Another Foreknowledge Smoking Gun?

I came across this video tonight and don’t remember seeing it discussed on here before.

There are two things I find most interesting about this (not counting the troll who keeps talking up the insulation crap in the comments). First is the idea that in the middle of a “terrorist attack” no one foresaw, or so they say, the WTC is updating it’s website live. I would think they would have had better things to do. The second is that unless the announcers have got it wrong the website is putting out deliberate mis-info as can be confirmed by any of the quotes regarding the construction of the towers.

Like so much ‘evidence’ I realize this may be a case of seeing what we want. Anyway, love to hear what everyone thinks (unless this has been discussed before in which case, never mind).

This is a smoking gun.

Seems like the WTC website, during the unfolding disaster gave explanations and predictions for the buildings to collapse.

Very interesting..a good

Very interesting..a good find!

I guess there's no excuse not to keep ones website updated now...