Alex Jones' guests today: Steven Jones & William Rodriguez

Steven Jones and William Rodriguez will be speaking on AJ's show today (live show now)

I've been trying to get through...

Wish me luck!

Augh... didn't make it on. Came CLOSE!

Ran out of time at the end, I was on hold. I missed a chance to be on the air with 3 of my biggest heroes... I was going to promote the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society, if anyone's in the area we have a few events coming up.

May 16th: Dr. David Ray Griffin presents his book, "9/11: Debunking the Debunkers" where he answers critics of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Further, we're having a major conference June 22nd to 24th, with such names as Steven Jones, Webster G. Tarpley Will Thomas Barry Zwicker Dr. Michael Keefer Connie Fogal Dr. Alfred L. Webre Leuren Moret Dr. William Deagle Dr. Joe Hawkins Robin Hordon Hal Sisson Ken Fernandez Rowland Morgan

For further information, please visit us at

Way to go Dr. Jones

I bet the COINTELPRO operation is getting desperate now. Does anyone know where there is an mp3 of Dr. Jones’ interview with Alex Jones?

From Alex Jones' Show: [paraphrased] There was a meeting of Hollywood stars about coming out for 9/11 truth.

According to Alex Jones 3 of the top 5 stars in Hollywood are 9/11 truthers.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Steven Jones invited to appear on The View


Somebody in the comments called us "Smug Eliteist Know-it -alls"

Together in Truth!

I prefer "Snobs for Truth,"

I prefer "Snobs for Truth," myself.

Nice one stallion4.... Dugg, plus Netscape Links...

Netscape Links...

Looking forward to listening to show archive

I missed hearing from Professor Jones...

Been busy plus watching a great 6 part PBS series about STEPHEN HAWKING and the history of cosmology.

You have to give total respect to the science, maths and ingenuity in solving some seemingly impossible problems.

Been some great scientists throughout history, always in search of the truth, no matter how painful that truth proves. Total respect and gratitude to them all and everyone who yearns for the truth.

Vive le Truth

Almost forgot...

Links to AJ archive for today (ogg format only - wish it was MP3)...

Link :

Mirror :


alex is rocking today! powerful! my god!

head up, eyes open, fist clenched