9/11 Mysteries Part 1 accepted for Belgium Film Festival - April 19-22

Congratulations to Sofia and crew, part 1 of "9/11 Mysteries" has been accepted for Liege, Belgium's International Film Festival.


En garde.

Looking like it's gunna go exponential this month.......

I am so excited to know this wave is breaking!!

Mind you absolutely zero media down here in Australia, about Rosie or any thing else, thank god for 911blogger!!

Kind regards John


The land of Rupert Murdoch

"Mind you absolutely zero media down here in Australia"
No surprise there, considering it's the land of Rupert Murdoch. We here in Canada have the CBC which is a public broadcaster and is generally considered socially responsible, yet almost zero coverage on 9/11.
It is incumbent on all of us who are awake and aware to keep pressuring the media to wake the hell up and smell the lies and corruption. There are good reporters and editors out there who know the truth. (witness last weeks article in the Calgary Herald. This is the centre of right wing politics in Canada.) Some of these reporters even want to speak out, they just need to know they have public support. That's where we come in.
Vive le Truth
Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.


Approved by the great David Ray Griffin.

Truth and Heinekin

I wish I could be there to drink from a clog
Together in Truth!

Truth and Stella Artois

Is it a coincidence that RT downed 5 pints of Belgium's best last night? I think NOT! Is it a coincidence that RT has been collecting every single Hercule Poirot MYSTERY on DVD and in paperback as his main companion during the post-9/11 dark ages? Mais NON! GO Beligium! GO Sofia! GO international truthers!!

uhhh, when is part 2 coming out I wonder?


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Truth and Delirium Tremens

That's a tasty brew

Probably best we didn't attend the film fest
Together in Truth!

i love belgium

bruxelles is one of my all-time favorite cities...and the women...holy crap! can't wait to return for another visit.
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 89 (1886).

How about Part 2?....

.....anyone have any info on the ETA for the next installment?

I think part 2 may be a while

sofia has lots of credit card debt from the first one. plus she is super busy right now with everything else that is going on.

I donated $100 2 months ago, and sending another $100 this month.

To donate go to www.911weknow.com


This is really exciting!

Because most of us here already know much of the TRUTH regarding 9/11, we are somewhat detached (some more than others) from much of the shock experienced by those whom are just now making the shift. To the newbies, this is some seriously heavy stuff. To put it bluntly, this 9/11 shit is crazy! Some people are going to flip-out... literally.

I am compassionate in that I know what a shock this will be to many people. But I am also very much passionate about seeing the truth come to light... FINALLY!

It's going to move faster now. Perhaps we need to start thinking about the "fourth stage"... what some might call "the tipping point", or what the following article refers to as America's Great and Slow Awakening.

Now that America is waking up to the truth of 9/11... what next?
"Cogito ergo sum"

this statement: "we are

this statement:

"we are somewhat detached (some more than others) from much of the shock experienced by those whom are just now making the shift. To the newbies, this is some seriously heavy stuff. "

is why I do not try to prove anything to anyone i am addressing, but rather supply the unanswered questions in hopes of gaining their support to fight for getting answers.

It is much more effective than trying to prove to someone that the towers were CDed, etc.

Good stuff on the Film Festival. Maybe Cannes will jump on the bandwagon. LCFC perhaps? I guess Mark Cuban will decide. :(

911dvds@gmail.com - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Show "Well Done!" by u2r2h


Or just keep demanding an investigation regardless of which theory anyone supports.

Awareness+ activism+ rebellion= New Paradigm.

9/11 Mysteries Part TWO

Having worked closely with smallstorm on Part ONE, I want everyone to know that this woman is a POWERHOUSE of vision and guts.
She put her ass on the line BIG TIME to finance Part ONE *herself*.

If you can and will, check out her site:


and donate generously to the making of Part TWO ( and encourage others to! )

Thank You!


Went there, donated again!

Sofia's film was the one that flipped my 85 year old parents and my republican sister over to truth.

Grand Jury Flyers!

I don't know why but I seem unable to create a new blog entry w/ the flyer to the upcoming 9/11 San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury. if you're interested and in so. cali, please come!
or post these flyers around:



I live in Belgium and it's great it's hosted somewhere I can travel to. Too bad it's in the french speaking part of Belgium. 60% is uses dutch and my french sucks :)

Hi Azrael, I live in Aachen,

Hi Azrael,

I live in Aachen, which is quite close to Liege. I'm thinking about going the film festival and possibly doing some leafletting before the show. Can you tell from the web-site if the movie is going to be in english or in french? My french is even worse than yours probably.

(most likely) English

(most likely) English (Sofia's voice) with French subtitles

You can direct the dutch

You can direct the dutch speaking Belgians to this google video version of 911 Mysteries which i subtitled.


If you are going to the festival, please let me know. I can supply you with a (big) stack of subtitled 911 Mysteries DVD's to hand out.

Please watch my movie: WTC7 The Smoking Gun of 9/11

EDL (Résistances) Should be there, hopefully !

Hi Arie,

"Arie is not accepting e-mails."
Well i am !
As I am interested in your generous offer...
so please contact me promptly
Festival will be held from April 19th to the 22nd, no time to loose !

French speaking friends, please visit our website and spread the word around you: we need you as we are a small publishing house !

Arie- You Are Quite a DYNAMO

I truly appreciate all you do.



Nice to see people from Belgium at 911Blogger.com! I'm from Antwerp and I'll definitely try to be present.

I hope some leading 911 personality will be present at the screening. And having some kind of 911 event would be awesome.

I've been to the official site of the event just now and according to the scheduele of the day the film will be shown in English. I guess there will be French and maybe even Dutch subtitles availlable. So no problem there! ;)

Anyway do any of you know of good Belgian 911 sites?

I'm from antwerp as well. Or

I'm from antwerp as well.

Or like the insiders like to call it "Van het stad" ;)

It would be cool if we could somehow hook up. I read the loose change forums more than I read this one...

My mother-in-law is

My mother-in-law is originally from Liege but has spent most of her adult life in the States. Unfortunately, she has bought into the terror hoax hook, line, and sinker, and has become devoted to the O'Reilly and Coulter clones of the idiot box. Despite giving her the movies and talking 9/11 over Christmas, she is convinced that we are all just a bunch of deluded Bush bashers. As soon as we left , she went back to the Temple of Fox and soothed her fur back in the right direction. I'm sure she sees their Rosie hysteria as validation.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe, maybe, the tiny Liege connection will help. If there are any 9/11 Mysteries posters or other literature with the Liege Festival logo, I would love to get my hands on them. They will have to be in French: you Dutch-speakers know what snobs those Wallonians are!

I don't know how they do it

But the people they have under their mind meld are all clones of one another. They all say the same exact things. The all feel that this is some sort of political wrangling and we just don't like Bush. We just hate him so much that we make up these outlandish lies.


We are just that crazy?????

We are accusing our President of a plan which ended in GENOCIDE of our own people?

Yes. We have to create these elaborate lies?

Political Wrangling?

they are not thinking about this logically. Do they really think that we would feel the need to take it to such lengths and then research this thoroughly? Many of the people who speak about this issue are very well researched. It's easy to see yet they still argue like we are shooting from the cuff.

It's odd and defies reason many times.

I'd love to see the results of that Zogby poll right now to see where we currently stand.
Together in Truth!

History repeats

I'm currently reading a book called "Backing Hitler: Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany." I recommend it for anyone who wants to understand how easily normally intelligent people can be convinced to support an agenda, even though they don't accept the whole package. The people who are supporting the Bush agenda today are essentially the same ones who supported Hitler then; until it was too late and they realised they couldn't criticise the government for fear of ending up in concentration camps or dead. The amazing thing is how little time was needed from when Hitler took power till the citizens lost all their rights. We still have the precious gift of freedom of speech and we should never take it for granted nor should we ever relinquish it.
Vive le Freedom

"Defying Hitler" by Sebastian Haffner...

....is another great one, by someone who was there. Same topic.

Highly recommended.

They don't call it terrorism

They don't call it terrorism for nothin'. (She had a bumpersticker on her car before the election that said "Terrorism Trumps Everything!")

We know why the WTC was over-demolished when it had already been attacked for everyone to see. That spectacular, nightmarish scene in Manhattan short circuited normal thinking function in millions. She is an example of how well it worked -- in spite of all her higher education and worldliness. Now she is experiencing every deeply rooted childlike need for an omnipotent, infallable, authoritarian figure to handle the scary stuff. (John Dean has well described the rise in U.S. authoritarianism that has allowed for exploitation by crooks and fascistic mind-f*ckers.)

This is where the media jerks come in. By acting superior, snide, know-it-allish, bombastic, pugilistic, etc., they function as uberDaddy protecting the clan. "Honey, don't you worry, I'll take care of the bad men who scared you -- and all the people who sympathize with them! Some people are too stupid or unsophisticated to know how dangerous it is out there. But we know, don't we? Now you go back to sleep while Daddy slays some far-left dragons."

It has constantly reinforced the lies. My husband can't explain her seeming brain sloughage any other way. She speaks four languages fluently, has traveled around the world, studied anthropology, etc, but I can't even get her to watch "The Power of Nightmares." If she lets go of the new wiring, her head might explode. I think of her to remind myself that it's not only the fridge-and-upholstery-on-the-front-porch crowd who have been deceived by this massive campaign.

Nuremberg was good enough for the likes of the Nazi propagandists, so let's keep detailing the crimes of the 21-century's front-benchers!


You're husband must have to hold you with fire-mittens.

You know, it could be genetic...

Having argued with all sorts of people about 911, Iraq, the so-called Clash of Civilizations, etc. for several years, my working theory is that there are many people for which xenophobia and an us vs them mentality is the hardwired-by-nature, default mental setting. Probably this is an inheritance from humanity's tribal origins.

Even if it were definitively proven that 911 was an inside job, that the Clash of Civilizations is a figment, that the Iraq War was a geopolitical, aggressive war of choice - such people would simply keep grumbling to themselves about the middle eastern (or chinese, or russian) boogeyman.

I suspect that a good portion of that 30% of the electorate that comprises Bush's base has the gene, so to speak. Logic has no purchase with a hardwired brain. I think this is what Leo Strauss, the neocons' leading ideologue, meant when he stressed the importance of cultural myth-making - appealing to that knee-jerk, default mentality.

The Challenge

I agree with you that the xenophobic, brain-locked responses to 9/11 facts at odds with the Authoritarian Conspiracy Theory are greatly due to hard-wired genetics. If this is the case, then our challenge as a species is to open ourselves to new and empowering truths. To learn how to take profound responsibility ( response ++ ABILITY ) for what is and is not happening in our personal, local, regional, national and global milieu.
We start with ourselves. As Gandhi stated :
"We must *become* the change that we wish to see in the world."
If we follow that statement down its Rabbit Hole what we will find sooner or later is that each of us must deal with this paradox:

That each one of us, from a profound spiritual level, is creating our world *exactly the way it is*. That we actually prefer it this way.


That others affect us, and we affect others.

Take the first by itself and we become overly self-centered, naive, and grandiose.

Take the second by itself and we become perpetual victims.

How can we, here, now, grab this bull by both its horns and get down to really fundamental work?


I remember a time in my life, a specific time: walking on a sidewalk in the sun outside of my Junior High School, and I said silently to myself: "God, or Whoever, I'm ready. Whatever it is I'm on this earth to do I am ready to go.
Bring it on."

Well, Somebody, or Something as listening. I deeply wished then to experience an epic awakening: to go down as far as I could, like Jesus into Hell, and to persevere and then rise, free, liberated from fear . . . to be a hero who others would admire: " . . . wow, he went through *all that hell* and look at him now! Wow!"

Haven't most or all of us done this at some point in our lives: decided, dreamed what we wanted our lives to be? And didn't we somehow forget that dream? We need to remember it now, so we can adjust, expand it, to better suit our current vision.

Are we *programmed* to struggle against epic Darkness?
If we are, then we will continually re-create it, trying each time to do it better, to get it right; when all along we've been getting it *exactly* right! We *are* engaged in an epic struggle against the powers of Darkness!

Am *I* willing to give up my need to struggle; to fight heroically against seemingly insurmountable odds, and begin to dream something new: a world of joy. A world of compassion, and creativity, and rich community?

You see, I'm still grandiose as hell: I actually believe that *I* can affect the trajectory of world history! OMFG, is that ridiculous, or what?
Yet I also know that I'm one . . . neuron . . . in this planetary consciousness. That I can only do *my* part as best I can: to *become* that change I wish to see in the world.

I haven't made it, folks. Far from it, but I have made it far enough to know that the more of us who are awake enough to grapple with this enormous, ferocious paradox, are in the best position to affect fundamental ( instead of systemic, or outer, temporary reform ) change. People awake enough to know that anything less, really, is pissing into the wind.

I pray for the grace to see what I cannot see now; to learn to love tomorrow in a way I can't today. To live my life supporting and supported by other beings loving and noble enough to join me.

nice sentiment

we are indeed each a neuron in a global brain. and the process of transformation necessarily involves us. i think what 9/11 taught us is that for all our searching, fate finds us and not the other way round. i too wondered, and asked in vain for meaning. on 9/11, though I had but the slightest inkling at first, meaning found me. while i was skeptical from the beginning, the force of the tide was too strong and i went with it. i resolved to do something and became active in opposing the war--we would, I thought, bring sense to the world before the senseless went too far. against all odds, despite obvious truths being ignored, we failed. we were set up to fail, and it was that realization and the questions that it raised in me that brought me back to what awakened into action in the first place--9/11.

The process of discovering this and other truths is like a fire that burns away impurities and false consciousness, removes comforting notions and lays bare the harshness of our real natures and the world as it is--it is a painful process--it is a personal struggle and yet we are never alone in it, however much we feel we are. As more awaken to this new consciousness we must seek to master it together and form it in the image of the faith that enabled us to endure to see this new dawn. The faith in each other, and that in ourselves we would find that which we had sought--clarity, meaning, truth, beauty, joy. That is our right, and our duty to ourselves and each other to grow and preserve it into the future.

onward truthers!


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