Charlie vs. O'Reilly - support Charlie Sheen!

Bill O'Reilly believes that narrating 'Loose Change Final Cut' will hurt Charlie's career. He is asking people to vote on his website,
so let's all vote 'No' to support Charlie!

Visit, and on the right side you'll see 'The O'Reilly Poll." Vote "No" to prove O'Reilly wrong!

He will reveal the results of the poll on his show tomorrow night, April 3rd, airing at 8pm EST on Fox News Network.


I have seen so many reports questioning Rosie O'Donnell's mental health, and the fact of the matter is, Bill O'Reilly is the disturbed one.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

True, true.

I think Snoop Dogg said it best with "F*** Bill O'Reilly!"

Make that two

..........for O'Reilly...........I think he must a have a lil penis.
By the way..........How's the phone sex with the co worker?
Your wife must be lame in bed to push you into such a pervert motion.
You define puke Bill.

no instant poll results??

no instant poll results?? can't afford the $10 php script or need time to fudge the results??

Yes, and the question is

Yes, and the question is therefore: Can you trust Bill O'Reilly polls? Probably not more than you can trust Bill O'Reilly himself...


We create reality
Together in Truth!

Rosie O'Donnell

I guess Rosie's comments on 9/11 truth didn't hurt her career much. I just saw on the news that she is being offered the highest paying contract of all time. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 million per year. Not bad I would say. I wonder what Bill O'Reilly makes? As far as Charlie Sheen goes, watch his career skyrocket. People all over the country are beginning to wake up. When the trials for treason and mass murder get underway, Media scum like O'Reilly should be held accountable also. They are just as complicit as the neocons the way I see it.

Best Post!

I nominate this the best post of the thread!
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush


Hate to say I told you so... :-) She's a smart lady.

My letter to Bill

I support the 9.11 movement for truth. I am extremely skeptical of the official narrative on how the 9.11 attacks occurred. Don't you want to know more about discrepancies between records and reports? Don't you want to know why the flights weren't intercepted? Don't you want to know why Solomon Brother's Building collapsed in a way similar to controlled demolition? Don't you want to know how Atta moved around the country before 9.11 undiscovered? Don't you want to know about unusual 'put options' on airlines leading up to 9.11? Don't you want to know why the 9.11 Commission Report failed to mention the collapse of Solomon Brothers Building? Don't you want to know the truth? Oh well, I suspect you do already. Or at least that you know enough. So now you're on the attack to make sure the truth never gets out. Is that pithy enough? I support Sheen and I think you're a fake. And I think you're being dishonest.

I was just about to inform

I was just about to inform you of the same question...

He aught to have this poll:

Does Bill O'Reilly hurt Bill O'Reilly's career?

result : no

votes : 1


There's no chance that they

There's no chance that they are going to honestly report those poll results.

this is definitely rigged...

just like the last two elections.

"Those who cast the votes, they decide nothing. Those who count the votes, they decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

Poll Truth

I did a new poll. The question was:

Will Bill O'Reilly fudge his poll to make Charlie Sheen look like a fool for narrating Loose Change?

Poll Results: 1 said yes, 99 said no.

I checked the IP address of the person who said Yes, and it was Bill O'Rielly.

So, you see, anyone can post any type of Poll without proof and lie all they want about it. And knowing Bill O'Reilly, you know he's gonna lie, so the poll he has made up holds no water at all. If Bill O'Reilly were a decent man, he would do it honestly, but we all know that Bill is a Judas who takes silver coins in change for deceit. What a pig!

Erp comment eaten

Someone make a poll regarding O'rlly and his own sex scandall please. Somewhere with embeds so we can spread it far and wide.

The O'Reilly Poll

I went on Bill's site to Vote for Charlie and there is no Poll Results now i feel sick i even went on his site cause i know he is going to lie.

bill ooooooooo

not only are there no poll results but you have to PAY to to hear his crap.did anyone notice on the fox site the rosie comments were EDITED FOR CLARITY?yeah , right.edited for faux spin. the sheeple are waking up.

bahahaha bahahaha

BO Polling

Has anyone noticed -

BO doesn't post an ongoing tally of his voting? So you have to wait until it's over and "check back later for results (LOL) . Would you really trust BO to post an honest result? If the vote came up 90-10 in favor of Sheen, do you really think BO would post that? If you do I have a three slightly used buildings at ground zero I'd like to sell you.

BO is terrified of people seeing an accurate result? That's why he has to control the data and not give out real time results.

I guess the sex offender/degenerate needs time to doctor the results - but if that's the case, he probably doesn't even gather data; he probably just makes it up.

I bet that radio button doesn't do anything.

BO polling and BO honesty - please! LOL!

Faux News

I'm sure Bill will tout his doctored numbers on his next Fraudcast. We really do need to pool money for a new Zogby.

Yes. A new "Zogby" is what we need.

And it's cheap. About 5 grand would do it.

Why can't we raise five grand and run our own three question Zogby Poll with press release?

With the press release it goes everywhere, and we get to say what we want in the press release.

It's a "no brainer" when you think about it in terms of "bang for the buck".

And someone could come along and donate a grand maybe even..

It would not take long. I'd like to see 911blogger beat on this one. What do ya'll say?

Time for a new Zogby.

Just imagine.


Over 40% of Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job, and over 50%, who believe in either MIHOP or LIHOP (conspiracy to committ mass murder or criminal negligence involving death times 3000). .

How would that be for the Rosie/B.O. debate, eh?

In this climate, it could set off another truth bomb, and result in more celebs going public with their views.

We could see Charlie Sheen on Showbiz Tonight announcing the release of Loose Change, Final Cut!!!

And then the left right punch with Rosie also plugging Loose Change, Final Cut on "The View"..

All surrounded by the new poll release..!!!

Think about it, think about it long and hard...

It's a "no brainer".

New Zogby please and thank you.

Waiter: What can I get you sir?

I'll have a one of those new Zogbies please.

Excellent Choice!
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

New Zogby poll is a great idea.

The last one was some time ago now, the numbers have plainly grown and I remember it helping our credibility for interviews immensely. The only defense against 9/11 truth is social proof, the "I can't believe what you are saying because that makes me a bad guy" defense. It's eliminated with social proof, like videos of a theater packed on its feet applauding "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" or reliable, scientific poll results. Who cares what numbers billo puts up, the poll results are already in. The defense further aggressively requires that you accept the yellow journalism and pathological science without actually looking at any of the points, just the quality of the speaker's percieved reliability. (Jet fuel melts steel, gets out of an elevator, gets into another to go further down, etc).

The only reason he would be justified in another poll would be if he doubted the honesty or integrity of previous poll data. Which is ironic, because this is the central argument the 9/11 truth movement uses to ask for a real, honest investigation.

Right! If he really doesn't plan to back out

in case of unfavorable results, he must have been prepared for the crowd of nutty conspiracy theorists somehow...
BTW, does Diebold also sell voting software?


Something I've noticed lately in anti-truth rhetoric... it's taking a violent turn. It is only a matter of time before rhetoric turns physical. Everyone should be prepared, whilst spreading the word, to defend themselves.

And if a bunch of us get together for Karate lessons?

They'll insert some fanatical controlled asset and take down the group as an "al Qaeda" cell!

Wouldn't Bill O'Reilly enjoy THAT!
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

yes, that's what happened to

yes, that's what happened to those paintballers in Maryland. I think they got 15 years in jail each.


Second Amendment

Hey folks, I saw a couple of

Hey folks, I saw a couple of commercials with Charlie Sheen last night for HDTV (or one of those hi-def companies). 

The commercial involved taking scenes from the movie Major League and splicing it with new footage where Charlie is talking about HDTV.

I guess 911 Truth isn't so bad for one's career eh!!!  Charlie has the #1 sit-com on TV, plus he's doing commercials for a HDTV.  

Sure could advertise HDTV

with 9/11 Truth -- clearer squibs than ever! See the tailnumbers of the drones yourselves! See thermite like you've never seen it before on TV! Get HDTV before the next false-flag operation!

interns < internets


........Thanks for the laugh.In addition i would like to add.
HDTV today.....Maybe tommarrow you'll be able to watch tommarrows events like Bush did when he seen the first plane hit the north tower LIVE!.......
Hummm? Charlie Sheen for HDTV.....See the 9/11
truth in total clarity

I voted no

But I had to go to Bill O's web site. ewwww I feel all dirty.

I suggest a shower....

.....and a good falafel.....