Bill O'Reilly Hypocrite, Now and Then. 9/11 Truth vs. JFK Truth

We all know that Bill O'Reilly is a hypocrite. Here is what he says about conspiracies on his current propaganda show, and what he had to say on Inside Edition years back.

Bill O says that it is "Anti-American" to believe that the government would conspire to kill Americans, but is shown to have done just that himself.

What a tool of the NWO. I wonder what made him change his tune?

Maybe this:

lovely bit of hypocrisy

but ya know, he was probably shilling back then too. this story is probably a half-truth meant to throw people off whatever the truth about JFK's assassination REALLY was. so to call him a JFK truther? ehhhh not so much. BO is a lifelong career shill who pretends to be his own man but in fact says what he is expected to. in exchange for being a dirty dog and getting away with it. a real sicko of the kind he rails against--what's new, Jimmy Swaggart?


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What a stupid worthless putz

That must have been back when he was still attempting to be an actual, real (investigative) news reporter. "How the mighty hath fallen."

I wonder if he was treating women back then like he is known to be treating them now, with the sexual harassment lawsuit he had and all that? (that he REALLY wants people to forget about)

Like most things like this, it's both funny and sad.

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What is the link to this

What is the link to this video?

Geraldo and O'Reilly have had a big fight that is number 2 most viewed video on the tube now:

So a great time to make some comments on this JFK-video!