraq is worth what has already been laid out; constitutional democracy will not take hold in Iraq and the liberal new Iraq Energy law that would allow American oil companies to siphon off Iraqi oil for pennies will remain ink on paper.

As it stands, we are, and will remain net losers in this war on terror since we have lost the dearest thing to us as a nation, our Constitution - the soul of our country. While Iraq has nothing to offer that would extinguish the sorrow of the grieving families, recovering our soul and that of our country, might give them some solace.

The Bush administration has done many horrible things and this heinous crime of high treason will undoubtedly come to light one day: the sooner it does, the better.

It is time to slay the beast. There isn’t a moment to waste in getting our country back and showing a doubting world that our constitutional republic is truly breathing and that no one is above the rule of law; not even George W. Bush.

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