Bill O'Reilly Is a JFK Truther - (He must really hate his Country!)

Bill O'Reilly, when he was on Inside Edition, reports on Oswald's association with the CIA.

Gee Bill, here you are spouting a conspiracy theory! That's unamerican. Why do you hate this country, you two-faced hypocrite?

I'm not saying that you should be fired. I'm saying that Fox News has a BIG problem.

Just when was it that you turned to the dark side?

i really hope that somebody

i really hope that somebody can confront him with this tape at some point.


This is t-warrior-treason.

I just want to see one of these lunatics admit that there are some valid unanswered questions regarding 9/11.

Windbag O'Reilly

I sent that video out to about TEN TIMES............i think others should do the same.

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Sorry, I already Dugg this

Sorry, I already Dugg this one because it was submitted earlier and linked directly to YouTube. It's a shame since combined they'd have over 20 diggs already.

Yeah but mine has a fancy digg counter :P

Just kidding schlotsky. I didn't see your link. Thanks for posting it again.

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!"
-Dan Wallace

This is what's great.

A lot of right wing people (I'll bet you O'Reilly is one) think the Oklahoma City story had way more to it than just McVeigh and Nichols. I used to laugh at them, but after learning about 9/11, I know they were probably right. All you have to do is look into the government involvement with Salem in the first WTC matter. Anyway, I think that is how you have to convince these guys there is more to 9/11. Let them know that things happened on the Clinton watch like Mena drug running, OK City, the first WTC job, and possibly Vince Foster and all those other alleged murders and that this stuff goes on all the time, which shows the elites behind the scenes run the show and that the Bushes and Clintons are opposite sides of the same coin. In other words, McVeigh and Nichols are patsies for a greater cause (like cracking down on militia groups or that OK City was meant to be blamed on Muslims) just as Atta and Co. were patsies for another cause.

yeah, but they conveniently

yeah, but they conveniently dont think the FBI manipulated McVeigh and "john doe#2". they simply think he was helped by muslims. bullshit. same with WTC 93 bombing. i remember a lot of right-wingers trying to blame Iraq for OKC.




She needs to post it on her blog asap.


...I hope she does that.....

...for more than one reason....the country needs the JFK hit exposed to heal, as well....

Spreading the News.

How do we submit this video to Rosie? I know she has an "Ask Ro" section on her blog that is sometimes open for new questions, but that is the only contact I have for her. I don't think you can post video in that form either? We need to get this to her and her supporters somehow though. Great work Dem Bruce Lee.

I have no doubt Rosie would take the high road and....

....present it in a classy, complimentary way....praising Bill for the real investigative reporting he is capable of, asking the difficult questions, exposing uncomfortable evidence, and speaking Truth to Power....

I don't think he'd even feel the knife.

I agree, you are so right altruist.

11/22/63 in my opinion was far worse than 9/11. As Meria Heller said in her Chicago speech, that was "The day the music died" here in America. If you don't understand 11/22/63 you will never understand 9/11. It shook America to it's core. People were crying in the streets. (myself included) We have never recovered. It has been all downhill since. I am shocked at this O'Reilly video. I wonder what made him change?

Ohhhhh I wonder wonder why?

Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa CHING!!!!!!!


Either that or he has a genuine disdain for Muslims and Arabs

Part of me simply thinks he's a scared little bitch.

He could have been blackmailed but I really don't think so
Together in Truth!


"Either that or he has a genuine disdain for Muslims and Arabs"

I never really thought of that one, but you could be right; he could simply be racist against the Arab ethnicity and the current geopolitical climate gave him fertile ground to morph into a Julius Streicher or Joseph Goebbels.


Great job finding this!

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

Bravo! Nice find...

and you know what?

That was apparently good reporting out of Bill-O.



I too wonder when he turned to the dark side.

I was a sixth-grader when I started taking an interest in watching the news. Every day, I would look forward to watching News 5 with Jerry Springer, then Tom Brokaw, and at 7:00, Inside Edition with Bill O'Reilly. Back in those carefree years of my life I actually liked him.

Might not Stewart, Colbert, or Olbermann.... this to expose O'Lielly's hypocrisy? Seems like they all could have a field day with it....

no way.

they wouldn't cover this. then the faux balance of power would be skewed.
The illusion of the good/evil right/left battle would be altered.

They'll never show this.

Alex Jones is playing this right now on his show....

I sent it to his producer and they got right on it....

This is rich...

And, so damn typical. Great having O'Reilly's hypocrisy exposed.... not to mention all that makeup and the hairdo. Nuf said.


This just shows what a unprincipled, do anything for a buck, this guy is.

Rosie should do a skit: get a bunch on greasy haired zealots, with tight T-shirts on her show go back and forth and rip Bill a new one..... How dare Bill suggest that the government can whack its own president, He is a radical... crossed a line...start a STOPBILLO website, what a joke he is..

This has got to make countdown!!

FOX has a real problem here... No personal attacks, it is just an issue they have to deal with..

What Angers Me....

....about O'Rielly's nutty "conspiracy theory" reporting here is how much it must upset the victim's, I mean Kennedy, family by insinuating that the government committed his murder....

I know the country and this is the sort of thing that you don't come back from...

Now, that's not a threat, I'm just saying.....

Yea, you know “people in

Yea, you know “people in my town” don’t like all this conspiracy talk from O’Reilly.

O’Reilly is such a

O’Reilly is such a far-left loon, I just don’t understand the hatred.


It's people like this who are ruining this country.

He probably thinks that the Holocaust never happened and Bigfoot in a UFO filmed the moon landing on a Hollywood studio in Area 51
Together in Truth!

Paul Wellstone

The Iraq war was possible because of the accidental death by small plane of Senator Paul Wellstone.

Throw in a little military grade anthrax aimed at key house and senate leaders and you end up with a flock of sheep and no over-site.

The reason that the so-called good gov folks looked scared when confronted with questions from students about 9/11 is that they know that bad shit happens to those who cross the line.

Wellstone was murdered. i

Wellstone was murdered. i know Fetzer gets a bad rap around here(and rightfully so at this point) but his book with Four Arrows on the murder of Paul Wellstone was tremendous. i suggest everyone read it. you are so right about how his murder sent a warning.

No snow

I remember hearing of the Wellstone when it was breaking news. The account mentioned rough weather or heavy snow repeatedly.

I immediately checked the airport weather report at the tiny place he was landing. They had no snow around the airport within several hours of Wellstone's arrival.

Imagine that. I'm surprised they didn't report on the crash before it happened, too.

Does Fetzer's book mention the lack of snow?

Justice deferred is justice denied-MLK

yes, his book gets into the

yes, his book gets into the weather reports and there was NO RISK of icing. and the FBI was there well before the NTSB and they controlled the crash scene.

Was Paul Wellstone

Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?

History Suggests It
Crash Inconsistencies Suggest It
Many, Including Some Members of Congress, Believe It
by Michael C. Ruppert

The air crash deaths of Sen. Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter, three staff members and two pilots at approximately 10:25 a.m. on Oct. 25 in Eveleth, Minn. has given rise to the widespread belief -- shared by at least two members of the House of Representatives who spoke on condition of anonymity -- that the crash was a murder.

Just as important as the known details of the crash, in many cases contradicting mainstream press reports, is the fact that the belief is so widely held. It says something about America that cannot and should not be ignored.

Shortly before the last U.S.

Shortly before the last U.S. elections, a small plane hit a skyscraper in New York after flying erratically for a while. It was piloted by some famous baseball player (whose passport was found in the debris, as usual). The ensuing fires were broadcast on TV.

Now, call me a conspiracy theorist... but I've sometimes wondered if the control of the plane was somehow overtaken by the bad guys to cause a spectacle that would remind people of 9/11 just before the elections. Could they have the means to carry out such an exercise?

i was just waiting for the

i was just waiting for the building to come crashing down ;-)

This is awesome, great find

This is awesome, great findLaughing

paul wellstone who was a

paul wellstone who was a beacon of true liberal values and support for the average american and was known as a man of uncommon integrity was most certainly murdered. the plane, known for reliability had 2highly experenced pilots and simply dropped out of the sky ,like a stone,on approach in a fASHION SIMILAR TO JFK JRS .also he was the only member facing a significent battle for reelection to vote against the war, shortly thereafter he was dead.some speculate that some high energy weapon was used to jam the electronics of these planes rendering them inoperable and causing them to crash , this may be fanciful ,perhaps small planes are just brought down with a surface to air missle, but any one who cares to look will find dozens of suspicious crashes that happened with during good visability with good pilots with important people on boardin the last three decades

Here is what I sent him. We

Here is what I sent him. We gotta bombard his radio show. We should also bombard Hannity and the rest of the scumbags to show that that O'Reilly is nothing but a conspiracy nut-job:

Why do you hate America? Your implication that the CIA was somehow involved in the assassination of JFK in this video is beyond treasonous:

You should drop this whole questioning your government thing, dissent is unpatriotic. You should believe everything your government tells you without question, that is the patriotic thing to do, thinking for yourself and looking beyond the media is completely wrong, and evil. I know, I learned that on the O'Reilly factor.

Why do you side with the enemy?

Conspiracy-loons like you should move to Iraq if you hate this country so much.

when`Owhen did billO start to become an america hater?

obviously bill o`reilly hates america ... why does he not support the warren commision finding
when O`when did bill stert to hate america ? before he went grey apparently.

Classic! Sbg's right, we've


Sbg's right, we've really got to run with this, it totally shows O’Reilly as a fraud. It’s funny how in the report he's saying how it's "embarrassing for the CIA" etc, the irony of that now with that very report being in fact beyond embarrassment for him.

yes we have to get AJ,

and others to really explode this story all over the place.

News editor at The Watchman Report,, delivering 9/11 truth to the Christian community

Too funny...

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

just submitted... RO's blog.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Maybe He had a "talking" to

by the CIA. They probably told him to back off. Now He turns people in to the FBI. Is it any coincidence? Homeland security probably employs him now.

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.


....someone will turn-up a hard-hitting Bill O'Reilly investigative report on the evils of Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace.....


The segment is actually rather interesting.
Too bad he lost his touch later in life.

What a conspiracy nut though.

It'd be great to hear his comments on this Kennedy segment if someone like Rosie narrated it.

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Careful, he could try and

Careful, he could try and show this stuff on his show. Then spin it. Make sure you do not send him anything that makes us easy to spin or 'crazy'

Has anyone Dugg this yet?

Here's the spin...

"I was just doing this investigation for that tabloid show Inside Edition, I didn't really believe this stuff. I was told to cover this story, it was not my choice."
We need to know how much control he had over the stories on Inside Edition.


Say what ?!?!?


You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

Ha Ha

I emailed BO with the YouTube link.

Bill - do you remember this? Loses!!

Do we have any footage of O'Lielly.....

....calling Oliver Stone a conspiracy nut.....?

Something like that must be out there....

Dontcha love the Internet?

Bill Covering Rosie Tonight!

I got caught watching Faux at the gym. On John Gibson's show, they covered some of the Rosie issues. The O'Reilly Factor previews also promoted features on Rosie. This should be good. Tune into O'Lielly tonight.


Keep Rosie!

I just spotted this web page called "Keep Rosie". The url is
You can make comments. I read most of them. It seems EVERYONE knows 9/11 was an inside job. The sleeping giant has awakened and boy is he pissed!

Bill O

man I wonder when they got to this fool...he is totally the news reporter in V for Vendetta

Need help with Google Video

Sorry, this is a bit unrelated, but I have made Danish captions for 911 Press for Truth. I have tried to upload it to Google Video, but they reject it.
I wondered if anybody here can help me?


Was there an explanation for the rejection? Unable to convert? Send me a link to the file or FTP info if you want me to try it:

yes, it didn't comply with

yes, it didn't comply with their policies, but that's bs, because that video is already on Google with Italian,Dutch and Czech subtitels.

I have the video on my pc only, downloaded from emule. But I could propably send you the subtitle file, it's probably very small!?

My email to Billo

Subject: O'Reilly A JFK Conspiracy Theorist?!? Why Does He Hate America? He Is Hurting Me!


You reported, I decided: Bill O'Reilly is a right wing shill and a goddamned HYPOCRITE.

Go on, sick your Faux News security goons on me, you fascist America-hater.

Great Find!

Ha ha - throw it back in his face!

I feel like puking every time I hear one word from O'Reilly, but this shows that he once had the potential to be a real journalist. His transformation into a mouthpiece for fascism makes me think of Anakin Skywalker morphing into Darth Vader.

This also illustrates the complete degradation of journalism in general in this country as our society as a whole turns into the Death Star.

Even if we could somehow force O'Reilly off the scene, he would still leave behind him the corrupt media establishment which is leading this country into the abyss.


Journalism IS dead. I was thinking recently on the power of the internet in regards to the bullshit that they try to feed us and what an effect the well-informed internet community has had on this corrupt govt of ours. The "Iran is responsible for the improvised explosive devices in Iraq!" story in particular. A few years ago, it wouldn't have been challenged, but this time around people questioned it immediately and starting demanding more proof and the story quickly faded away.

We need journalism. We need a real media.
What the F are they teaching in journalism schools these days? Is anyone that posts here a journalism student? I REALLY need to know what the word is in those institutions. They MUST discuss the way the media is a lap dog to the govt.

Long Live the Internet!

There are so many distorted stories that it's hard to know where to start. You don't even need to read more than the Iran / explosive device headline to know that it is most likely bogus.

We do need real journalism. Democracy is impossible without it.

The internet does add an unkown factor to the equation.

If the paleo-cons had really understood the power of the internet, would they have attempted something as extravagant as a 9/11? Is it possible that their calculations factored in only television and newspapers as the primary media source for most people? I can watch the twin towers collapse from a dozen angles a 100 times a day with youtube, but that is impossible with traditional broadcast media.

Also you have the fact that in the digital age the cost of storage is almost zero compared to the other costs of producing content. So, the O'Reilly method of holding a debate captive to the constraints of commercial breaks and time slots should not apply in the internet age. Every debate can take as long as necessary for both sides to communicate their point of view.

I think it's possible that the paleo-cons have overplayed their hand this time, not having any clue that their crime has coincided with a revolution in the structure of the media system.

Perhaps there is yet hope that we can blow this thing wide open in an historic way through the internet. This site is a step in the right direction.


This is a classic. lets send this to Keith Olberman


Sure, at least he deserves

Sure, at least he deserves the "Worst Person in the World"-award! coming soon....

Send suggestions for material (Videos, Transcripts, Etc) to

Together we will expose this traitor for what he really is, a lying opportunist with no interest in truth or justice for anyone or anything but his own self interests and those of his handlers.

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info


I don't know.... maybe this story about sex and this superd clip about JFK story.


You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

This needs to get out!

Someone needs to send this information to Sheen and O’Donnell.
“Hey, Bill…hypocrite much?”