9/11 Physicist Contacted To Appear On The View



9/11 Physicist Contacted To Appear On The View

Agreement tentatively made for Steven Jones to discuss towers, WTC 7 collapse

Physicist Professor Steven Jones has confirmed that Rosie O'Donnell's staff have contacted him regarding a potential future appearance on The View to discuss the improbable collapse of the twin towers and WTC 7.

During a debate on The View, O'Donnell promised to feature a physicist as a guest on the show to discuss the physical evidence and the impossibility of jet fuel melting steel.

"A person from Rosie's team contacted me by E mail," Professor Jones told the Alex Jones Show, "so I wrote back to them and said I would be glad to appear and I named two other physicists who I trust who could also appear."

Jones said that Rosie's representatives need to get "permission" from ABC before the segment can be scheduled so the appearance is still tentative, but it is something that we might see when O'Donnell returns from vacation in around 10 days.

There are a couple of other potential developments that will strike a blow for 9/11 truth but we cannot reveal their exact nature so as to not compromise the chance of them actually unfolding.

One thing we can say for sure is that this entire story is not going away anytime soon.


I sure hope this happens.

I can't see ABC getting in with this, even tho it would be huge. Go Rosie! Time for everybody else to step on out!

I wonder if the Popular Mechaniacs

This is what we need!!! thanks Rosie
I wonder if the Popular Mechaniacs will dare to debate 3 physicists. (some heads are going to roll)


Does this mean that ABC is somehow on board? Weird and wonderful, if true...

I honestly thought ro would wilt with the negative barrage thrown at her, but no, she's keeping at it.

This would be horrible

Steven Jones work is excellent however the man is WAY too timid, soft spoken and nice to give an effective presentation.
The ONLY way he should be on the View would be if it is just him alone with no Reich wing lying nut bag there next to him yelling and screaming foaming at the mouth.
He would have a hard time just getting a word in with only that little Reich winger Elisabeth there talking over him saying the usual Reich wing talking points she has been brainwashed with, but at least with just her he would have Rosie there to tell her to SHUT UP so he could speak.

I hope this does NOT happen, would be a total waste ABC is going to do a hit piece they are not going to allow a REAL debate.

Please vote to support Rosie

"Should Rosie O'Donnell be fired from "The View"?" Poll @ MSNBC.


Currently 61% voted for her to be fired.


Everyone needs to VOTE on this. This should be a FRONT PAGE POST!!!! We need Rosie winning in ALL of these polls, esp by other networks other than ABC, Rosie is kicking Bill O's butt in the ABC poll. The powers that be that run this page, POST THIS AS FRONT PAGE STUFF. and VOTE!!!!


My guess is that it won't happen. Who could argue with a physicist about such obvious violations of scientific laws? I can't believe that ABC is not part of the coverup of 9/11. Nothing more I'd love to see than Steve Jones debate Meigs or anybody that Popular Mechanics could come up with. But I can't see it happening. It would blow the coverup overnight. Not that anything would be reported in the mainstream newspapers.

How soon Rosie O'Donnell went from being someone I paid no attention to into heroine territory. My Rosa Luxemburg of the 21st century. Blogger people-please keep those of us without TVs posted, we could send ABCs ratings skyhigh with enough advanced preparation. "The View" parties at every 9/11 Truth group in the world. Think about it!

No, I can't see it happening.I'm not even taking the champagne out of the pantry.

I just voted. So, either 61% of these people are pieces of @#%* that we must cull from the herd of humanity or (my guess) someone is beating us at the repeat voting. I'd like to not think that revolution is necessary. But Rosa, Rosie...hmmm.

More to come...

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

What are you still doing

What are you still doing here?

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I had a talk with a friend...

This afternoon. They helped me to sort things out.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Great, but I sure hope...

...Rosie drops the "fire can't MELT steel" nonsense. I've noticed (and I hope everyone else has noticed, too) that the goons beating up on Rosie (O'Reilly, Dennis Miller, etc) are using that bullshit line to discredit her opinion, and rightly so. Fire CAN melt steel...it just has to be one hell of a lot hotter than jet fuel/office contents can generate. I don't know why the hell she's saying this.

Everything that gets said about 9/11 Truth in the MSM MUST be DEAD accurate, or we WILL get trashed. We must insist on accuracy, and if the persons making these stupid claims do not abide by this simple requirement, then dismiss them IMMEDIATELY as disinfo agents.

certain kinds of fires can melt steel, but not jet fuel fires

"The fire is the most misunderstood part of the WTC collapse. Even today, the media report (and many scientists believe) that the steel melted. It is argued that the jet fuel burns very hot, especially with so much fuel present. This is not true.... The temperature of the fire at the WTC was not unusual, and it was most definitely not capable of melting steel.

In combustion science, there are three basic types of flames, namely, a jet burner, a premixed flame, and a diffuse flame A fireplace is a diffuse flame burning in air, as was the WTC fire. Diffuse flames generate the lowest heat intensities of the three flame types… The maximum flame temperature increase for burning hydrocarbons (jet fuel) in air is, thus, about 1000 °C -- hardly sufficient to melt steel at 1500 °C."

Taken from: Eagar, T. W. and Musso, C. (2001). “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse?” Science, Engineering, and Speculation”, Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, 53/12:8-11 (2001).

So Rosie is correct. It is impossible for JET FUEL FIRES to melt steel.  As for WTC7, those pathetic fires couldn't do anything to steel.

This source is quoted in Steven Jones’ paper on the WTC collapse.

The point is that there was molten steel. Steven Jones has explained WHY there was molten steel. It wasn't because of jet fuel fires.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Rosie has not...

...made it clear that she's referring to the "molten steel" (which, BTW, I have still not seen photos of), and from the context within which she refers to the "melting steel", she appears to be implying that the official story states that the buildings collapsed due to fires melting the steel (something which the official story does NOT claim). If this is not what she means, then I hope she (and Prof. Jones) makes this abundantly clear.

If there is such a thing, could someone please post a link to the evidence for molten metal? A photo wouldn't hurt.

How's this?

Molten Steel

This is a straw-man argument regarding Rosie's comments on molten steel.

People are taking Rosie's comments out of context to imply that fires never melt steel. Jet fuel fires (i.e. NORMAL fires) can't do this. This is why steel framed buildings have never completely collapsed from fire (as Rosie also said).

While there are not many photos of molten steel, there are plenty of photos of PREVIOUSLY molten steel. See Jones' paper for evidence of this. The FEMA report analyzed the previously molten steel, and so did Jones.

The proof that 9/11 was an inside job is in the FEMA report! I can't stress this enough. They have analyzed this steel. The results showed evidence of thermate, although the FEMA report does not realize this.  They describe a process "never seen before in building fires".

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

That one should be rather obvious...

If jet fuel could melt steel, jet engines would melt.

Nothing in the towers could produce the high temperatures

needed to melt steel. This type of heat is usually created under special, often highly oxygen enriched, conditions such as those found in a blast furnace or an arc furnace. ,


Nothing "normally" in the towers
Together in Truth!

apples cannot kill you

Apples cannot kill you!

"-Oh, yes they can. If I have 5 million apples and drop them all at once on your head from 500 meters up, of course they will kill you. Oh, you're so ridiculous, such a complete tosser!"


Having Steven Jones on The View is a great idea.

Show "Not!" by Peggy Carter

Quite an impressive 'production' from the CIA disrupters


This video clip..

is garbage, along with the websites plugged at the end.

Sorry Peggy Carter, but you've got the wrong idea.

Bush knocked down the towers!

The only message I came away with was the chant midway "Bush knocked down the towers." The rest was garbled and confusing. The more they try to refute the truth, the more they expose it. (Like trying to dig their way out of a hole. Keep digging Peggy, it's your grave. Hahahahahaha.)

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

Awesome news

I sincerely hope this happens.

Please, please, please!

Steven E. Jones - please do this. I know you usually avoid interviews, but I feel that this will be a fair forum, and no-one has the outreach like you do. There is something about you that is unstoppably honest. You have earned my undying admiration and respect and I believe this is what you are called to do.

P.S. - You should have Paul Thompson on as well to avoid any cheap-shots on the families without them there to represent themselves.



You're begging Jones to appear on the air after he already said he would! It's really in the hands of the ABC execs at this point.

As for surrealism, things are already seeming surreal. One thing that scares me though is that in our history, whenever victory seemed near, or even possible, something had always happened to sabotage it, which obviously means our enemies know that victory is possible for us indicating they're definitely not above fear.
So be on the lookout for the 9/11 cover-up movement to resort to dirty tricks if we progress any further than than we already have. Especially if Martial Law is declared.

Something someone can do for Rosie..?

Something has occured to me.

There's been so much media coverage about Rosie's comments, that over her holiday time, she may be thinking about, and setting the stage, for a response..

This is what Alex Jones is indicating that she's doing, and Steven Jones has been contacted by her people and we're awaiting confirmation on that.

Something else is brewing, possibly William Rodriguez, 9/11 hero, on the view maybe..

So with this possible critical mass bombshell emerging, brewing...re: explosives on 9/11, in both WTC7 AND the twin towers..

My hope and prayer is that someone, with the video editing skills and video production software proficiency, will gather up ALL available reports of secondary explosions, including that one from the Naudet Bro's doc with that fireman almost crying as he reported on the explosions, all of them, assembled together in a very tightly cut brief Youtube video.

Then Rosie, if she were to have Steven Jones and William Rodriguez on, could play that clip for the audiance, leaving the whole nation spellbound, a direct assault on all the debunkers and spectics, who's only reponse to this so far as been "explosive sounding events" but not actual explosions from explosives - yet some of these first hand reports, have the firemen talking about being blown right off their feet by these exploSIONS.

An ALMOST complete video rendering of them is contained in the video "9/11 Revisted" http://www.911revisited.com/

But I don't think it's complete.

And we want something really TIGHT, with every single report, maybe along with the firefighter reporting that he was about to "put the fires down" with a couple lines.

Think about that playing on the View, with William Rodriguez sitting there offering his testimony, and Steven Jones offering his analysis in support, from a scientific perspective...

A follow up show could involve hosting David Ray Griffin, maybe along with a 9/11 OCT apologist like James Meigs (he would be the best one, representing Popular Mechanics who's publshed their 9/11 Myths book - completely annihilated by Grifffin's new book btw).

O'Reilly would go ballistic, and would make himself the fool in the process.

Thus, the debate will be on the BIG TABLE, before the American people, with about a 50/50 split in public opinion, and the conversation that would ensue, no matter how painful or controversial or confrontational, would precipitate "cognitive dissonance" en mass, as a point of painful learning, and therefore, historical transformation.

http://www.911hijacker.com no


not exactly what you're looking for, but a shameless plug nonetheless.

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Sounds great....

I like that scenario a lot....

But calling in DRG to debate Meigs? It's like calling in the 82nd Airborne to hunt bunnies....he couldn't handle the Loose Change guys (no offense, I'm a fan) without invoking "holocaust denial"....

But calling in DRG to debate Meigs? It's like calling in the 82n

"But calling in DRG to debate Meigs? It's like calling in the 82nd Airborne to hunt bunnies...."


well said

I like that idea and I agree 100% with the order of presentation. The whole thing playing out like that seems too good to be true though. I can't help but think that there'll be some sort of plan to stifle our efforts, i mean, could they have really underestimated us so badly? Would they really let it unravel so easily as that? This whole movement is a trip for real.



On the show...

She should have the clip of WTC 7 falling, in the background of the whole interview... over and over and over, throughout the show.

Show "She's not a physicist" by Mindmap

Over the target..

taking flak!

“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

and Bush is not a demolitions expert

but I'm guessing that he knows where to find a few!

Together in Truth!

Rosies' concerned about the official story

as having some "holes" in it. Just like the Jersey widows, to many unanswered questions.
How 'bout you mindmap? Have any questions about the governments conduct?

The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.


We should preempt the counter attacks they will make. We know what they will say:

1) Jones is not a structural engineer.
2) Jones is phony, and will reference "cold fusion" and other ad hominems against him.

We should also address the fact that NIST photoshopped the top angle shot of building 7. Please get this on top of YouTube by commenting and viewing on it:

We should establish two things:
1) That it was photoshopped, and
2) the time it was photographed (around 2pm).

love Steven Jones but...

i don't love his interview style. He talks like a professor who has a whole hour to get his point across, when in fact he needs to make concise points.

Don't get me wrong, I love this guy & until his paper came out I kept my belief in CD mostly to myself. But I just hope they don't ambush him.. if their audience is receptive, this could be HUGE

Dr. Jones is questionable...

Take a look at his past, people. He may not be the individual that everyone wants to think he is. He does have earlier ties to the Department of Energy and, as the video link below shows, had a hand in subverting the cold fusion research (and therefore potential cheap, readily available energy source for ALL) of legitimate scientists.


There may be a reason why Dr. Jones speaks as if he has an entire hour, and just bumbles around and never really does make concise points.

I agree that we need civil and structural engineers, as well as architects to come forward, but this is not necessary to know that there is far more to the events of 11 September, 2001 than what everyone is being told.

No, I do not hate Dr. Jones. I actually specifically went to Chicago last June to meet him/hear him speak. It sucks to think that he may actually be trying to keep the 911 Truth community from looking to other sources as a potential catalyst for the destruction of the buildings. How about RDX or some form of fusion weaponry that would yield the ball of steel he pictures in his report. Lets keep asking questions...


It seems we all got here by being sheeple, let's not continue on that same tired path but break on through and be our own leaders. Peace.

Jones is a Trojan Horse

And "thermate" materials analysis is a poison pill.

Just ask his lawyer Alex Floum how easy it will be for a complicated, convoluted materials analysis of some questionable residue to be disputed and discredited by official "experts".

Guarantee you that those "experts" will not be carrying the burdensome baggage of expertise in the evidence for a "pre-Columbian Jesus".

It will be impossible to convincingly source the chain of custody for his material "evidence". (turds to and red herrings to chase down).
Especially when they can plausibly claim that thermite was used to dismantle and haul away foundation debris after the fact.
We all learned about that back in OJ Trial 101 (first semester).

On the other hand:
The photographic and video evidence are more than enough to show that a variety of ordinance was used at Ground Zero on 9/11.

It's Jones' assignment (the Los Alamos mission) to cover up and sidetrack those "details" of striking visual evidence.

And to bodyguard the credibility of the MSM and fake alternative media, by continuing to suppress or reject blatant evidence of TV fakery from the networks.

This is old news.


Jones as Trojan Horse redux

Look for Jones to submit gracefully (and sheepishly) .
.. the way he performed so effectively as a stationary punching bag on Tucker Carlson's MSNBC show.

Don't worry...
It's all progammed for the sheep ...