OpEd News: New Right Wing Slime Machine Approach: Fire-The-TruthTellers

New Right Wing Slime Machine Approach: Fire-The-TruthTellers

by Rob Kall

April 5, 2007

Across the spectrum of the right wing echo chamber, they are taking a new approach to dealing with the people who are the most effective at getting out the truth. They call them crazy, inappropriate, unethical, out of control...

Joe Scarborough takes pot shots at Barbara Walters for allowing Rosie to have a voice. He asks, "How sad has Barbara Walters become. Why has she allowed Rosie O'Donnell to destroy her once great reputation?" ...

Although labeling O'Donnell's comments as "unhinged ravings", Scarborough and his right hand men do not debate or counter what she is actually saying but instead choose to attack and attempt to end the career of an elderly woman who was reporting meaningful and insightful news items while they were still in college...

These hacks go after Rosie and Barbara Walters, really saying horrible things about Walters, clearly trying to do all they can to get Rosie fired. Make that silenced.

The fact is, Rosie has brought 600,000 new viewers to the VIEW...

Joe Scarborough went after Rosie O'Donnell just as viciously because she spoke the widely repeated questions of the 9/11 Truth movement, asking how anyone could explain the collapse of the third WTC tower, the one that was not hit by a hijacked jet...

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rosie has done nothing but ask the very pertinent question why did wtc7 fall down. no airplane crash, minimal fires and falling in its oun footprint. good questions. how about some good answers.


She obviously hadn't seen the photo of the damage to the corner of the building........ which they had to doctor to attempt to support their farse.
Together in Truth!

Well said Rob,

The shameless and ill informed media attacks by Bull Orally, Joke Scaborrow, Brick Hummer and others are desperate low class assaults on spokesmen and women who are bringing the unanswered question back to the fore.
But then, they're still beating poor Anna Nicole and that kid on Amercian Idol too, so it looks like they're pretty desperate for material.
None the less, since I never see The View I rely on these viscious nasty mouthed ( I can barely stand to listen to their venom ) stuffed heads and talking suits, to keep me up to date with Rosie's historical educational offerings to the masses.
There's a petition for Rosie I'm posting on my site along the right side.
She is a TRUE soldier in our cause.
The Truth is Dead, Long Live Rosie !

850 links for Rosie to send to her critics
9/11=PNAC Plot


How do you make 24 hour news work without a constant war?

Look at how they are constantly grasping for something to propogate.
Together in Truth!

well they could start

by investigating the death of Joe Scarborough's congressional aide in 2001... looks like she fainted while alone in his office in Florida and hit her head causing a fatal head wound. Amazing at recreating the events those Florida investiGators!


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Sounds like that would make for a great in-depth...

....investigative report by the Inside Edition-era Bill O'Reilly......

Osama Or The Easter

Osama Or The Easter Bunny?
Who will be paying us a visit this weekend?
CENTCOM has reliably informed us that The Easter Bunny's appearance this year may be upstaged by that of Goldstein himself, the back from the dead Osama Bin Laden.

On 4 April, a "jihadist" website carried the following posting:

"After a long absence by the shaykh of mujahidin, whom we have missed as well as his speeches, some news is being leaked indicating that Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin, God protect and preserve him and make him a thorn in the throat of the enemies, will make an appearance. The news indicates that Al-Sahab Media Establishment, which specializes in publishing Al-Qa'ida leaders' speeches, has recently finished producing a video featuring Bin Ladin's speech to the entire Islamic nation. "
But which Osama will it be? The fat nosed Bin Laden, the fuzzy blurry Bin Laden or the regurgitated cobbled together Bin Laden medley?

With a great deal of 9/11 truth activity and significant breakthroughs into the mainstream media over the last month, it would certainly do for those who wish to send Americans back to sleep to remind everyone who they are supposed to point the finger at and what they are supposed to think with regards to the war on terror.

In February Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program and a leading expert on Osama Bin Laden, went on the record to say that he believes the so called "9/11 Confession" tape, released shortly after the attacks, is an outright fake that has been used by US intelligence agencies to deflect attention from “conspiracy theories” about 9/11.

In Bin Laden's first interview after the 9/11 attacks he denied any involvement. This isn't like a kid caught thieving in a sweet shop - terrorists always claim responsibility for attacks they have perpetrated otherwise why bother killing people to send a political message?

Then came the now thoroughly debunked "Confession Tape".

The fact that the FBI does not consider the 'confession tape' as reliable evidence of involvement in 9/11 was subsequently completely dismissed by the Washington Post and others who still say the tape proves that Al-Qaeda have, "proudly taken responsibility for the hijackings."


didn't stop a cambridge cop looking at my materials from saying

this is pointless! bin Laden confessed!

I hear this time bin Laden is going to attack Rosie for trying to steal all the credit from him.


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Joe Scarborough

He is usually one the less hated talking heads on my personal list, and I found his reaction to Rosie totally out of character... a little checking explains it though. Scarborough and O'Reilly both appear to have been involved in the CIA's Operation Mockingbird. Google it. It explains a lot.

and both have questionable histories with women...

...they work with. scarborough, office, dead, female, aide - good terms for a google!


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