Alex Jones' "Terrorstorm" to play Oslo Documentary Film Festival - April 20th

Alex Jones' Terrorstorm will be playing at the Oslo Documentary Film Cinema, sponsored by Norway's Le Monde Diplo, on April 20th. Congratulations to Ola Tunander and everyone else involved in making this happen.

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Norwegian coverage at Torstein Viddal's blog:


Great film. Smart man.

It's a great film.

Kinda makes you wonder why this stuff isn't taught in school. :D


I have learned more about history than I ever wanted to know from Alex Jones!
Together in Truth!

I wonder if they'll play the film about Michael Moore

"Manufacturing Dissent"... sounded really promising, I've been looking forward to watching it.


He's done great things, but his ass is soft when it comes to 911. Why won't he come on board?

Because he's morally bankrupt.

Lifted from Moore's wikipedia:

Michael Moore's brief appearance in Alex Jones's Martial Law: 9/11 Rise of the Police State, Alex Jones prompts Michael Moore for an answer as to why he did not mention any of the real issues about the September 11, 2001 attacks in his film Fahrenheit 9/11. Specifically, why Michael Moore did not mention why NORAD stood down. Michael Moore's reply was simply, "Because it would be Un-American."

i love that thats in his

i love that thats in his wikipedia bio.

Here's video of him saying it, 36 mins 12 seconds in.

The Moore segment begins around 26 mins... Tried to find a shorter clip of just this with no luck. Oh well, this is Martial Law, Rise of the Police State, another great Alex Jones film. They just keep getting better.

oh i know, i show that scene

oh i know, i show that scene to anyone i come across that likes Moore. i own F9/11 though, its an alright documentary, its just a farce that he would have 9/11 in the title and then completely bitch out on the subject. Alex Jones exposed him, classic moment.

I can just imagine bad guys huddled in a smoky room...

"Stupid truth... being self-evident and all."

We are the All American Un-Americans


Now we just need a motto

The AAUA...... :

"Move to another country?....If we we weren't paying attention THIS would be another country!"

The AAUA...... :

"we're going to save your ass"

The AAUA.....

"The winners are going to re-write the history books!"

The AAUA.....

"You can thank us later"

Together in Truth!

false flag attacks

Thanks Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley for waking us up.

False flag attacks are terror attacks committed by the rulers of countries and blamed on the political and economic opponents of those rulers.

False flag attacks are used to strike fear and terror in the population. (such as 911, Operation Ajax, Reichstag Fire, OKC, Waco, Operation Gladio, Gulf of Tonkin, London bombings, Pearl Harbor (LIHOP), USS Liberty, JFK/RK/MLK assasinations).

Thru this fear the rulers take away liberties and bring the population under slavery. (patriot act,.....)

Thru this fear the rulers justify starting wars (WW 1 and 2, Vietnam, Iraq 1 and 2).

It is the single major tool of the rulers to take away the liberties of the people they rule over and to destroy political and economic opponents. (quoted by one high up in the CIA).

The rulers want to bring the USA under martial law so they can dispense with all freedoms and the constitution and make our country worse than Nazi Germany ever was. To do this they need to pull off 911 Two and blame it on one of their opponents.

But if the people are aware of False Flag attacks then 911 Two will bring a REVOLUTION back to everything our constitution stands for. Look what 911 has done. People are more awake than ever. The RULERS WILL LOSE EVERYTHING if they try to pull off 911 Two.

For man to progress, evolve, on this planet then THE greatest major step is to get "STREET SMART" about the major weapon of the rulers. The 911 attacks demand that every person on this planet become "FALSE FLAG SMART".

Terrorstorm is only the beginning salvo in the exposure of the false flag tool of the rulers.


The other movie people need to see is "Amerca Freedom to Fascism". People need to get "STREET SMART" about our present monetary system and QUICK. The private Federal Reserve has produced men who are richer than GOD and reduced most of the rest of us to debt slaves. This enormous wealth has corrupted these men absolutely and these are the rulers we are fighting today.

Thanks Aaron Russon, G. Edward Griffin, Eustace Mullins, Ezra Pound ....

Get smart about the private federal reserve.
google: private federal reserve america freedom to fascism Money Masters 1 Money Masters 2
Creature of Jekyll Isle by G.Edward Griffin
Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins (in pdf form at
- pdf is formatted horribly unfortunately but Amazon book in 89 $, they don't want you to read it).
Thieves in the Temple by Andre Michale Eggletion

Terrorstorm rules

I show this film to anyone asking the "hardcore 9/11 issues" that Michael Moore (purposely) did not cover in his movie.

My coworker has shown interest in 9/11 Truth, so I've shown her 9/11 Mysteries, Terrorstorm, and 9/11 Press For Truth. Her mind was blown. Next round, some CIA/NWO stuff. Most people don't even know what happened with the Iran-Contra affair, let alone the fact that the same criminals still run our gov't at the highest levels, operating in the open.

The hardest aspect of 9/11 Truth is convincing people that our gov't is as corrupt as it is. Most people that I talk to will readily acknowledge that the gov't is corrupt, even evil - but cannot conceptualize 9//11 being an inside job, despite the overwhelming evidence and sketchy contradictions/coincidences/outright lies on the public record. I am trying like hell...these same people will be willing to go along with the Truth Movement, eventually - so long as Wolf Blitzer tells them its OK.

Terrorstorm was the catalyst for a transformation that took me from being a confused social progressive to an outright Truther!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/90