down the pothole (of memory)

America needs to wake up and stop allowing the talking heads of neocon television to define their intellectual and emotional positions, with an ounce of critical thinking their blathering devolves into embarrasingly blatent and now desperate propaganda,the attacks on free speech are especially telling , they know they are failing in their role of keeping the masses in the dark, and their desperation shows .
Its happening slowly but american are beginning to see that every effort from our leaders is toward exploiting then hiding, erasing, forgetting that 911 is with us today as much as it was on the day it happened. thats what happens when you ignore a crime.when you deny resolution, it festers in the minds of its victims .

Victims of 911 are firstly, those slaughtered in the towers and at the pentagon, secondly they are all of us , every american who lost life or loved one in a phony geostratigically waged war, every american who saw the name of his country defiled by fasist posturing againt the backdrop of an incredulous and morally sickened world, every american who saw the country devolve in to a force that could ony kill and destroy innocents halfway around the world ,while ignoring its own citizens drowning in a flooded New Orleans. who saw that america had completely lost its moral compass,but programmed into thinking that criticism and opposition of those who lead america during this debacle was somehow unpatriotic , somehow aiding some vague and  undefined enemy.who saw our leaders dragged kicking and screaming to an investigation  where they used power and privili and subterfuge to reduce it to a pointless farce .where the domestic agenda seems a war waged from washington against its own citizens.

they have destroyed the steel , they have siezed the videos , they have fogotten the unfolding disasters first days coverage, they refuse to create a timely and meaningful memorial,and they ignore the will of the majority of americans who demand the truth  of that day. and now the dust of 911 ,atomized cement,computers, and  carbon and calcium and iron and phosphorus of the incinerated  victims,Instead of being respectfully interred, ended up at the fresh kills landfill, [yes, its name is the fresh kills landfill]. Enterprising city planners have found a new use for this powder, pothole filler for the streets of manhattan.
Anyone who has willingly or unwittingly subjected their brain to this psyops mental abuse,and are beginning to see the falseness of this manipulative network nonsense, can do what any patriot must now do : leave the fascist pundits behind and seek saner more balanced views of the world, and drop the networks a note or a phone call , they want your eyes and ears ,tell them what they need to do to get them back.