Truth Stage 2 in Columbus

It's official. C911T has reached stage 2. We may have only started this endeavor 3 months ago but people are talking.

Take this site for example:

9/11 "Truth"

I think this just about sums up everything I would have said. And it shows why the "9/11 was an Inside Job" folks make me sick

Here is the video that is included.


"We show you the cover so if you ever see anyone carrying it, push them down a flight of stairs"

This is from a member of the "progressive" community here in Columbus.

But fear not, It's not just "progressives".


Check out this gem from the "Right Angle Blog: Ohio's online conservative community".

This is why no one will take Progress Ohio Seriously

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Brian Rothenberg quit the Ohio Democrat Party as their spokesman in 2006, right before the Democrats had some major victories on election nights. He left to start Progress Ohio, a shady 527 group that Sandy Theis once worked for right before the Plain Dealer fired her.

And now, Progress Ohio is the proud online home of Columbus 9/11 Truth. And what is this groups' mission? Here it is:

9/11 Truth is a movement that questions the U.S. Government's official story and demands the real answers and explanations for what happened on September 11th, 2001. The Columbus 9/11 Truth movement as a formal group is still in its infancy and the only one of its kind in the Central Ohio area.

You read that right... Progress Ohio is the proud online host for a group of conspiracy nuts, who probably believe the Bush administration officials (and the JEWS!) had something to do with the September 11th attacks.

So how could Progress Ohio promote this type of nonsense and ever be taken seriously? Does Brian Rothenberg support this type of rabid moonbattery?

"Jihad Watch" even covers a local mulsim leader who has spoken out about his questions regarding 9/11.


But you know what? There is a better way to look at this.


[columbus911truth] Thank you.

"laura @ Columbus911Truth" <>
"All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
Arthur Schopenhauer
(1788 - 1860)

Greetings my friends!

Will you do me a favor?
stand quietly for second..
close your eyes..
breathe slowly..
Can you feel it?

That's change.. revolution.. the Truth.
It's on its way.
We are so close!
Alarm clocks are going off, people are waking up.

It was just about three months ago that five of us first met and officially declared ourselves a group. Three months ago, that's it, and look at all we've done! It is not luck, it is LOVE and DEDICATION. Remember where we are right now, we are the patriots fighting the good fight who will be able to stand proud in front of our children (our own and the world's) and know we did all we could to give them a future rooted in Truth.

With the O'Reilly/O'Donnell/Sheen/etc national media storm all stirred up, and increasing hostility and name-calling from local political groups, I think it's safe to say that we are in the second stage of vehement opposition. But a critical mass is about to cross the line into the third stage where our victory awaits. Every day another person steps over, and every one of those people are important.

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who are reading this. And to thank you for your support of the Truth movement. Unfortunately, in these times of government spying and fear of looking/acting/sounding "Un-American", it takes guts to stand up for the Truth. Personal, social, emotional, and spiritual guts. A lot of people disagree with us and would love for us to back down and admit defeat to the giant machine we're trying to dismantle. But as Jamie so rightfully said yesterday, "we are not looking for acceptance, we are looking for truth."

So keep going! You know 2+2=4.

It is an honor to be working with you all, and I look forward to the day we solemnly celebrate our victory and toast to the Truth.


A little inspiration for the day. Never Stop.


Keep up the great work, Columbus!

This is really great.....

.....and will onty feed upon itself....

Looking forward to hearing about more great things coming out of Columbus.

Some good things happening throughout the midwest...

Awww, I just now saw that

Awww, I just now saw that you posted my little email from a couple weeks ago... sweet. :-)