The Easter Bunny Comes out in Support for 9/11 Truth

This may be old news for some, but the Easter Bunny has recently come out in support of 9/11 Truth. He made his views known last week to the chagrin of some well-known television pundits. However, his new stance on 9/11 has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Until recently, we released only photographic documentation of the Rabbit's activism, but now a short video has become available. Enjoy.

And check out the photos too!

YES!!!! hahaha

YES!!!! hahaha

Chris --

did you see my Wellstone question in that other thread? 'Cause your contact feature is turned off.

no, im sorry i didnt. my

no, im sorry i didnt. my contact feature is turned off? hmm. i didnt even know i had a contact feature. anyway, whats the question?

Edit:just turned my contact feature on.

Here's what I put in the other thread:

Is anyone who has looked into the Paul Wellstone death around? (I would email Chris, but his contact feature is turned off.)

My aunt is visiting for Easter. When she was here last time I gave her 9/11 Mysteries and she really wanted to talk about it this weekend. Her main objection is this: "They" (those dang conspiracy theorists) talk about 9/11 but "they" (God, I hope she's not alluding to Fetzer but she probably is) also say Wellstone's death was a conspiracy. My aunt is a hooked-up Minnesota politico and was working on what's-his-name Coleman's campaign at the time -- she had been his deputy mayor in St Paul. Anyway, she got very upset because she told me that anyone who thinks something is fishy about the plane crash is necessarily pointing the finger at her and her Minnesota buds. She actually started crying. I was taken aback -- I guess I had never figured it had *anything* to do with Coleman, at least directly.

Any ideas?
Submitted by casseia on Sat, 04/07/2007 - 4:41pm.

Since posting that, I checked out the oilempire site recommended by LEH and got some info. I also talked to a pilot friend of mine who is a pilot who said he finds the crash suspicious (and that suspicions are not "whacko-jacko" as he put it). What it comes down to is something that might be impossible: to convince her that there might have been elements in the government who wanted Wellstone gone and replaced with Coleman but that that does not imply that any of her colleagues would have had to be involved AND that this element is not just the shadowy omnipotent boogey man that weak-minded conspiracy theorists believe in.

what also stands out to me,

what also stands out to me, aside from all of the evidence, is how the media reacted that day(and in the weeks after) and how they seemed to be trying so hard to push the "bad weather" angle.(the weather was fine,there was no danger of icing etc.) i HIGHLY suggest you read Fetzer's book on the subject as i cant really do it justice. i know Fetzer is highly suspect around these parts but this really is a great book and is the main reason im so pained by his behavior as of late. im not somebody who sees a conspiracy around every corner but the Wellstone crash was no accident in my opinion. i would just try to explain to your aunt how its all connected. if you think that Wellstone was murdered and that 9/11 was an inside job, how hard is it to see that the same group is responsible for both? both events helped to make the war in Iraq a reality. of course then you would have to throw in the Anthrax attacks. all connected. so yes, "they"(those darn conspiracy theorists) say that Wellstones death is a conspiracy because there is ample reason to believe it is. this in no way means that Coleman had anything to do with the hit. this just means that the perps knew that he would be no Wellstone. Wellstone was a major threat to the war machine (and in a crucial position). Coleman not so much. i dont think he was involved for one minute though so your aunt cant rest easy,haha. but yeah, the way you can help her understand these things is to show her how they are all connected. seriously though casseia, i completely understand the way you feel about Fetzer now, but read his book on the Wellstone hit, its a great read.

and again, i dont see a

and again, i dont see a conspiracy around every corner but Mel Carnahan's plane crash should be looked at too. Ashcroft lost his senate race to his widow though, so that was poetic justice. i havent done any research on that crash though. not a lot of info available.

Actually Ashcroft lost to the dead man himself

whose name was the one on the ballot....

And yes, call me absolutely nuts, but it's not out of the realm of the possible that Paul Wellstone is actually still alive and that the plane crash was part of a story to get him and his family out of the way. Why? Well, there could be lots of reasons, but maybe his reputation as such a staunch liberal would not have made it credible for him to play dumb on 9/11 as so many have done, or maybe he had conscience issues and managed to cut a deal so that he wouldn't have to be around to assist in a cover up he couldn't stomach.

Sorry Chris--blame yourself--I had no idea Fetzer wrote a book about it. The great thing about disinfo shills like Fetzer is that they provide a pretty clear indication of what we are meant to believe so that we know what to be skeptical about. If Fetzer says it will be sunny today I will pack an umbrella....


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I'm going to run that by my aunt...

Not. I give your scenario a low probability (but not no possibility) of occurence. The other thing about disinfo, which I know that you know (that I know that you know) is that it tends to be a heady, intoxicating brew of the true and the not true, in proportions that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Disinfo shills would be MUCH easier to deal with if 100 percent of the information they pushed was false.

blame myself? what the fuck

blame myself? what the fuck are you talking about?

Maybe it was supposed to be

Maybe it was supposed to be "don't blame yourself" and the "don't " got missed? Not that you're a mind reader...

Come on, RT--clairify yourself, please.

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what i meant

was that until you mentioned that Fetzer wrote a book about it, I was not giving my Wellstone is alive theory much shrift. by clueing me in to that you were indirectly responsible for my impugning the good name of Senator Wellstone (peace be upon him)

poor choice of words in a poor attempt to be flippant, that's all!

and Cass, I would have thought your aunt would be comforted to know that neither she nor anyone else had anything to feel bad about regarding Wellstone!

Didn't Wellstone also run for senate promising to serve only one term, and then break that promise? Just sayin', ya know--I don't believe in saints...

anyway, plane crashes are good for faking deaths because there is no need to produce a body--people will assume it was destroyed, and it's not that hard to have a friendly lab declare that indeed the toenail clipping and tuft of hair with blood "found at the scene" indeed belonged to whoever clipped their nail, cut their hair, and pricked their finger that morning.


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oh, so because Fetzer

oh, so because Fetzer co-wrote a book about it Wellstone couldnt possibly have been killed. ok, i guess. better to have Wellstone break his promise than let another criminal/yes-man into his seat. he may not have been a saint but jesus christ RT, can you ever give credit where its due? even a little bit?

"but it's not out of the

"but it's not out of the realm of the possible that Paul Wellstone is actually still alive"

Sorry man, but if your serious about that statement then yea I would call you crazy. From what I've seen about Wellstone he was a tremendously good man with a ton of courage who would, as he put it - "stick up for the little fellas, not the Rockefellers". He was a threat and I think it's possible that those fuckers after doing 9/11 saw eliminating him as peanuts.

Good Job

I laughed my ass off at the beginning where the bunny is waving to the passing cars, then returns the finger to one of them, haha.

Not sure what the physics debate was about near the end but it sounded like the passer-by guy was arguing that you could have a pancake collapse of the towers. If so, someone needs to remind him that you could not have a pancake collapse AND freefall speed collapses at the same time, it violates a few laws of physics including the law of Conservation of Momentum.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

But the real question is-

--can you have freefall collapsing pancakes at the same time? ;-P

Okay, now we need to get Santa Claus on board. Wait, Uncle Sam should be next right? July 4th?

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I think I'm beginning to realize why I have put on 20 pounds since I starrted researching 911.

Every morning I get on these websites and read about pancakes and potato chips.

Next thing I'm going to hear is how the towers melted like Snickers bars and the molten steel was like cheese fondue.

It's a virtual buffet of Chaos
Together in Truth!

all the pancake talk always

all the pancake talk always makes me hungry too.

this easter bunny thing is

this easter bunny thing is pure genius by the way,haha. its stupid funny. though the back of his sign is surprisingly deep. seriously, what now?



Great Activism!

Things like this catch people's attention more than most other things. And pretty much every "holiday" can be co-opted for 9/11 Truth in some way. It just takes activists to do it. (and some creativity, which should be shared with others)

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Show "Q and A" by JamesB

To whom it may concern...

Was the bait tasty?

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infantile humor

must be your forte. (like most others things you do, say, and/or think about? don't worry — one day, when you (choose to) grow up, you will be able to comprehend 9/11 Truth in all of its simplicity, complexity and subtle glory)

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Show "Humor" by JamesB

No, not really.

Not from someone who only ever approaches bunnies by the last name of .avi and .jpg

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You aren't too bright, are you?

That's okay. We can't all be bell-curve-centric.

Speaking of "centric", if you pay attention, you'll notice that the more childlike adults are, in an adult-child sense, the more they tend to be anti-9/11 Truth, and they also have a tendency toward RepCon-ism. Because, like children, they tend to be self-oriented — selfish, self-centered, self-absorbed, self-interested, and thereby lacking in compassion, empathy, caring, etc.

Which is why I tend to try to cut them some slack, because they can't really help themselves. Well, they can, they just usually choose not to, in the sense that they resist growth, and maturity. And oftentimes change. Although they can be intellectually mature, they tend to be emotionally immature, which is usually what we mean when we talk about someone being "immature". And emotional aspects can fairly easily override intellectual aspects, if you let them, or aren't sufficiently "balanced" in an equitable sense. (either way)

Anyway, "toleration short of condonation" is usually the best route to take with these types of people. (i.e., tolerate them as much as possible, and attempt to be understanding, but do not condone their actions and behaviors)

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What I've observed from my

What I've observed from my time among the natives at the Screw Loose tribe are two major tendencies among debunks:

1: ridged linear left-brained sequential thinking
2: an almost pathological fear of being wrong about anything.

The combination of these traits results in something akin to autism reguarding ANY question whatsoever of the OT. Their self esteem is intertwined and over-invested in not only ridged logical thinking, but also in always being right. Somewhere along the line they learned if they are EVER wrong they are somehow bad people.

I will not mock this aspect of debunks. There is NO excuse for putting a child into a state of constantly being terrorified or feeling out of control. This is how one learns being "wrong" is BAD; one does not acquire this desparate need to be right AT ALL COSTS(your survival is at stake) without ALOT of help.

Also, the rigid logic they practice, ironically, can result in good logic that, nonetheless, leads to a wrong conclusion. Logic is a fine disapline, but, much like computers, the quality of the results depend on the quality of inputs. And some things CANNOT be solved by logic alone--and this is where the adult-child debunk comes off as autisic.

It's sad, but there will be a core of these people who, even if Bush & Co. were convicted, could NEVER allow themselves to admit they were wrong AND they should have known better. Because that would be admitting they ARE NOT perfect and that would mean they were weak and BAD. What they're missing is, that if they are wrong now, and don't do something, whatever their fears are, NOT DOING ANYTHING will only make the situation worse. No one likes to go through the fire--but if that's the only way, then you speed up and run through it.

As a side note, I do not include James Bennet or Patrick Curley in the above. They have demonstrated themselves to be more sophisticated and subtle than the regular debunks. My personal belief is Screw Loose is being run as a disinfo op aimed at debunks, giving them a place to feel the camaraderie of their "superior intellects". That has the result of reinforceing the debunk "base"--these people can be relied on to fight the "twoof" when everyone else has moved far enough past their emotional trama on 9/11 to now be doing a collective "hang about--that doesn't add up!"

Well, that's me. And part of why I try to keep my "trolling" friendly at Screw Loose--unless I'm REALLY provoked.

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An excellent opportunity

to plug this study -- it's old news, yes, but isn't it ever so relevant?

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The Pancake Theory Makes Sense!

Do NOT challenge the Bunny!

Bunny Pancake Theory

Gotta love the Internets. [sic]


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I saw this hilarious pic

I saw this hilarious pic ages ago--but I remember more pancakes...


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wow this is often used by the debunkers on dKos!

same rabbit, same little pancakes!

Yes, the debunkers are nervous as bunnies they are. I had a pair that was challenging me in the street and they were literally shaking and their lower jaw quivering as I dropped one debunker buster after another on them.

It got to the point where they took issue with the way I took a drag on my cigarette, accusing me of trying to look cool. I mean of course I looked cool, I was smoking! For a lot of these people the shock of being forced to acknowledge the truth is going to be very transformative--they will probably react by either becoming some kind of radical soybean farmer or by going postal... (god forbid, but this IS america!)


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"debunker buster"


good one. Isn't easy being a smoker in the US, no?

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