Joe Scarborough and MSNBC Attack Rosie, Call for her Firing

Joe Scumbag and his losers guests should be fired

Its a sad day in America when your attacked and people think you should be fired for excercing your freedom of speech, questing the government, and 9/11.

Rosie should be promoted.

nick911 - I must agree. A

nick911 - I must agree. A sad day indeed. There wouldn't be all these "theories" if there was a real debate in America.

It seems as if there is something new that comes out every day that shows how Bush is lying about various things, at what point do people connect the dots all the way back to the "big lie?"

put this in context

* Many people who have never heard the term 9/11 inside job are hearing it now, some will take a look

* Rosie's action will cause other's in her field to defend her, not about 9/11, but about her right to state her opinion. This discussion will lead to talking about "the facts" surrounding the attacks.

The trick is to get people to relax, open their eyes, feel their anger and grief over the deception and then move to reconciliation.

Watch the movie "In My Country" - we need a national reconciliation . . . . hell start 200 years ago . . . how did we get from the signing of the constitution to where we are now.

Great, more free

Great, more free advertising..
Did you notice how many times they mentioned the line "9/11 was an inside job." ?

I have a feeling this blog will soon be overspilling with new truthers...

Joe Scarborough

Nearly two months after announcing his resignation, on July 10, 2001, one of Scarborough's aides, Lori Klausutis, was found dead in the congressman's office in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. The official cause of death was a heart failure, although her initial autopsy suggested severe fractures in the skull. The investigation was never pursued further, and Scarborough was never implicated in Klausutis' death. Two suspects, Theopholis and Steve Salmon were initially questioned by police. Both men have been released, but are still considered "persons of interest"

Scarborough is quite touchy about this issue, even threatening to sue Michael Moore when the documentarian brought it up in an interview (explaining why he wouldn't go on Scarborough's show).

Is Joe compromised (being blackmailed ?) about Lori Klausutis ?
Why is he so touchy ?
If there is nothing to hide then no reason to be so touchy.

Just like 911.
Why all the coverups by the government and the super scanty coverage by the media cartel of 4 ?
Joe, why are you and your bosses so touchy ?
We know its because Rosie was telling the TRUTH.

Little Miss Sunshine (Lori's nickname)

Scarborough did not appreciate Moore's explanation to an NBC reporter as to why he would not appear on Scarborough's show. Moore rehashed the facts concerning Lori Klausutis, a young intern found dead in Scarborough's Florida office, around the time Scarborough announced he would not seek reelection. Scarborough says Moore accused him of being a murderer:

SCARBOROUGH: You going to talk to Michael?
GOLDBERG: When he has time for me.

SCARBOROUGH: When he has time for you, just tell him to stop going around calling me a murderer or I`m going to have to call my lawyers. Will you do that for me?

GOLDBERG: Well, I`m sure you can get to him yourself, Joe, but I appreciate you having me on. I really do.

They're Changing the Topic....

This whole show was devoted to "Rosie should get Fired".....and very little on what she actually said....until the end with the WTC7 clip....

So, the topic becomes, in people's heads, that she should be fired,...with no real choice in the matter since no one says she shouldn't....

They're trying to steer the debate away from Rosie's questions to "how can her employers and sponsors let her continue?".

Coroner: "History of Shaky Work"

Yet Scarborough himself has repeatedly been the subject of scandal. In 1997, he was part of the cabal of Republican congressmen that conspired to get rid of Newt Gingrich as Speaker of the House in 1997 in a dramatic coup attempt that failed.

Then, just after the recently divorced Scarborough announced he would be resigning his congressional seat, “The Other Chandra,” 28-year-old Lori Klausutis, turned up dead on July 20, 2001, in Scarborough’s Fort Walton Beach, Florida, office, where she worked. Just two months after Chandra Levy’s disappearance and connection to Modesto Representative Gary Condit, the Scarborough-Klausutis case received shockingly little news coverage. Even though the Florida coroner in the Klausutis case had a history of “shaky work” previously in Missouri, reported the New Times alternative newspaper Kansas City’s The Pitch. “Coroner Mike Berkland claimed he ’sectioned’ Klausitis’ brain during her autopsy to determine that her head was injured by a fall, not by a blow from a weapon. But that’s the same sort of claim that got Mike Berkland run out of Kansas City in 1996, after he’d falsely reported that he’d sectioned brains later found whole by his boss — a mistake he blames on poorly proofread reports written with computer macros.”

Scarborough whined at the time that liberal flamethrowers were out to get him. “Have you seen I’m a murderer? Do a Yahoo search, and . . . [t]he second and third sites will say that I got a staff member pregnant and killed her, that I was cheating on my first wife . . . Comparing me to Gary Condit.”

Miss Sunshine worked on the Bush/Gore recount . .

The strange death of Lori Klausutis received only a few short stories in the Northern Florida press; and the Washington Post printed only 44 words in a Nation-in-brief report dealing with the covered up and mysterious death of a female staffer in a Republican congressman's district office--a story that shocked us after hearing about it from federal agents because the revelation was kept from the public. The 44 words released were:

"FORT WALTON BEACH, FL--Lori Klausutis, a 28-year-old office worker for Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL), was found dead in the congressman's district office. Police said preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office showed no foul play or any outward indication of suicide."

Curiously, Klausutis was reportedly active in Florida's Bush v. Gore 2000 election recount activity--raising questions about what she knew; and on Friday, July 20th, 2001, her body was found slumped next to a desk on the floor of Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office where Lori served as a constituent services coordinator since May, 1999.

Klausutis was found around 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning by a couple arriving for an appointment, and she had been dead for some time as the police cordoned off the office for an investigation; but they later announced that there was no reason to suspect foul play, nor were there signs of suicide--but national news outlets commenced a total television blackout.

Scarborough had recently resigned from Congress--prematurely and unexpectedly--on the heels of reported rumors about his marital fidelity and shortly after his marriage ended in divorce.

Welcome to Compromised Country

See a pattern here?

Joe is compromised and my guess is that there's more dirt than just the mysterious death of his angelic 28 year office worker.

I wish Rosie would go after Joe - she probably can talk about Joe and not mention 9/11.

Fight fire with fire . . . demand a new investigation into the mysterious death of "Little Miss Sunshine".


They are all compromised... in one way or another.

It's really not that difficult to do. Dead girl in the office? We'll take care of it..... but you have to take care of us.

Think how easy it is to simply drop some roofies on someone then take compromisinf photos of them..... maybe with some children.

They could set someone up without even trying

How easy it is to own someone.
Together in Truth!

Every time I see these idiots.....

I want to fucking ralph all over them.


What you lack in tact you make up for in humanity. ;-)


I'm a little hot today, apparently. Some days are better then others. Going to see Clapton tonight, that should calm me down.

Anger is appropriate

Very sick people are trying to sack our constitution so that they can win the world board game.

Glenn Beck

"Conservatives believe the truth matters"

Rosie is angry and bitter because she is an overweight homosexual liberal.

oh wait.... all liberals are angry and bitter people whos lives suck
Together in Truth!

My letter to Scarborough

We should all email these bastards everytime they do a hit piece on the Truth Movemnt,

This is what I wrote him and heres' his email if you'd care to do the same -

Copy and past the below if you wish or make up your own rant, but email this loyalist scum.

Hey Joe –

Rather than have two idiots who hate Rosie on your show to discuss her remarks, why don’t you have her?

Or are you afraid?

Or why don’t you have Jim Fetzer, Dr. Stephen Jones and Dr. David Ray Griffin on your show?

Or are you a coward?

Why don’t you have the 911 widows on your show, to discuss their movie Press for Truth?

Or are you terrified?

Why don’t you have Pat Tillman’s brother, Kevin, on your show?

Or are you afraid of what he might say?

Guys like you Scarborough – you’re just good at running your mouth in an unchallenged manner.

Guys like you Scarborough – you’re loyalist scum…un-American to the core; a hater of the Constitution.

The winds they are a blown Scarborough – you should stick your finger in your mouth, test the air and feel the breeze shifting on this way you fascist shill.

Long Live the Truth Movement
Long Live the Constitution
Long Live the Republic

911 was an inside job
911 was an inside job
911 was an inside job
911 was an inside job

Scabro's NWO eunuchs

These guys are bitches reduced to complaining about a heroic woman coming to take them all down.

My letter to Joe: Hi Joe,

My letter to Joe:

Hi Joe,

Put Rosie on or shut the f**k up you little b***h!!!

Yours Truly,

A Real Man

Short and to the point. In terms that I think his kind understand well.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

3 more

Wouldn't it be nice if we could get three more high profile people to step out on this issue. So these guys have to condemn 6 people instead of 3.

Rosie O'Donnell
Charlie Sheen
MArk Cuban

Then six the week after that

then 12
Together in Truth!

There's quite a few already!

Let's see, Christine Ebersole, James Brolin, Richard Linklater, Matthew Bellamy, David Lynch, Daniel Sunjata, Tom DeLonge, if you're looking for high powered entertainment celebrities who have already gone public, maybe one day George Lucas will get around to publicly saying it. (Besides through his movies)

Oh and the director Antoine Fuqua (Of the excellent action flick "Shooter") is almost certainly a truther based on an interview I've seen with him and a few clues hidden in the film.

Actually now that I think on it there's quite a few, I'm mad though because I know I'm missing several.

Attack the person...

By calling her "nutty", and by asking ABC to fire her, and make sure to insinuate that even thinking BushCo may have been complicit is dishonoring those who lost loved ones that day, but NEVER, I repeat, NEVER address the issue at hand. That is the formula our media seems to be using. With a sprinkle of "terrorist sympathizer."

As I said in my "Dear 9/11 Families" thread, someone contacted me from peacefultomorrows, and said they were going to forward out my letter on their mailing list. Hopefully, some family members start to speak up.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Dear Joe (the adulterer/murderer) Scarborough

Dear Joe – when you’re finished with Rosie, would you do a show on the story listed below?


Lori Klausutis was an intern who had been working in Congressman Scarborough's office as a constituent services coordinator since May, 1999. Due to Congressman Scarborough's shocking announcement he was retiring from Congress, Lori was excited about a new job possibility. She was married, lived in a nice home and was active in her Catholic Church congregation. Lori's husband, Dr. Timothy Klausutis worked in research and development at Eglin AFB. A seemingly idyllic life - until the morning of July 19, 2001 when Lori was found dead in Scarborough's congressional offices.

Lori's death was ruled accidental. Conflicting statements were released to the local press by Dr. Michael Berkland, the medical examiner, who reached this conclusion: Dr. Berkland, speculated that Lori had suffered an abnormal heart rhythm, due to a previously undiagnosed heart condition, causing her to fall, striking her head against a desk. This caused a blow to the head severe enough to cause death.

Many found this finding disturbing as there was a 7 1/2" gash on the wrong side of her head where she supposedly fell and hit it on a desk. Further dissatisfaction was expressed due to Dr. Berkland's own questionable background:

He was fired as Medical Examiner in Jackson County Missouri in 1996. In 1998 the state of Missouri revoked his license to practice for a minimum of six years. He was suspended as Medical Examiner in Florida for having failed to report that he was under investigation. The revocation of his license imperiled at least nine criminal convictions in Missouri.

In Special Report published on American Politics Journal, August 8, 2001, "Never Bound by the Truth", Chris George and Denis Wright further supplied proof of Dr. Berkland's troubling medical history including two cases in which a reversal of judgment has been sought based on false testimony by Dr. Berkland. While the case is officially closed, there continues to be a demand that it be reopened and an impartial investigation be conducted.

Rumors and speculation ran wild in Scarborough County regarding a relationship between Lori and Joe. Despite his recent reelection in 2000, a scant few months later, amidst rumors of infidelity with an office worker and then divorce, Scarborough shocked everyone by announcing his retirement from Congress. His job as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun also became part of his past when Scarborough announced his resignation in order to spend more time with his sons – LOL!

Joe Scarborough can now been seen weeknights on MSNBC as host of Scarborough Country

Did Joe Scarborough murder Lori Klausutis?

I sent this to Scarborough and his owners at MSNBC - we should all do the same and start hammering on this.

I had never heard about this until today - ty for the posts in the comments section that tipped me off to it.
We have these guys by the balls. Everytime they trash Rosie, the Truth Movement, anything - we should just pound the likes of Scarborough, O'Reilly, Limbaugh with the farse and lies, that are their own lives. These conservatives are a complete joke.

Anyone who goes on SC and deals with this idiot, should pound him on his adulterery and the "murder" of this woman.

A couple of questions for Joe Scarborough and his employers over at MSNBC:

Did Joe Scarborough have an affair with Lori Klausutis before or while she was on your Congressional staff?

Did he murder her? If he has nothing to hide, then why won’t you discuss it?

Direct question to Joe – would you pass a polygraph on Mrs. Klausutis?

mail away, people:

Lionel Loves Rosie!

WOR Radio 710, NYC

Lionel - March 31, 2007 - Hour 1 
Rosie O’Donnell is under fire for daring to question the incredible story of the official account of 9/11 – this fantastic meltdown via jet fuel – and the Foxies are calling for her to be fired. Unreal. Yet nobody’s read word one about anything.
[17 minute clip] [2 Meg]

Lionel - April 2, 2007 - Hour 1 
A mélange of topics. The MSM fails to mention the GOP when it repeats the White House’s excoriation of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria. Republicans did it, but that’s not mentioned. God bless Rosie O’Donnell. Trump’s officially lost his mind.
[5 minute clip] [700K]

Orginal audio at: