WTC Families For Proper Burial on Alex Jones today

"Alex welcomes to the program the co-founder of WTC Families For Proper Burial, Diane Horning, to discuss the terrible treatment of the remains of 9/11 victims and her own ongoing struggle to give her son, a 9/11 victim, a proper burial."

Infowars Live Feed: (Network 1)

the very fact that they

the very fact that they would be willing to go on Alex Jones shows what many of the family members think of people who question 9/11.

Bloomberg TV You Tube Piece mentioned on today's show

Bloomberg Special Report - Phantom Shares (25 min)


.....I agree. They really need to unite,and maybe even try to contact Rosie.It would be awesome to see Bob
McIlvaine,and ALL the victims family members on the View.

the media only likes 9/11

the media only likes 9/11 family members that stick to the script like Burlingame.

MSNBC is covering Rosie as

MSNBC is covering Rosie as we speak, they actually mentioned the words-"inside job". they are interviewing that tool Steve Adabado or whoever from the Scarborough show the other night and hes slandering her. Inside Edition YET AGAIN ran a hit piece on Rosie today for the third time in 4 days. my GOD are they squirming. the fear is palpable.

Enemies Of Free Speech

Enemies Of Free Speech Launch 'Stop Rosie' Website, Petition
Because they can't debate us on the facts, Neo-Con bootlickers use mob intimidation tactics to shut down free speech
Anti-American enemies of free speech have launched an official campaign to have Rosie O'Donnell fired for asking questions about 9/11 and the Iranian hostage crisis, setting up a website and a farcical poll - a sizable portion of whose signatories consist of fake names and joke entries.