Student Scholars for 9|11 Truth Meet Barack Obama

On Monday April 2nd, Justin Martell and Mike Jackman from Student Scholars for 9|11 Truth had the opportunity to attend a Barack Obama campaign event at Keene State. There was opportunity to speak with Barack Obama following his speech, and the video above will speak for itself on the "main stream" candidates' viewpoint on a new investigation into the September 11th attacks.

Jeez, and they call US a "cult"?

the atmosphere resembled a Backstreet Boys gig...

interns < internets


new video

i've never seen it before... has anyone else here?

Obama is a phony just like

Obama is a phony just like all the rest. Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference. Their all bought and paid for right out of the gate.

- nick9/11 Listen to this

- nick9/11
Listen to this part of the video.

"You couldn't pay a demolition crew to bring them down straighter."

Hmmmmm..... interesting eh???

The Barack Cult

The Barrack cult is nothing compared to the Hillary cult. Hillary is in the ranks of Bush cult. This stuff really scares me.

Hey Student Scholars, great job. You do more than mainstream journalist. These stooge canidates are going to get 911 in their face for the next 2 years. I love that you asked about investigation as opposed to trying to debate demolition.

This was really impressive stuff. In an instant, you've blown The Obama's cover


911 Truth Surge of The New Angst Order


why I wish Ron Paul could take this.... so all those people will have to have a reality check when they all go..

Together in Truth!

Obama is a Neocon

After learning what Sibel Edmonds has learned about how the Neocons operate, you will quickly realize that AIPAC should be barred from US politics and many AIPAC members put in jail for a very long time. Obama is a hedge bet for neocon favorite Hillary. All Neocon politicians should be shunned, Democrat or Republican.

Obama the windbag

Students with ties on and you still managed to make Obama the eloquent windbag uncomfortable. That was a definite answer from him this time, not even evasive or nebulous. When Dennis was asked he said he'd have his staff look at limited 9/11 issues, while pretending he knew nothing. I found that a comical performance. Compared to Obama, who almost got snide and even sinister here, Dennis was better but not perfect. So far only Ron Paul, who is way behind on funding, has a clear message on any investigation.

Looks like the rockstar just got owned.

What are people excited about with this guy again?

My big fear is that the 9/11 truth movement will be split along Ron Paul/Dennis Kucinich, who seem to be the only candidates that matter currently.

Speaking of which, did you see Ron Paul on Bill Maher the other night? Maher went after him and attempted to marginalize him right out of the gate. The audience didn't buy it and ended up applauding Ron Paul, it was brilliant.

Spencer in Salt lake

I don't think this is anything to be afraid, at least not right now being primary season. They are not running against each other in primaries, being in different parties and its heartening to see there is a candidate calling for a new investigation in each party.

We should be involved in supporting them.

Personally I lean towards Dr. Paul because of his views on other issues, and his dedication to non-interventionism.

Ron Paul was speaking out against funding Saddam back when he was our "friend" because he knew the dangers of foreign interventionism.

Yes, of course you're correct.

Both Paul and Kucinich deserve all the support they can get from all of us.

I don't know about Ron Paul =(

I really liked his stance especially for a libertarian republican like him, he is definitely different among the other candidates of the party, but could he be easily manipulated by the powers that be, if he wins?

I feel disheartened that Obama seemed to dismiss that the government may have been behind this. Are we sure that Kucinich and Ron Paul think otherwise or just like Obama? I thought Kucinich will only touch on a "portion" of the 9/11 investigation? Confirm please! Thanks!

Considering that the MSM has been very reluctant to cover him,

And his warning about a Gulf of Tonkin-like incident being likely as an Iran war provocation, I doubt very much that he is under control, at least to the extent of any other candidate. His platform is sound, he's very well spoken and has supported further 9/11 investigations.

He wouldn't be on TV at all if people like the ones reading this blog didn't call and write the MSM demanding coverage. Check out this "Because you asked" FOX coverage, the result of Shaun Deimler taking the time to demand it.

I'll tell you what, if he had equal treatment on CNN as the other wealthier candidates, he'd win hands down.

Great job!

Great job!

Nice job guys

The sport coats and ties are a classy touch...

With the benefit of hindsight on my part, perhaps combining one fact ("WTC7 has yet to be explained by the government 5 and a half years later"...for example), when thanking him for his comment would've been nice...(I am not being critical, though).

Student activist patriots like you all are letting the candidates/puppets know demands for a new 9/11 investigation are not going away.

Thank you.

Got him on the record. No sign of truth

He did run away pretty quickly.

There are three groups covering

their rears on the 911 issue.

Republicans..... Democrats...... Intelligence Agencies

Who do you think Obama really represents?

CIA?.... FBI?....NSA?.... who owns this guy?
Together in Truth!

private interests

is my guess, but they of course overlap--it's the corrupt element in all our gov agencies...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Has he visited the Bilderbergers yet

as have Willie and Hillary?

I just love having these plutocrats determine our world.

Remember his wife is a Board

Remember his wife is a Board Director on the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations and a VP of External Affairs for Rockefeller's University of Chicago.

Oh, and "Book Deal," anyone?


NICE! and good choice on the tie this time...

bow tie=weirdo in most people's minds...

and yeah, Obomba is just a pretty boy the establishment Dems found to promote--we help you, you help us. Just like Bill Clinton back in the day. I can see Obomba or Edwards running on a Hillary ticket, or together, but I think Romney could beat any of them. And for that matter wouldn't be such a bad thing. He did a perfectly OK job as Massachusetts governor and of all the candidates is probably the least sleazy, regardless of what you think of his politics--that could help 9/11 truth...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


what evidence do you have

what evidence do you have that Romney is any better than Obama? Obama is a fraud, dont get me wrong, but Romney is trying so damn hard to get in tight with the Bush crime family. take a look at how close he and Jeb have become. its one thing to be a stable governor its another when you become the puppet president and have people pulling all of your strings. and it seems to me that if Romney is trying so hard to get in with the Bushes we are going to get more of the same with him. its all a bunch of false choices in the end though. Obama seems to be fooling a pretty big number of people, hes the anti-HIllary for people who think that they "get it", the fake anti-establishment choice who has a chance to win. yeah, i hate Hillary too but that doesnt mean im gonna support a stooge like Obama. the kids on this tape are pathetic zombies, especially the girl in the red who jumped in with-"it shouldnt be the main issue". would love to know what her "main issue" is.

Bush also fooled America by....

.....being an uncontroversial, consensus-seeking, minimal-accomplishment governor......creating the image of blandness, minimal ambition....i.e., "safe"...

We got totally sandbagged.

haha, yeah, that whole

haha, yeah, that whole "compassionate conservative" line was a bunch of bullshit. and remember his line in one of the debates when he said something about being against nation-building? haha, right.......

i wasn't aware

that he was trying to get in with the Bush family! that said, I think Mass was a mess before Romney came in. Don't get me wrong--I can't stand any of these people--but I think that it is easier to fight a republican administration than it is a democrat one, because the democrats can fool a lot more people into thinking that things are on the mend.

Since we know that none of these goons are going to do anything about 9/11 if they can help it, I think it's better to have two sides to play off each other, and assuming the dems hold onto congress (can't see how they wouldn't) it's better to have a republican as prez, though not one that is tainted with connections to 9/11 (which for that matter all the dems are, since they have been ignoring the issue in their positions in the federal gov.)

I won't be voting for any of them, that's just how I look at it in terms of our cause.



Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


"but I think that it is

"but I think that it is easier to fight a republican administration than it is a democrat one, because the democrats can fool a lot more people into thinking that things are on the mend."

i couldnt agree more with that. case in point the way that a lot of people said mission accomplished when the Dems took back Congress. i still feel like the overall dynamic has changed though and even if there is a democratic president, while many people will sit back and expect things to get better, people like us will never do that and we are here to stay and only growing in numbers. would you really rather have an establishment republican with strong ties to the Bush family as president over a guy who we dont know much about other than than the fact that hes another spineless politician?(in other words, what are HIS connections? what is his past like? i confess i dont know much about him at this point.) i dont like Obama at all but at this point im not ready to say i would take a Romney over him just for the sake of divided government(which is overrated anyway, look at the democrats as they STILL do just about nothing). of course i will be voting for no republican or democrat but fear a Romney presidency more than i do an Obama one at this point. it strikes me as more of an easily co-optable(is that a word?ha) presidency.

Mitt Romney-Jeb Bush for GOP Ticket in 2008?
Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has hired several of Jeb Bush’s top aides, leading to speculation that Romney may be courting the outgoing Florida governor for a possible Romney-Bush 2008 ticket for the White House.

After Bush’s former chief of staff and top political adviser, Sally Bradshaw, joined Romney’s Commonwealth political action committee earlier this month, Romney flew to Florida to join Bush for campaign events and fund-raisers - and to gauge Bush’s interest in being a running mate, sources told the Boston Herald.

Soon after, Bush’s chief finance director, Ann Woods Herberger, also joined Romney’s political action committee.

Bush has ruled out running for president himself. But agreeing to accept the vice presidential post would allow him to "run on the national ticket without having to run for the ticket,” since vice presidential candidates are chosen, not elected, political analyst David Mark, a former political reporter who covered Gov. Bush, told the Herald.

did you type anything after

did you type anything after "Since" at the bottom? it looks like it cut you off or something.


I have to cut and paste into comments because otherwise my browser quits 75% of the times I try to comment here... I smell a conspiracy!

I had no idea about Romney courting Bush, and that of course changes everything for me. Glad you folks are so up on things!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Spencer in Salt Lake.

Romney is a wolf in sheeps clothing, and it pains me to know that so many LDS people will vote for him.

like a tsunami...

911 truth will sweep over the political landscape. Who will be left standing? Will anyone who sucked up to the establishment have any credibility at all? In the light of exponential realization of the truth(its taking off now),the political landscape could look quite barren before the primaries elections even kick off.

beg to differ

Romney left us with a multi billion dollar deficit. He reigned over the real estate speculation leaving us with vast liabilities in the reshaping energy market. His solution, should he become preisident is to build nuclear generators on every corner.

His lawn care company is staffed by illegal immigrants even as he supports ultra free trade.

Romney is a slick suit and nothing more.

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

Great job guys! Obama was clearly uncomfortable.

I commend you guys for your efforts and I salute you for your bravery and patriotism.

Obama was clearly uncomfortable with the question.  His body language was all about lying and avoidance. 

They can keep running, but they can't hide.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.... The people cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe." Thomas Jefferson

Not easy to frighten a Senator

You guys are GREAT! You have balls the size of Karl Rove's head!

Clearly Obama was not comfortable responding to your very straight forward question. His body language betrayed him. He KNOWS. HE KNOWS!!! Please keep up the good work. Your grand kids will be very proud of you fifty or so years from now!

Great job!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Senator Dave Kahler, Illinois

Tried to give him a video at Bradley Unversity and the campus police steped in an told him that they informed us that we could not hand out our information on their campus.

You should have seen this guy cower like a beat down puppy.... he actually bent down in submission and put the DVD on the chair next to us... he didn't even hand it back to us. The guy who is probably 6'1... turned to jelly and appeared to become 5'1" right before my eyes.

I couldn't even say anything. I was in complete disbelief.

all I could manage to get out was "Senator?" before realized that these Rent-a-Cops were his way out.
Together in Truth!

A better response from Obama would have been...

"Our country was devastated by the events of September 11. We have not completely healed from that devastating attack. There are unanswered questions. As President, I will make it my job to find truthful answers to those questions, so that our country can complete the healing process."

There was no need for him to divulge his 'lack of confidence' in some of the "issues" that 'we guys' [the Truth Movement] have raised. That was not the question.

Although it does let us know that he is AWARE of the issues that 'we guys' have raised. I guess all we need to do is work on his 'confidence'.

Again... great job Justin Martell. You are making history young man. One presidential candidate at a time. When is Hillary coming to town?
"Cogito ergo sum"

Lack of eye contact ...

He was not comfortable and could not get away fast enough.

Good job.

He appears the fraud and

I trust him as much as I trust GWB. It is a truism that anyone who has the support of the plutocrats to actually be a contender is by definition in line with their goals. The elite want to have their serfs back. But most Americans are dumbed down or congenitally stupid and still naively believe they have some sort of choice.

Think about

The percentage of voters who vote for the candidate which they think is going to win.

Just so they can say that they voted for that person.

lets call it "November Madness"

"I picked Obama.... I knew he would win"
Together in Truth!

Barrack is not a sociopath

I don't think Barrack is a bad guy but I do believe that the plan is for him to be the VP candidate for either Clinton or Edwards.

Barrack has been consumed by the machine. He's part of the Chicago machine . . . Daley, Blagoaveich, Durbin . . . . Chicago branch of the NWO

Anyone who appears on CNN every night are working for the New World Order. The ones ignored are not. Guess you can learn something from cable news after-all.

Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul would be my choice for the final two. Whomever loses becomes part of the other's cabinet.

Don't count out Gore

A Gore/Obama ticket is a slam dunk!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Yegads, can you imagine

The horror of using the vast new presidential powers in order to finish off the N.A.U. and institute a crushing global carbon tax?

Feudalism 2.0

A Paul/Kucinich Ticket?

That would be awesome-- to break through this whole democrat/rebublican illusion.
I wonder if they have irreconcilable differences on some issues?

King and Queen of the Prom

We like our presidents to have nice teeth.

what else would you expect

this globalist piece of trash to say?


Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB


put on MSNBC now because after the break they are doing a story on Rosie and they mentioned 9/11. the preview said-"Is Rosie Losing It?". guess we know what to expect....

This is real journalism.

Well done !

Sen. Barack Obama’s Stock Deals Questioned

Just the look on his face when he was asked about 911 tells me alot. I for one am going to vote for Ron Paul I do not Trust Barack Obama

Well done, really good

Well done, really good work.

I would have loved to see his face if you asked him specifically what portions of 9/11 should be investigated when he did the traditional deflective open ended answer while slipping away.

Or even better, ask him whether he thought that norad, pentagon trillions or building 7 were worth investigating.

Good job man, keep it up. thanks

Looks like the entire Senate is complicit in covering up 9/11...also looks like they can't hide WTC7 anymore. They've got nothing without WTC7!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/90

"I'm NOT entirely confident in the case"

Osama has spoken ..sorry ..Obama has spoken ...
well they have the same bosses

The cheering masses for another DC TRAITOR pol

I am ill.

GREAT JOB by the Students for 911 TRUTH

Perfect message

This is exactly the type of image/message we should be presenting. I'm very impressed by the Student Scholars.

I do think we should try to make the message absolute. In that we need a new investigation, not into any one issue, but into all the issues regarding 9/11.

Let's investigate the financing, the potential state sponsors, how/why WTC7 fell (even for scientific understanding), what the Bush admin knew and when, etc. There are many credible areas. We should make it clear that we aren't advocating anything like no planes, space beams, etc.

Also, we don't have to advocate controlled demolition, merely fight to fully understand WTC7.

here's what I think

If you are not for TRUTH then you are against TRUTH. Why don't we as a movement represent us, the people, as the spokesperson for the movement. Its hard for me to put faith in politicians, instead of following the truth from the grassroots. The government works for us, the people, so it is up to us, the people, to demand our country back! Keep fighting for TRUTH and know that LIES dissolve faster than building 7. It is up to we as a people, a movement, a force not to be taken lightly, to stand up and DEMAND TRUTH because a society based on truth only promotes TRUTH!! The TRUTH movement is shinning light on the collective consciousness, and it is reaching critical mass. We must continue the fight for truth, because our future depends on us, the victims depend on us, the families depend on us, and TRUTH depends on us. We are rising faster and faster as each day passes... Keep faith my fellow truthers!

The Truth Never Lies

And that...

Is why Barrack Obama will not be getting my vote. He is being groomed to be "one of the boys", and I want nothing to do with the system that brought us 9/11.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

groomed, exactly

that's my problem with him too--he has clearly been set up for this by someone, since the 04 convention debut... didn't bill clinton speak at the 88 dem convention? who picks these "rising stars" anyway??


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The Kingmakers

"The Bilderbergs - who are they and what do they do? An aura of mystique surrounds the name, casting shades of reflections of the power elite who supposedly rule the world. Presidents, royalty, prime ministers, global industrialists, and financial leaders from around the world are said to be members of the secrete organization that meets once a year to set the direction and course of international affairs, world events, and global policies.

The first Bilderberg conference was held at the Bilderberg Hotel in Osterbeek Holland in May 1954, from which it derives its name. Created as a secret and supportive adjunct of NATO and the Marshall plan of the 1940s, the raison d'etre behind the group was to promote post war trans-Atlantic cooperation between America and Europe. It has since evolved into much more.

Certain leading power-brokers on both sides of the Atlantic were of the opinion that Europe and America were not united in their global policies, and that a meeting of both the mind and spirit was needed to forge a more powerful international union whose final goal was world governance.

Unofficial and hence unreported discussions were deemed most prudent to foster a better understanding of the complex global forces affecting Western Civilization since the end of the war. From these meetings came forth the seeds that eventually grew into the geopolitical policies of the North Atlantic States (NAS).

Who's Who

The following is a limited list of some of the international power elite that attend the Bilderberg Group meetings. They have been filmed going and coming from the yearly meetings, as well as some being identified by eyewitness accounts by those at the meetings, as published in several major news papers.


Guest at the 2003 Bilderberg Meeting included Carlos M. Collazo.

Richard N. Haass (2004), president, Council on Foreign Relations

Guests at the 2004 Bilderberg Meeting included John Edwards, James Wolfensohn, Melinda Gates, and Mario Draghi.

Guests at 2005 Bilderberg Meeting included Vernon Jordan and Mark Warner and may also have included, according to the Financial Times of May 2, Natan Sharansky and Bernard Kouchner.

Guests at 2006 Bilderberg Meeting included Vernon Jordan, George Pataki, Richard Perle, Dennis Ross, and prominent Canadians Paul Desmarais, Frank McKenna, Heather Reisman and Globe and Mail publisher Philip Crawley, Mahmood Sariolghalam (Iran National University), Siv Jensen, leader of Norwegian political party Fremskrittspartiet, Johann Olav Koss, and chairman of Scandinavian Airlines Egil Mykleb

News Media

Alexandre Adler, French conservative journalist (2003)

Paul Gigot - Editor of the Editorial Page of The Wall Street Journal; 2003- Present

Martin Wolf - Financial Times columnist

Juan Luis Cebrián - Ex-director of El País Spanish journal, delegated advisor of PRISA

Peter Jennings USA Anchor Man


George Osborne(2006) - Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer 2004-Present

Harald Norvik (2006), former CEO of Statoil.

Josef Ackermann (2005), CEO of Deutsche Bank

Daniel Vasella (2005), Chairman and CEO of Novartis

David L. Aaron, Deputy National Security Advisor

William J McDonough New York Federal Reserve

Étienne Davignon, conference chairman in 2005

William Luti, deputy undersecretary for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs

Former Pentagon advisor Richard Perle


Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, King of Sweden

Juan Carlos I, King of Spain

Queen Sofia of Spain, wife of Juan Carlos I, King of Spain

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Infanta Cristina, daughter of Juan Carlos I, King of Spain

Philippe, Duke of Brabant, Crown Prince of Belgium

Heads of State

Fredrik Reinfeldt, elected Prime Minister of Sweden, 2006 - Present

Margaret Thatcher(1975), former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Jean Chrétien (2003), Canadian Prime Minister, 1993 - 2003

Paul Martin (2003), Canadian Prime Minister, 2003 - 2006

Stephen Harper (2003), Canadian Prime Minister, 2006 - Present

Bill Clinton, (1991), US President, 1993 - 2001

Tony Blair (1993), current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Kostas Karamanlis (2003), current Prime Minister of Greece

Angela Merkel (2005), current Chancellor of Germany "


attended in 1991 and 1999 and HiIlaroid may have attended in 1997

who picks these "rising stars" anyway??

I'd start with the Rothschild's and the rest of the global banking elite, thats whos running the show all over the globe.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Do that and you'll find the Vatican and Jesuit Order

The destruction of the US is the agenda of the Jesuits and their mafia partners behind which they try to hide: (high-level) freemasonry, Labor Zionism, covert-operation/spying agencies, the Federal Reserve, CFR, UN, etc.

And people who still don't see how the Jesuit Order can be so powerful, start doing your homework on the history of the Vatican, the Rothschild's, the secret Treaty of Verona, the Lincoln murder, the
American Civil War (and the Bank of England), the changes in our constitution, our masonic
presidents, organized judicial corruption (grand jury, supreme court, jury nullification propaganda), the Ratlines, NASA NAZI's, JFK (and the Knights of Malta), pedophile networks, the Vatican diplomat
immunity request from the Pope, your corporate name, and much more.

Start here for a good introduction: (Greg Szymanski podcasts)

There are dozens of books detailing their evil history of trying to destroy or enslave sovereign people and nations:

Just a fact: 10% of the US House and Senate are Jesuit-trained at Georgetown University,%202007.html

Communistic fascism, WWI, WWII, the UN, NATO, CIA, the Cold War, etc. are all schemes originating from (and used by) the Jesuits for their own geo-political control. Read Eric Jon Phelps' book "Vatican
Assassins" for much more on that history, or listen to his presentations.

If you really want to get to the root of 9/11, one must research the Jesuit Order, the Vatican, and the rest of their mafia network.

The Jesuit agenda is to destroy all of the opposition to to rule of the Pope, be it muslim, jewish or christian, by any means:

Please research and verify this for yourself.

A sovereign nation can only exist if people question all forms of oppression, and are willing to stand up against it when needed.

Now is that time.

PS: negative moderation points without factual comments only shows ignorance and fear.

it's a lot to bite off

Can we just follow the 9/11 evidence wherever it goes, and worry about exactly which group is the ultimate stringpuller later?

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

I followed the trail and the 'religious' cults came up again

and again. Then I looked at who is in control of those cults and the related crime groups.

Yes it takes a while to digest something as ugly as this, but once you understand the agenda of the Jesuits and their partners, the mainstream news and the political actions and propaganda begin to make a lot more sense.

Ask yourself what are we doing in Iraq? Is the oil itself worth all this death and the logistical costs? Or is this a form of genocide? How much anti-islam propaganda do we see on TV?

If you read the "Vatican Assassins" you will see how powerful the Vatican and the Jesuit Order is in the world, and why their agenda is so evil (no other word can describe the extend of their actions).

9/11 is the work of a mafia group which is not just infiltrating the US, but also Canada and other nations.

It is crucial to understand where all this corruption and destruction of humans and their rights is coming from and what purpose it serves.

Then when you realize how the UN is secretly in on their agenda, one begins to see the problem is a lot bigger than the neo-con/APAIC fractions.

People must wake up to the creeping Jesuit control of our country. The media will not touch this subject, because it will expose the people behind 9/11, such as this Jesuit coadjutor guy:

* Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri - currently head of the New York Rotary Club
o "illegal arms trade in the port of Livorno in the 70's"
o President of the AFCEA Founders Chapter
o Chairman E-POL USA and E-POL Group, Inc.
o "A former Navy Officer, graduate of the Italian Navy Commanding School and of the Accademia Navale di Livorno - Universita' di Pisa: "Dottore in Scienze Marittime e Navali" Difesa e Sicurezza (Defense/Security Sciences) has been a Team Partner of Security Management International until the retirement of its President Arthur W. "Mick" Donahue. Commander Balestrieri has over 38 years experience: Sixteen years experience in NATO and National operations, including Captain of a Combat Ship and as the Operational Consultant for the Navy R&D Institute; twenty-two years in the strategic planning, evaluation and implementation of advanced technologies in complex cross‑border security systems, integrating Nuclear-Bio‑Chemical, Explosives and Narcotics sensors deployed for non-invasive inspections."

Great Work Student Scholars...

I just went to Barack Obama's Presidential Campaign website and mentioned his response to the Student Scholars and said (paraphrasing) that he would not be considered a credible candidate if he ignored a request for a new 9/11 investigation. I also posted 40 quotes from and listed a few other 9/11 websites.

If you would like to contact this Obama website and leave your opinion go to:

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

to the streets

I just wanna let you wonderful Truthers know that nothing of substance will change until/unless we take to the streets. This includes non-violent direct action, sit-ins surrounding media buildings and within intersections, locking ourselves down inside senator's offices (which anti-war activists do quite often), erecting tent-villages in near-by parks, and using all forms of physical resistance. What we've done so far is incredibly momentous and powerful, but I have a feeling we're nearing our limit with the forms of activism we've been using thus far (online forums, blogs, petitions, DVDs, film screenings, conventions, and begging/urging politicians to act). I think we need to continue doing these things, but if we don't incorporate real resistance to these tactics, we may soon come up against our own limits.

Pretty soon we're going to have to become an "on the streets" movement, and I don't just mean the 11th of every month. Time IS running out and Martial Law WILL be declared before too long. What will we do as a movement once the internet is censored and we're NOT ALLOWED OUT OF OUR HOMES? I think we all understand the stakes here, but we haven't yet fully integrated the concept into our collective consciousness. Even me. It's hard to process the enormity of what may be to come. Sorry for the lecture, but I feel this is very critical and I'm a bit afraid of the police because they don't care about the Constitution. They only care about top-down power and being a fraternity. The military is the same way and when Posse Comatatus is formally discarded, they'll have no problem policing and killing us. These are brain-dead humans who will thoroughly enjoy their new at-home policing powers.

Oh, and lastly, I don't wanna die in a concentration camp. That's not why I've worked so hard and struggled my entire life.


I wonder what part of our movement he is referring to. probably all the disinfo

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush


Wow I am so sad at his response. I don't know what I was expecting, but what an ass.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Obama is no savior

I think Student Scholars have done a great service by confronting these candidates so we know where they stand.
At the same time, I am concerned about their connection to Jim Fetzers Scholars for Truth who funds their endeavors.

This is form the student scholars website:
"Student Scholars For 9/11 Truth has been founded by Justin A. Martell (a student studying Mass Communication and History at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge, NH) with the help of Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder, Professor Emeritus James H. Fetzer and other members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth such as, Veronica Chapman and Rick Siegel."

Student Scholars is also featured on

I know the students arent naive, but they may be setting themselves up for problems. Keep your eyes open Justin.

From the "moderator"...

I am the "moderator" of Student Scholars for 9|11 Truth - Mark Peters. We have no affiliation with Jim Fetzer nor Steven E. Jones. We will be posting an article/statement on our website in the near future discussing our organization, goals, etcetera. Jim Fetzer helped Justin Martell begin the organization, but that is it. We are our own entity and answer to no one but ourselves.

good to know

I'm glad to hear that you have no affiliation, I just got the impression that you are affiliated with Fetzer from looking at your website as his name and e-mail are listed in the 'contact' section.

I just want to clarfiy one thing. Do Scholars for Truth provide you with funding?

thanks for responding.


Like I stated before, the only help Justin Martell received from Scholars for 9|11 Truth was the initial outlay of the webspace. Other than that, we are our own free entity and we are our own organization here to AVOID all of the non-sense and useless arguing and look for the truth.

reason i ask

The only reason I ask is because I e-mailed Justin about this issue and he responded by saying:

"In regards to Scholars being our parent organization...Scholars funds us and pays for our endeavors."

I am not trying to argue about anything. I'm just looking for clarification, asking questions, just like you guys.

Transcript Please

To all student videographers and journalists with cameras, PLEASE POST TRANSCRIPTS along with your video. Lets get these pols on record. The sound quality of this tape was hard to hear. I just barely heard what BO had to say. I think his response should be the lead sentence for this blog entry. We in the truth movement to obtain quotes from the candidates so that others can conduct follow-up questions, etc. And congratulations to student scholars for tracking this quy. Now I don't need to attend any of his rallies to hear him speak.

Wow those kids are fucking

Wow those kids are fucking morons.
"Uhhhhh I don't think we should be dwelling on it"
Yeah ok just eat your eggs and we will save your freedoms for you, don't worry about it.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush