sounded like gunshots going off i heard 3 big explosions, then the building came down

a clip i recently came across when going through archived footage from matt lauer interviews three abm employees from wtc 2. all three experienced the chaos in the sub levels. make your own conclusions.

NBC, 12:28 pm, september 13 (@ 25 minutes)


high quality

more from arthur

other reference to 3 explosions

thanks to aria from LCF for locating and uploading the high quality versions

The first link segment

is very good: Matt Laur interviewing three wounded WTC workers in the hospital on 9/13/01. The first is Auther Del Bianco ( starts at 25:00 into the clip ) who goes into detail about the UNDERGROUND explosions. His entire account is worth listening to.
One part: " . . . got up to the concourse level and there was, just like . . . gunfire . . . and then THREE BIG EXPLOSIONS [ in the concourse.]

I haven't reviewed the others yet, but this first segment is riveting.

At 31:10 the man mention

At 31:10 the man mention that he got help from a secret service. Okay, what is secret service doing downstair or in the building at all? And why they are there so soon? I find that interesting.

i asked myself the same question

was waiting for someone else to notice. considering that they had him into the van, had bandaged his ankle and had him out of the parking area before the second plane hit. the fact that there were multiple agents and hat they had a vehicle in the area is odd to say the least.