O'Donnell vs O'Reilly - Pay Per View

O'Donnell vs O'Reilly - Pay Per View



Are You Nuts

Think about the bizarre notion of having Rosie debate Bill on pay per view. This will, in one quick step, move the entire progress the 911 Truth Movement has made into the forum of WWF and Hulk Hogan and Boxing and sensationalized entertainment at large. Is this the forum for a matter as serious as the mass murder of thousands of US citizens? No, it is not. By encouraging that 911 Truth move to the arena of clownish entertainment is allowing the Movement to wear a major label of being some pop culture fad which will soon fade away. 911 Truthers need to take a stand and make sure to keep the integrity of 911 Truth alive and serious. The only debate we should have will take place in a courtroom with the prime suspects having to explain the mountain deadly serious evidence against them. 911 Truth is not a battle with Bill O'reilly, it is a battle for justice. He is not who we are against. Bill O'Reilly is trying to bait the Movement into a trap of pop culture nonsense.

Hell yes

Now Bill is on the Record...

....and backed in a corner.....

And the topic of a Debate is on the table.

Let's keep it there.

Billy's a coward

Billy would never do it unless he had the option of turning off Rosie's microphone. In a neutral, moderated debate she would wipe the floor with him. Hell, anybody could.

O'Reilly's a coward at heart like all bullies. He relies entirely on cutting people off mid-sentence, steering the debate away from factual information, and keeping the exchange down to a few minutes or less. It's called concision. Any longer and intelligent thought could creep into the conversation, a big no no from Billy's standpoint.

He's the human equivalent of what you wipe off your shoe, and history will remember him as such. Indeed, there may come a time when he deeply regrets his past actions. He could (and should) be charged as an accessory after the fact.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Debate? Are you nuts. This is not a debate. If we are to see anything it will be an investigation. That's the closest to debate will come when and where evidence will be examined in a courtroom. This is not a circus event!

Important point by Greenback

Yeah, it belongs in a courtroom.


I think O'Reilly should rename his show "American Asshole".

Here, Here!

I've thought the same thing for years! Could we vote each show on how big an asshole he is. That could be very entertaining.


............Thanks for the good laugh!

Stop Lying makes some great vids...

I'll have to see the full interview, from that little bit it almost seems like Dennis is maneuvering O'Reilly towards a debate that he knows will lose.

Anytime O'Reily's name is mentioned

about 9/11 this "debate" should be automaticlly suggested!

Americans should ‘shut-up’ O’Reilly?

So, basically Bill is saying that in the time of war America should be a dictatorship…I’m sorry Bill but, you are a traitor to the Constitution.
Read the Bill of Rights, Bill.
You want Americans to ‘shut-up’ well, I am sure you want them to ‘shut-up’ because you are nothing but a puppet of fascism.
Your hallow words ring similar to Hitler.
Why don’t you tell your viewers the truth Bill?
See, when you say Americans should ‘shut-up’ during times of war, what you really mean, is that during times of war America should give up their Constitution thus, we are a ‘police-state’ and we have tyranny.

Brick wall.

Debating O'Reilly is like debating a brick wall. None the less I would pay to see it. This debate would be a circus but would lead to more serious debate and more people asking questions and that can only be good in an open and democratic society.
The crack in the door is widening.

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

I doubt

.........there would be a debate.At least a well organized one with a moderator.They know they can't do it,but it's fun as hell pushing them into one!


....we score points and gain converts everytime we point out their gutless refusal to debate us.....

The 800 hundred pound gorilla in the room is the unanswered question "WHY?".

Let's keep asking for a debate.....if for no other reason than to watch them squirm....


you just have to convince him that it will be a good career move
Together in Truth!

I think

........Rosie ,and anybody who's expressing the truth should ALWAYS ask........Why do they run from a debate,and why does'nt the major media cover it?

The Whole Clip

Here is the whole clip....I posted it in a blog last night, but it didn't show up

Very interesting.

I'm not entirely sure what Miller believes, it almost seems like the idea for the charity debate was delivered to O'Reilly through Miller from O'Donnell.


'I'm not entirely sure what Miller believes, '

I'm almost entirely sure that he's been a Republican prick shill for some time now. The days of him taking shots at the Bush-Quayle administration on SNL's 'Weekend Update' are long gone.

A debate? Hell ya!

Rosie should challenge O'Reilly to a moderated debate (so Bill can't cut her off).
“We will export death and violence to the four corners of the earth”
~ George W. Bush

Dennis Miller is a piece of

Dennis Miller is a piece of shit.

Miller is indeed a piece of

Miller is indeed a piece of trash. I never found him humorous, even during his apolitical days. Now that he's a chickenhawk warmongerer I merely find him repulsive.

Miller's answer to the war in Iraq? Be more "ruthless" with the "insurgency". Come again Dennis? Is that even possible?

600,000 - one million dead; blowing up mosques to encourage sectarian violence; saturating the Iraqi soil with DU; Mercs firing randomly at cars and crowds; death squads; torture camps; raping teenagers in front of the their parents. Not ruthless enough? I mean how much more depraved can the occupation possibly become? Should the US castrate every male of fighting age? How bout some of those gas chambers? Should they fire up those ovens and just be done with it?

Miller and his ilk make me want to vomit.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

every time i hear Dennis

every time i hear Dennis Miller talk about why he supports Bush and war, its the same thing-"hes tough, he wants to protect us from the terrorists etc.". its fucking pathetic. i thought he was this intelligent, critical thinker? who knew he was such a gullible coward? and ive never found him to be funny either. and no, not just because i dont understand half of his references,haha.

Dennis Miller has set BO up in very brilliant way..

Can You see how DM almost completly disagees in a way without offending and then sets the trap?

i dont buy that for a

i dont buy that for a second. ive seen Dennis Miller go on endlessly too many times about the major threat that is "islamic fascism" to believe that he would be on our side. its really pathetic to see him sit there and say its WW3 and we have to "take the fight to them" etc. etc. not because i ever respected him but because i know he wasnt always this brainwashed.

In all fairness,

I believed the official story for about 2 years myself, and further I insulted in private the coworker that first told me about 9/11 truth. I called him crazy and ignored the information he gave me. Now, of course I regret that.

So I hope you're wrong, there's always time to come around, and I certainly wouldn't hold it against him if he manages to swing a real debate between the bully and Rosie. Make the charity for suffering first responders and it's a win/win.

i did the same thing to my

i did the same thing to my friend that told me about 911 truth.. i have told him im sorry many times...

I want Rosie....

....to make her charity "Victims of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace"....

What I'm trying to say...

is that Alex Jones says that many are ready to come about 911 truth. That means that the shills are going to have egg on their face when the dam breaks. Show biz is so sleazy that many of these shills are going to save face by positioning themselves as "It looked l was on their side, but I was realy working for our side".
It wouldnt surprise me that DM would put himself on the winning side for His own personal gain.

next thing you know...

hillary clinton will proclaim "I was a 9/11 truther all along! It was the vast right-wing conspiracy that made me look like a war monger!"


Let's make her think she can pull that one off.... right before we drag her through the mud
Together in Truth!

I hope that

They are just trying to get their knowledge level up before they pile on. Rosie has to know several people on this wagon for her to speak out in the manner that she has,

Hey Bill..... pretty sure Rosie knows something that you couldn't possibly grasp. Wonder who she's laying the groundwork for?


These Hollywood types need to realize that their careers will not be affected by coming out. The Movie industry has lost it's steam anyway. It being controlled by too many people who are out of touch with the people. Every one of the major players should be able to fund their own projects. With the Carlyle Group buying up all the theaters it simply puts another stranglehold on truth and creativity.

I don't know about you but I think I can find better things to do than go to the movies for the next three to five years. People will start to move back to the things that matter. The country will suffer some strife but we can take care of each other again.

When it's done maybe we can return to a more appropriate lifestyle. Where one parent can stay home and care for the family and a ballgame doesn't cost you a weeks salary.
Together in Truth!

Rosie goes ahead in ABC poll....


Remember how far she was behind in the beginning?