Heavy drinking in Shuckums

Two men came in, drank heavily and then refused to pay the bill"

NBC, september 12, 6:41pm

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Let's analyze this a bit. Atta & his pal are supposedly top-gun

Jihadists on suicide mission to destroy America. On the Thursday before 9/11, they get drunk in a bar, refuse to pay, and blab that they are airline pilots. Sure, the behavior of professional Islamic assassins--risking the entire operation!!! (They sound much more like idiot patsies to me.)

Why in the world would super Jihadists, on the biggest mission ever, take such foolish chances for? Why would they refuse to pay a $60 (?) bar tab, make a big scene drawing attention to themselves, risk getting arrested on the spot, etc.? It doesn't make any sense! (Also, what good would keeping that $60 bucks do if you're going to commit suicide in a few days anyway?)

You got it

Which makes me certain that this was not just a plan which went live.

Which makes me think that these patsies either never got on those planes or the planes were switched out during the flight.
Together in Truth!

Blind alley?

I’m not sure it’s worth spending time on the patsies, although it does help to cast more doubt on the official story. What’s interesting here is that NBC’s Kerry Sanders was able to piece this report together (including footage of Atta’s apartment in Hamburg!) on 9/12. More prefab stories fed to the media?

A pretty thorough investigation of the flight schools was done by Daniel Hopsicker (Mohamed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus, Welcome to Terrorland), who’s still following leads 6 years later. By coincidence, I came across the name Wolfgang Bohringer today and found this report on Hopsicker’s website:

"Dec 11 2006--Venice, FL
 by Daniel Hopsicker
Wolfgang Bohringer, the German pilot who was one of Mohamed Atta’s closest associates in Florida as well as the subject of an FBI terror alert in the South Pacific, was apprehended two weeks ago and taken into custody, but then was almost immediately released after he told authorities responsible for his capture that he works for the CIA. . . ."

Rest of story here: http://www.madcowprod.com/120112006.html
Good 5-minute video:

It’s interesting to see how much money (our tax dollars at work?) and drugs these guys had to toss around. Makes you wonder how they were handled, what they were told, what was in their own heads, whether they’re really dead, what other cover stories are being cooked up these days...

Great point on how the media had footage of Atta's apartment in

Hamburg and had put together a story on him by 9/12/01!!! That's so quick as to be a smoking gun!!!

Atta & co. trained in

Atta & co. trained in Venice, Florida,

on 9/11 Bush was in Sarasota, Florida

Look those two places up on a map..

That's some coincedence and if Hopsicker is right, that that whole Venice area has been a covert operations town for decades, then there could be a connection.. I mean, the whole thing could have been run from there.. also considering his brother Jeb was/is the governor there.

Have you ever wondered, it was known for days before, that Bush would be in Sarasota on 9/11, then why launch the attack on a day when there's no chance of hitting he president in Washington? If we suppose flight 93 were to hit the white house.
Just speculating, guessing here, but I find it odd..

I'm a native Sarasotan -- I

I'm a native Sarasotan -- I left to go to college and have been shaking the sand off my feet ever since, although I visit every year.

Venice is in Sarasota County, just a few miles down the road from Booker Elementary. Sarasota County has long been a wealthy Republican stronghold (and source of donations) in what was traditionally a Democratic state.

I believe that Venice became the new Mena, Arkansas, in the sense of intelligence-sponsored drug running, money laundering, and flight training. Whereas Clinton may have looked the other way with a wink and a nod, Jebbie seems to have been more directly involved (at least with importation of patsies, the origins of the flight school, and the pay-offs). I don't think the press ever held him accountable by questioning his (prescient?) decision to prepare for martial law on 9/10. There may have been either a back-up or a scrapped plan for Florida in the 9/11 mix.

I appreciate the work Hopsicker has done there, because ultimately it will be as valuable to understanding the entire operation as Mena and Barry Seal were to Iran-Contra (not that John Q. Public has the foggiest idea to this day).