Conspiracies, JFK/9-11: Grassy Knoll shooter confesses

For those unfamiliar, this is the relatively recent, recorded confession with correlating information supporting the case that JFK was murdered by a CIA/Mafia cadre.

These are just introductory links where there are numerous articles & videos online by the researching author, Wim Dankbaar.

While the documentation is relatively new to myself, I would estimate the legitimacy of such facts corroborates the hypothesis that a criminal operation like 9/11 is historically possible in the United States.

God bless you, JFK and many thanks to our pioneering researchers
(inc. Jim Marrs, an acknowledged 9/11 Truther)

I'm sure the researchers are comforted.....

....with the knowledge that if they come under an onslaught of scurrilous "America-hater" charges or "nut-case" attacks, that intrepid reporter Bill O'Reilly and the Factor will be leading the charge to present the evidence thoroughly and fight for their First Amendment Rights.

Provided he's not too busy making furtive unwanted late-night one-sided phone-sex calls, that is.


The main post neglected to include that sequential links can also be found between JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra & 9/11

I highly recommend the book Final Judgement

by Michael Collins Piper for those who want a much more complete picture of the conspiracy to kill JFK. Some questions it answers are very revealing with regard to the "CIA/mob" connection. People hear mafia and think Italians of course (the Alto, Contralto, Tenor and Soprano families) but in the case of JFK the main mobster involved was not Italian--Meyer Lansky. Not only was Lansky a rival of JFK's dad in their bootlegging days, he was also the mob point man in Cuba under Batista the dictator overthrown by Castro.

There were just so many people who wanted JFK dead, and for several different reasons, that one really has to look at all the players. Enter the CIA, and James Jesus Angleton, and the picture starts making more sense. Not only did certain organized crime elements (it needs to b stressed--NOT Italians!) have it in for JFK, but they also made common cause with anti-Castro Cubans, and JJ Angleton brought the resources of the USG into the mix.

What you'll learn in Final Judgement that you won't see covered anywhere in the controlled media limited hangout outlets like JFK by Oliver Stone is the connection of Lansky and Angleton to the Mossad. Before you go thinking this is some anti-semitic concoction, think about this--Lansky and Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) had done a brisk business smuggling weapons to Israel during the war of "independence". Angleton also helped Israel covertly, and has a memorial erected to him in Israel for being such a good friend.

Why did Israel want JFK out of the way? Very simple--he refused to allow Israel to develop an atomic bomb. JFK's dad was also known to be anti-semitic, no doubt in part because of his feuding with Meyer Lansky. Exit JFK, enter LBJ, and suddenly Israel has a friend in the White House. You can now see why the USS Liberty affair happened under LBJ, and why it was hushed up.

Anyway, get the book, it's a great resource for understanding the long history of collusion between the right wing (anti-Castros), the mob (but not primarily the Italian one), the CIA (namely individuals with their own agendas), Texas oil families (see Hunt and Bush), and yes, the shadow government of Israel. There was nothing very new about 9/11 when you take all this into consideration--this story has been playing out for decades and decades. It's the story of the struggle for power in a f*cked up world. Learn it!!


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Paul Wellstone, anyone?

Is anyone who has looked into the Paul Wellstone death around? (I would email Chris, but his contact feature is turned off.)

My aunt is visiting for Easter. When she was here last time I gave her 9/11 Mysteries and she really wanted to talk about it this weekend. Her main objection is this: "They" (those dang conspiracy theorists) talk about 9/11 but "they" (God, I hope she's not alluding to Fetzer but she probably is) also say Wellstone's death was a conspiracy. My aunt is a hooked-up Minnesota politico and was working on what's-his-name Coleman's campaign at the time -- she had been his deputy mayor in St Paul. Anyway, she got very upset because she told me that anyone who thinks something is fishy about the plane crash is necessarily pointing the finger at her and her Minnesota buds. She actually started crying. I was taken aback -- I guess I had never figured it had *anything* to do with Coleman, at least directly.

Any ideas?

Hi, Casseia! This site has a

Hi, Casseia!

This site has a good overview of the Wellstone murder from different sources and perspectives.

For the record, I doubt Coleman's campaign had anything to do with it. (I find him despicable for many other reasons, however.) He would never have remained silent for long on 9/11, and he would have made one holy stink about the Patriot Act.

Read this book

American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone

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Truth or Consequences

I automatically question anyone who would admit to firing the bullet that killed Kennedy. It's a possibility that they did it, but I question its probability. Anyone who would kill for hire is more likely than not a sociopath, and they are extremely good liars because there is no difference between truth and a lie to them. So it is only of passing interest.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief Correspondent

"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

9/11 Truth is the Path to Peace