San Diego Citizen's Grand Jury to Investigate 9/11 April 14, SDSU

A common-law grand jury of 23 citizens will be impaneled to review evidence at San Diego State University Aztec Center, Council Chambers Saturday, April 14, 2007. The San Diego Citizens Grand Jury will conduct a public hearing to investigate the unanswered questions about the crimes of murder and property destruction in New York City that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Professional architects, engineers, and physicists will serve as expert witnesses, and will present compelling evidence never before seen by mainstream audiences.

As fully and impartially as possible, the Citizens Grand Jury will critically evaluate evidence and decide if indictments may be brought for specific individuals.

More than 50 percent of the U.S. population have serious questions about official version of the events of 9/11/01. The purpose of the San Diego Citizens Grand Jury is to bring clarity to this important issue.

Expert Witnesses:
Richard Gage, AIA , Founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Steven Jones, PhD Retired Professor of Physics, Brigham Young University, Founder of Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice

Kevin Ryan, Former Site Manager at Environmental Health Laboratories, a division of Underwriters Laboratories

Chief Investigator:
Jim Hoffman - Software Engineer, co-director of 9/11 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands (DVD), co-author of The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City:Waking Up From Our Nightmare, and publisher of,, and

Chief Prosecutor:
Don Paul - Author of To Prevent the Next 9/11, co-director of 9/11 Guilt: The Proof is in Your Hands (DVD), and coauthor of The 9/11/01 Crimes in New York City:Waking Up From Our Nightmare

The Three Buildings that Fell
The Airliners, their Flights and their Impacts
The Fires
How the Buildings Fell: Explosions and Implosions
Cover Up?
Who and What Should Be Indicted?
Jurors’ Deliberations and Findings

at San Diego State University Aztec Center, Council Chambers, Saturday, April 14, 2007.
All are welcome!

pdf of flyer to event:

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Lucky Larry

You cant do this in New York come on guys Why dont we have a Citizen Grand jury on every 11th day of the month every month
Lucky Larry your going down or maby you will take off to Israel with your partners in crime.
There is now way your getting away with this one pal.

Like everyone's been saying...

watch out for another attack. A lot of positive things have happened in the last few weeks, you know someone's going to do something to slow the momentum...

This grand jury investigation is great though. I hope c-span covers it.


One thing that helps, seems to me, is this huge current distraction about the Attorney General. They can't fight off too many things at one time. That issue is probably taking up a fair amount of available planning time, thus limiting their ability to plan how to deal with 911 questions (i.e. truth) emerging as it is.


Props to the San Diego 9/11 truth group who put this together. This will be huge, especially if they can get a DVD of it.

Grand Juries in Manhattan ?

Hey New York!

We will do our best. Please contact us for copies of jury findings, presentments, and video of event.

coordinator/producer, San Diego Citizens' Grand Jury

I do hope it will be recorded

And distributed, like DRG's "The Myth and the Reality"
On the 11th day, of every month.

SD 9/11 Jury

I just came back from a local get together with some SD 9/11 truth folks. We were painting signs, and putting together fliers and brouchers for both the Grand Jury, and the monthly 11th activity coming up this week. I am very excited about the committment and energy of the people involved.


People would be more willing and less fearful of adopting the views of 911 Truth activists if they felt they were calling for forgiveness rather than retribution and punishment.

The peace movement should call for granting amnesty from prosecution and guarantee of an ample, lifetime pension to anyone who agrees to testify on their roles in the events of 9/11, extending this offer to any members of the US government, foreign governments and/or terrorist groups involved in the planning or execution of the attacks of that day.

Additionally, individuals should step forward and volunteer to spend time working with those who give testimony on crimes they have committed so that they might be reintegrated into society.

Instead of executing Nazi war criminals we should have devoted all the human resources available to us to rehabilitating them, awakening in them awareness of the nature of their actions so that they could have come to understand that they must make amends. If they had remained alive they would have been a living testament to the transformative powers of forgiveness.

Historians and psychologists especially should come out in favor of preserving invaluable study material in the form of the opportunity to converse with the authors of unfortunate historical deeds.

We must find a solution to the existing state of affairs that would be acceptable to both the accusers and the accused. It should solve the problem it sets out to solve without creating additional problems. It should present itself as an ethical means to an ethical end.
In "The Art of War", Sun Tzu said never to surround an enemy. If you do not leave him an out, he will fight to the last man.

After We Strip Their Power to Do Harm...

we might be able to forgive.

Personally, I am in this to:

prevent another attack,

stop current and future wars based on False-Flag Terrorism,

correct all the injustice done while we were not paying attention.

create an alert engaged citizenry.

remove the barriers to a naturally evolved society where justice, mercy, compassion....TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS are the true goals.



when the tyrany in South Africa was supposedly ended, there was a policy "truth and reconciliation". its true "appartied" ended, though what realy happened is that the same power brokers kept there power hiding in the shadows - a hollow victory. The Ghandi approach is the best if it is coupled with true transparancy and accountability.


Could you tell more about what you call the Ghandi approach? What would that entail?


MLK and Ghandi had the same basic idea, Non violence. There is no cause worth killing for, only dying for. That may seem naive and/or suicidal yet history shows that violence only creates more violence. Ghandi defeated the tyrany of the NWO (the Brits). And MLK restored justice to the constitution.

I think you are tapping into

I think you are tapping into the right sentiment for opening the flood gates on 911 Truth.

Forgiveness is the essence of the Buddhist tradition too...

Buddhism believes that ALL people have the potential to reach enlightenment, including those that commit murder.

And.. Buddhists have compassion for all, no matter what they have done.

As one who hopes to aspire to this point of view (but am far from it...), I believe that karma will get the perps, no matter what the justice system does....


How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet five years later, the government cannot explain it?

Power to San Diego

I really like this mode of action. It's civilized and appears to be the clearest path to justice. I'm definately looking into this possiblity in NY.