I entered a post from the site earlier this year on the very bizarre allegations of mega scale financial corruption in the US. See

The story continues to unfold on that website that is scarely reported on, even in the alternative media on the internet. I have been amazed though at the increasing influence of readers of and the 9-11 Truth movement in general.

I would like to draw people’s attention again to the latest update on that site entitled:

In particular lower down the page to the section on the THE 'MULTIPLE ENQUIRY' OBFUSCATION TECHNIQUE.

In this the writer Christopher Story describes the technique in the European Parliament of dealing with controversies by creating a “public enquiry” which drags on for months without making conclusions, but forms another related enquiry and then another – all of which remain “under investigation” without ever concluding anything.

The ongoing “investigation” by NIST into the WTC7 collapse seemed to a classic example of the technique. So officials can always hide behind the mask that the matter “is being investigated” so they can avoid the really tough questions.

Anyway the reports at Christophers Story’s website make pretty amazing reading. There are an impressive list of testimonials from people throughout the world, some with high positions in business and government. These lend considerable weight to what otherwise seem pretty outrageous allegations. But that is really what 9-11 Truth is all about, so I’d be interested know what others think about this. Because if it is true, it certainly paints a picture of very deep corruption that makes 9-11 look like a relatively small operation, as bizarre.

In looking for answers to 9-11, it will be helpful to be aware of this massive ongoing financial scandal being reported on that website


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Click on the archive button on the bottom of the page to get the list of articles on this saga.

The testimonials to his work are also worth checking at:

Particularly the older ones, which include many banking professionals and other top business people.