Freerepublic & Hotair Attacks Rosie, Asks Sign Petition To Fire Rosie

"By adding my name to this petition I wish to show you, Disney-ABC, that I am refusing to watch The View until Rosie O’Donnell is relieved of her position. She is a one-sided, anti-American individual who abuses her public platform to advance a radical message. She is not a pundit, she is not qualified for political debate, nor does she present her arguments in a factual manner. I believe she is a danger to the morale of this country and emboldens those who seek to destroy us."

“Elisabeth Hasselbeck” has already signed and I suspect we’ll be seeing “Joy Behar” and “Barbara Walters” shortly, so get in now — because this one goes right to the top. I myself can’t sign for the simple reason that 40% of my posts have to do with Big Ro; if they ever take her off the air, I’m out of a job. But we all have to go our own way on questions like this, so if you want to send her back to former career of pretending to be attracted to Tom Cruise, I won’t fault you for it.

Please "BURY" This Garbage:

What can we do about this???

LOL @ some of these names on

LOL @ some of these names on the petition:

William Jefferson Clinton

Lesbi N

Noodlehead Studios


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its not about Rosie

Its funny how they attack her character but fail to even analyze what Rosie is suggesting. Why don't they talk about building 7, or the other points she is raising. If someone killed your brother or sister, wouldn't you want the truth???? The families and the victims deserve nothing less than a full independent investigation into 9/11. Look at the facts instead of a personal hit on someones character.

The Truth Never Lies