Rebuilding America's Senses

A Project for the New American Citizen invites you to Rebuilding America’s Senses, a two-day conference aimed at exposing state- sponsored terrorism and its application in staged false-flag operations. By understanding these two fundamental concepts, one can better comprehend how governments have historically used fear and even terrorism as a means to control their populations. The conference will be organized around the historical and present use of state-sponsored terrorism, as well as its inevitable use in the future. It is our belief that a citizenry who is aware of such tactics will not be so easily coerced into supporting another unjustifiable war and continued degradation of their rights. By attending this free conference you will hear from a number of prestigious speakers, drawn from all over the country, provide irrefutable physical and socio-scientific proof that Western governments have indeed been behind the major terrorist events of our lives, including the attacks of September 11th, the 7/7 bombings in London, the Oklahoma City bombing and many more.

WHEN: Join us Saturday April 14th at 11 AM and Sunday at 10 AM for a day long truth forum. WHERE: The University of Texas at Austin. Room Burdine 106 MAP: Please Click Here for Speaker Bio's & Information

Then after the conference we invite you to Protest the Empire. At 5 PM at the Main Mall ( in front of the UT tower) An all encompassing rally, protesting the destruction of our constitution and rights, State-Sponsored terrorism, the lies of 9/11, the illegal wars in the Middle East, and the coming war with Iran.

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