What building was this? Could a 4th building have collapsed?

This is probably just a trick of the eye or something, but I couldn't help but notice what appears to be a 3rd building that was NOT WTC7 falling shortly after the first 2.

See the progression:

Does anyone know what building this was and if it was completely destroyed or not?


if you look at pic 2 that you posted, the dust cloud is partially blocking the building in question, but youll notice its completely white and washed out in the glare of the sun, equal to the background. I speculate the cloud in pic 3 has completely blocked the building from the camera, but the glare of the sun on the backdrop and the cloud makes it to appear to have "disappeared". Makes you wonder what is in them clouds.

Just my guess however.

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looks bogus to me - [edit] I stand corrected!

we should expect more of this--people doctoring photos and videos to muddy the waters. Be alert people, and careful to verify before making claims about anything!

[edit] should have looked more carefully at pic 2, thanks!


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Aha - I see!

Thanks! I see now that it was just the light in the clouds. That is interesting how it blocks all the light but yet holds it in like that.



The camera is pointing to the east so the sun is just above the frame of the picture at that time of the morning when wtc2 fell. You can see the lens flare in the first pic. Also the phenomena is also present in the third pic partially "erasing" bits of the north tower.

interesting what can be done with lights and cameras, whether intentional or not :)

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

That May be the Bankers Trust building

I could be wrong but it seems to be in the right vicinity

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