A Cautionary Tale

This is a cautionary tale

Out of interest I checked my server logs to see how many downloads of Fromthe JakassesMouth.mp3 had occured. I use Analog a simple Log file parser that tells you among other things the IP Address of the computer that downloaded the file.

I found one IP that had the .gov (US Government) domain and so out of curiosity!, I googled the IP and found the Name of a person who had made a contribution to some discussion on some web site, The IP was right there against this name along with an e-mail contact that was to the same US Govt department that the original .gov IP pointed to.
So I had a name and a Govt. department, So I googled the name and found out quite a lot about this person including their nickname where they worked even their musical tastes and the fact that they use Government computers to to lots of stuff they're probably not supposed to.

Just thought you might like to know how easy it is to find out stuff about people on the internet.

Don't know a lot about protecting your ID when surfing I've heard of using proxies or TOR and privoxy
So any advice from anyone would be welcome I think.

BTW 366 people from at least 17 countries downloaded the file
So thanks everyone!

44 of the IP addresses were unresolvable meaning people who cover their tracks better than that one government employee I decided to check out.


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See what happens when you are a truther ..

I don't run any server, just read some truth-sites and make some posts . I'm not located in USA and these IP's have no reason to make connection-attempts to my PC .
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I suspect it's these guys who don't like that I promote the
Mineta-testimony or something :

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I recommend using IP-blocking, either via your firewall or
a specialized program like PeerGuardian2 : http://sourceforge.net/projects/peerguardian
or Protowall : http://www.bluetack.co.uk/forums/index.php?act=dscript&CODE=showdetails&...

If you use OutPost as firewall you can export the blocklists directly to it using the BlockList Manager :

These programs will prevent your PC connecting to/from
any IP that is in the block-list.
I seriously doubt that you can be anonymous if you are up against the military-industrial thugs without taking drastic countermeasures and that might by itself draw attention to you .
The net just isn't designed for anonymity and these criminals have access to the back-bone ( and your ISP's logs ) .
After all it is them who designed and operate the internet. and TOR .. designed by "them" and many of the nodes are
at locations under their control (like MIT) you can be pretty sure they do all they can to locate TOR users .

A good place to look up IP's is :
It will give you the available whois-info including the assigned IP-range that your query is part of ..

Port Scans

Thanks Peter

Is there a list of undesireable IP's anywhere?
If not should there be?

I'm currently behind two fire walls!
I block portscans and any uninvited requests.

Does anyone know anything about "ssh tunnels"?