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April 4, 2007

An Open Letter to Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes

District Attorney Charles Hynes
Office of the District Attorney
Kings County
350 Jay Street
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Mr. Hynes,

It's been three months since I wrote you my letter of January 9th,
2007, urging your office to open an investigation into the horrific
terrorist attacks of 9/11/01. Based on original research and sources,
I urged you to focus on the social network that helped 9/11 hijacker
Mohamed Atta in our hometown of Brooklyn, NY. I have not yet received
a response, so I am sending you this second letter, with key updates.
It will be published in the April issue of The New York Megaphone
(circulation 66,700) as well.

I realize this is a controversial topic. But remember, we at the
Megaphone support and understand your courageous, ongoing prosecution
of CIA-linked, mafia-linked FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio. DeVecchio
might be the New York FBI's biggest scandal, but to us, he's just the
tip of an iceberg of Federal corruption. (We covered the DeVecchio
story last year, see:

Since I wrote you last, a few things have changed: The conviction of
Bush advisor Lewis Libby, and the controversy over Attorney General
Gonzalez show that we're dealing with a yet-to-be determined level of
opportunistic criminality in the Bush White House. The new paperback
United States vs. George Bush, et al. (Seven Stories, 2006) makes a
strong legal case for a Federal Grand Jury indictment of the Bush
Administration for knowingly hoodwinking public opinion into
supporting the Iraq bloodbath. While not an official legal document,
this sharp little book is a compelling case made in the court of
public opinion by former Federal prosecutor Elizabeth De La Vega.
It's our thesis in the New York 9/11 Truth Movement, that the 9/11
attack was the stimulus the Bush administration needed to fulfill its
documented obsession with wars of foreign aggression.

The 9/11 attack and the response from the Federal government derailed
our democracy, threatened the protections of the Bill of Rights, and
suspended habeas corpus. But you have jurisdiction to open a serious
9/11 investigation with subpoena power. We know from congressional
testimony of Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer, and others, that Mohammed
Atta, et al. visited the politically-charged mujahedeen recruiting
grounds, El Farouq Mosque, on Atlantic Avenue. It's likely that the
crime of conspiracy was committed, here in your jurisdiction of Kings

As Brooklyn's leading published author of 9/11 skepticism, I feel
it's my duty to keep you apprised of new findings. I was recently
sent a little-known unpublished book called "The Graham Report." This
report corroborates an insidious pattern of special treatment from
Federal agents and military top brass, of the 9/11 attackers.

Dr. David M. Graham was a Louisiana radio host, an amateur sleuth, a
Vietnam veteran, and a dentist. According to his unpublished
manuscript, 10 months before 9/11, Dr. Graham met 9/11 terrorists
Nawaf al-Hazmi and Fayez Banihammad. Their Pakistani handler, a
grinning albino car salesman named Mohamed Jamal Khan, had
mysterious, unrestricted access to the local Barksdale Air Force Base
in Shreveport. Khan told Dr. Graham he wanted to buy a truck like the
one used as a bomb in Oklahoma City. Dr. Graham was a conservative
Christian who felt Khan was possibly planning a terrorist attack on
the the "mighty B-52s" flying out of Barksdale AFB. When Khan bragged
about a family connection to Osama Bin Laden, and introduced Graham
to certain strange Arabs, Graham then called the FBI.

Instead of questioning the future 9/11 attackers, the FBI doubted,
and intimidated Graham. Graham had observed that Jamal Khan had boxes
in his kitchen labeled with the names of al-Hazmi, Banihammad, and a
third 9/11 hijacker, Khalid al-Mihdhar. 9/11 researchers know that
the terrorists Graham suspected were already known members of Al
Qaeda-CIA today admits they had been tracking al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar
since before the year 2000 Malaysian "terrorism summit" both future
terrorists attended. This was corroborated at the confirmation
hearings of CIA director Michael Hayden in January 2006. Al-Hazmi and
al-Mihdhar made phone calls from San Diego to a NSA/CIA phone-tapped
line at a Yemeni safehouse.

Dr. Graham was paid multiple visits by the FBI and Secret Service,
but he wouldn't give up. In his manuscript, Graham specifically warns
the FBI about Mohamed Jamal Khan, and possible threats to Barksdale
AFB. Shreveport FBI agent David Spoon calls Graham back, passing
along a thinly-veiled death threat. "We got a mysterious phone call
saying 'they will take care of whoever turned in Jamal.'" he told the

Dr. Graham died on the 17th of September, 2006, in Houston, Texas.
His son believes he was poisoned. So does the local ABC News
affiliate in Shreveport. Dr. Graham was on the verge of testifying
against Jamal Khan in an INS deportation courtroom. Today, the
Shreveport FBI claims that Graham did not contact them before 9/11,
but Graham had documents and eyewitnesses who recorded his November
1, 2000 meeting with FBI Special Agent Steve Hayes.

An FBI investigation of Khan and his men might have stopped Nawaf
al-Hazmi from joining Flight 77's suicide attack against the Pentagon
on 9/11. Or maybe not. According to the new book by National Security
News Service's Joseph and Susan Trento (Unsafe at Any Altitude,
Steerforth, 2006), al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar were agents of the General
Intelligence Directorate (GID) of Saudi Arabia. Trento told me he was
tipped off by "multiple sources...inside Western and Saudi
intelligence." Trento is a national expert on CIA, as author of
Secret History of CIA (Prima, 2001), and Prelude to Terror (Carroll &
Graf, 2005). Trento trusts his sources, and is certain the same
terrorists Graham suspected were agents of the GID, the CIA of Saudi

Let me stop and re-focus this on your jurisdiction of Brooklyn/Kings
County. The 9/11 attacks murdered Brooklynites. A significant sector
of the public believes the Federal government's explanation is a
whitewash, due to many anomalies. In 2006, three national polls
showed widespread skepticism of the official story. The strange
protection that Dr. Graham's Saudi agents/9-11 terrorists received
from Federal law enforcement was partly (if not primarily) at fault.
The special treatment that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar received is the
same treatment received by Mohamed Atta. All three were protected
from Defense Intelligence Agency operation Able Danger, in early
2000, by Pentagon top brass, according to Congressional testimony
from Able Danger's Lt. Anthony Shaffer. I have more information for
you on this, upon request.

The Graham Report and the Able Danger hearings jibe with other
credible sources. According to Michael Isikoff in Newsweek, al-Hazmi
and al-Mihdhar used to live in San Diego with an FBI informant. In
2002, CNN reported the FBI was "investigating" Saudi Princess Haifa
(wife of Saudi Prince Bandar, the man the President calls "Bandar
Bush") regarding why she wired $3,500 a month to 9/11 hijackers in
San Diego in year 2000. The recipients of her largess were al-Hazmi
and al-Mihdhar.

As I'm sure you remember from my January 9 letter, I was a part of a
group of 9/11 researchers who last November supplied the Joint
Terrorism Task Force with information about terrorist Mohamed Atta's
American drinking buddy, Wolfgang Bohringer. When the JTTF seized
Bohringer on November 17th, the first words out of his mouth were,
"You can't arrest me, I'm working for CIA." He was then released, and
my JTTF-affiliated sources pressured me not to do this story. But I
printed it in this newspaper, The New York Megaphone.

The Brooklyn public is eager for a deeper explanation of 9/11. The
Federal government's investigation was dominated by insiders. Their
process was heavily compromised by conflicts of interest, and the
evenual 9/11 Commission Report was ridiculously spotty. Only local
government can mount a real investigation. Yes, this is difficult,
but the American people are on your side. We will be a powerful
resource. A majority of 9/11 widows and other family members support
my work and have called for a new investigation. District Attorney
Hynes, you and your staff have a clear moral and legal obligation to
open that investigation into 9/11. It seems there's an alarming
pattern of domestic protection of the 9/11 attackers, by the FBI, and
the top brass of the Pentagon.

We know from documents like U.S. vs. Bush that the Bush
Administration had a clearly predetermined agenda to attack Iraq, as
early as 1999. In 2001, they needed a reason. They needed a violent
media spectacle to motivate the population to support their agenda.

The night I met you, you led the inter-faith event in Bay Ridge with
a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. I joined you in that pledge,
despite all my misgivings about the current leadership of this
country. Because today under the U.S. flag, torture is condoned and
practiced. Under the U.S. flag, the current President is in open
criminal violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as
he taps phones inside the U.S. In the name of the U.S. flag, the
President committed the crime of fraud by misleading the country into
war. The U.S. flag is under attack, and the enemy is within. Let's do
something while we can.

Sander Hicks
New York Megaphone
718 940 2084
Inspector Thomas Harris, 70th Precinct
Assistant District Attorney Michael Vecchione
Assistant District Attorney Noel Downey
Assistant District Attorney Michael Ryan



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The future consequences of not investigating 911 will mean the human race will be ruled by lies. The future result of the investigation of 911 will mean a world where truth is dominant.

Please investigate 911. the future is in your hands.

Investigate 911!

Reopen 911, the crime of the century! Arrest the real perpetrators!

Myra M. Jackson Endorsement of Letter

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Any government official who ignores the clear, documented signs that there has been a coverup of 9/11 is a co-conspirator.

There is a cancer in this once-great nation. You either help to excise it or you are part of it.

This is no time for cowards, Mr. Hynes. Do your duty.

Brooklyn resident

D.A. Hynes,

We, the People are in desperate need of public officials, elected or not, stepping up and initiating investigations, however tangential to the core of the September crimes and however risky to personal careerisms and safeties, so as to rescue our Republic from the clutches of this . . . evil empire

Sir, history and We, the People will judge of you as heroic if only you would open your offices to genuine investigations


I support...

Sander Hicks.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Sander Hicks


Save the whales...B.S.!!!! Save our Republic!!!

I support Sander

Sander Hicks is right.

We need a new, real investigation of 9/11. The Kean/Hamilton Committee missed way too many important elements of what actually happened. WTC 7, and 'Able Danger' to name a few. What else did they not investigate?

Great Job Sander, small correction

Tony Shaffer(not Schaffer) is not a lieutenant. he is a lieutenant colonel.

great job Sander -- I hope Hynes has the guts to run with this

If 9/11 isn't cleared up, the loss of legitimacy will mortally wound this country.
Kevin Barrett

I endorse Sander Hicks' Open Letter to DA Hynes

I endorse Sander Hicks' Open Letter to DA Hynes

I Support Sander Hicks

This story of Dr Graham is amazing and needs to be exposed to a wider audience. Thank you Mr. Hicks.

I supoort this letter and the efforts of Sander Hicks.

Radical Pragmatist

I sent him an email. Here is the text.


I have read your Open Letter to Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes. I wish to endorse it enthusiastically. I hope that my endorsement helps... even though I am an ordinary citizen, and not at all well known, except in my own home! I do read and appreciate your work, which is as a writer of note.

This issue, the subject of your open letter, it is incredibly important. Powerful forces in this country will do all they can to bury this effort. Patriotism demands that we investigate these matters fully and courageously.


please reopen an

please reopen an investigation into 911 that respects the intelligence of the american people and whose goal is to discover the real criminals of 911 and bring them to justice america will never be well until that is done

From "The Divine Comedy" of Dante Alighieri.

"E s'io al vero son timido amico,
Temo di perder vita tra coloro
Che questo tempo chiameranno antico.

And if I'm a timid friend to truth,
I fear to lose life among those
who will call these times ancient."

Good luck Mr. Hicks.


Eric Larsen
I wholeheartedly support the contents of Sander’s letter and am happy to endorse it fully, as I did his earlier letter to District Attorney Hynes. I also thank Sander heartily for his dedication and for his writing of these letters. Thanks to the unflagging efforts of people like Sander, and the authors of books like his “The Big Wedding” (not to mention his subsequent 9/11 research with Daniel Hopsicker, published on ), the moment is growing nearer when the 9/11 Truth movement will consist not of a minority but a majority of the population. That moment can’t come too soon, since, as Sander knows as well as anyone, time is running out. I trust that the District Attorney will respond favorably to what Sander—and his many readers and supporters—are asking. It’s a matter not only of justice but of preserving the Constitutional republic.