Jones Report: O'REILLY: ROSIE STORY IS HUGE (But 9/11 Claims Aren't)

O'REILLY: ROSIE STORY IS HUGE (But 9/11 Claims Aren't)

Pundit Master 'Exposes' Media "Cabal" That Refuses to Report

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport | April 6, 2007

O'Reilly's latest installment of attacks against Rosie O'Donnell-- in response to her yet-to-be-addressed 9/11 claims-- have now reached the point of becoming definitively ludicrous.

He attempts to link-- fallaciously-- a "lack of coverage" over Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 statements (after weeks of continuous coverage on The Factor) with lack of coverage on issues with illegal aliens. As thousands of stories go under-reported every day, there is no meaningful link here, though one is certainly implied. Meanwhile, O'Reilly portrays himself as a righteous defender-- policing the press and defending border issues.

Guest Bernie Goldberg also attempts to associate Rosie and her statements with insane hypothetical racist statements.

(video at link)

PUNDIT MASTER Bill O'Reilly-- who asserts his 'domination over cable news' during commercial lead-ins-- claims that Rosie is a "HUGE STORY" SUPRESSED BY A MEDIA "CABAL" THAT REFUSES TO REPORT -- but the story is not on her remarks on 9/11 but rather the rhetoric question: has Rosie gone too far? ...


The Response to Rosie so inordinate and disproportional, given she JUST RAISED QUESTIONS about Building 7.....and didn't accuse ANYONE OF ANYTHING.

Yet O'Lielly, Beckkk, Gibson, Hannity, Scumburrow have been relentless in their ad hominem nightly attacks on her since...and then going progressively after her "bosses".....first Barbara Walters, then ABC and Disney, and now the View's the point of Michelle Malkin immediately filming a piece at the grocery store depicting her rejecting those companies products! Truly amazing in the comprehensiveness, speed and volume of all these attacks, in light of the relative innocuous of what she said.

Nothing has given me greater confirmation of the righteousness of our cause than the reaction of the Mainstream Media or, as I prefer to refer to them, The Ministry of Propaganda.

Lies don't need to be attacked like this, only the dangerous (to them) Truth.

Or, in Rosie's case, Dangerous Questions.

Good Read Rep

........and altruist i agree. It makes me sick to see the major media cherry pick and tap dance AROUND
the truth of 9/11.
Maybe Rosie will comment on this in more detal on the Veiw.
I was glad to hear that Dr. Steven Jones was contacted by the View,however the one man who speaks so soft,and exceptional is Dr.Ray Griffin. Can you imagine if he could address all issues over the course of whole show?Better yet...Both of them!