The smell of a pundits fear

The "coming out" of rosie on the issues of 911 have had a dramatic and , i think , unexpected effect. it has made the shills reveal themselves in a manner so obvious and so single minded that the level of propaganda has achieved laughable levels.

Take bill oreilly lately,if you havent eaten yet, and consider his latest attack on a retired military guest over the geneva convention and the iran british flap. bill who has scorned the conventions and supports torture like a midevael pope, suddenly wants to pigeonhole her response to blaming iran [as is the official purpose of putting those sailors in harms way] and have her say only that iran is in noncomplience to the conventions,within a minute his ravings devolved into a question about her loyalty to america and then he cut her mike, bill is just a dangerous hypocrite who has brought his yellow journalism to new heights of irrelevancy,and danger to our republic.

We also have that shill michelle malkin who raves against rosie almost frothing at corners of her pouty little mouth. its amazing to see these real enemies of america ,who never open their trap to discuss anything meaningful or pertinant to the well being of america , burn calories and stress blood vessels in service to their fascist masters. a band of cowards who pretend they dont even exist and hide behind a facade of neutered american politics. they are failing in their assigned tasks , as much as these evil mouthpieces would wish it, the majority of humans want tranquility and decency and a degree of fairness , most humans are not like these single minded career driven sellouts to money and power, are not meglomanical celebrities or wanna bes, their rabid rant are growing tiresome to decent fairminded people, for whom the psychological trauma of 911 is wearing off .

SO beware the new attack, to breathe new life into the nazi germany style patriotism, that bill and hannity and limbaugh and all the other sellout who never asked a real question in their life, promote and cant wait for more of.then they will have new catatonic audience just like they had right after 911.