9/11 Movies subtitled in Dutch

Just a quick overview of the 9/11 movies that i have subtitled over the last 12 months. Many Dutch understand english reasonably well but i find that watching a whole non-subtitled movie is just too difficult for most.

Feel free to add them to your site.

911: Press for Truth


911 Mysteries: Demolitions


Who Killed John O'Neill?


Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime


What's The Truth?


Oil, Smoke & Mirrors


Loose Change 2nd Edition


All subtitles were made from scratch using Subtitle Workshop and VirtualDub.

arie the machine^^

thanks for all your efforts, man!

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You're way more than a ripple, you are a truth tsunami :-)

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Super cool Arie! I have

Super cool Arie!

I have translated "911 Press for Truth" into danish, but there was a problem with the video file, so I had to use the Google subtitler, but it is really bad and the text jumps around, it's really annoying and I don't know what to do about it, because this was the first movie I've translated:


I used DivXLand Media Subtitler from www.divxland.org

But, great job with the Dutch translations.I know now, what a big job it is. (I actually supported myself on your Dutch version, when in doubt, besause I understand most of it.It's really like a mix of German,Danish and English to me! :)

If you upload the .SRT file

If you upload the .SRT file (to megaupload.com for instance), i'll see if i can properly mix them with the movie and upload it.

I remember that this movie gave me a lot of trouble. The google video version as well as the DVD version had a 'bug' in the first seconds that prevented it from converting. Took me a whole evening to find a program that would do it.

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