9/11 Truth UAlbany at the 3/18 Anti-War March in Downtown Albany - Video

Finally, here is the video footage from the 3/18 protest in downtown Albany!
The video features our meetup and bullhorning of Spitzers mansion, speeches by several anti-war activists at the Capitol steps, and the march to the Federal building.

At 10 minutes into the film Mike Metzger (President of 9/11 Truth UAlbany) gives a great speech which gets the crowd of over 1000 people fired up, urging them all to Investigate 9/11!


This is unbelievable stuff. I just want to thank you guys on behalf of my family for helping us get closer to Truth and Justice, and for assisting in securing our future in America. Thanks.

You may want to mention some information about the 911 Commission into any speech you give:

"We are not here to assign blame for the attacks," from the Introduction of the 911 Commission Report

We still haven't received an investigation into the mass murder of nearly 3000 people on US soil. The 911 Commission's stated assignment was not to investigate the murder of 911, they were simply attempting to evaluate a better strategy for dealing with future terrorist attacks. There was no investigation into the suspicious activities and foreknowledge of many government official and Intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, which at the time of the attacks were sending up red flags across the nation. The Bush Administration did their best to prevent an investigation into the mass murder of 911. How would you feel if your loved one was brutally murdered and the you were told that your loved one was not important enough to warrant an investigation into their murder. You would feel angry, and so many Americans are angry. We are demanding an investigation. There is not a legitimate reason in the world not to investigate 911 because there is nothing to lose and only the Truth to gain. After all, if the government has nothing to hide they have nothing to fear.

Watch: 911 Press for Truth (The Official 911 Commission's Family Steering Committee)

Watch: $20 bucks (a 911 short on WTC 7)

For a more aggressive perspective, watch: 911 Truth and the Neo-Angst-Order

The USA Citizens' Oath tells all of us we must defend the Constitution from all enemies, both home and abroad.