9-11 Truth on The View. Rosie O: Another Unexpected Hero.


April 7, 2007 at 07:09:18

9-11 Truth on The View. Rosie O: Another Unexpected Hero.

by Timothy Riley


The Truth will not change. Perception of the Truth continuously grows. While Rosie may not get www.911Truth.org on the View, some great nuggets of truth have been leaking out to the people

Rosie O'Donnell is a small test case for the 9-11 Truth movement. If right-wing pressure succeeds in getting Rosie villainized, kicked off the View, and blacklisted for simply asking questions about what really happened on September 11th, then it could have a chilling effect on some other Truth tellers and embolden the real rightwing enemies of freedom and liberty.

Help the turning tide now. Support the 9-11 Truth Movement to clue in the mainstream. Call and write ABC Disney to protect Rosie from falling victim to the political hacks planted inside that corporate behemoth. Here is an easy petition link to http://keeprosie.com/.

The Alex Jones radio show (www.infowars.com) reports that many other prominent celebrities are on the verge of speaking out to question and shatter the official fantasy shoved down our throats without proper scrutiny.

America can handle the Truth! We have put up with the LIES, the plundering of our treasury, and the unnecessary wars long enough.

Rosie O'Donnell is correct. Jet fuel fires do NOT melt steel; even really big jet fuel fires can't melt steel. Jet fuel burns at only about 1500 Degrees Fahrenheit in the open air and structural steel does not melt or even get significantly weakened until more than a thousand degrees hotter with a melting point of near 3300 degrees F. That is why diesel engines and jet turbines can sustain internal combustion without melting and why steel workers use acetylene torches, not jet fuel fires, to cut steel. Reference: http://911research.wtc7.net/essays/sciam/index.html

The mainstream media have been paid and bullied to keep silent on the controlled demolition of World Trade Center 7, which was a planned demolition of a building occupied by many federal government agencies such as the Department of Defense, US Secret Service, CIA, IRS, the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, and three floors of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investment banks and securities companies occupied other floors. Interestingly, those floors occupied by the SEC seemed to be the only floors on fire according to existing video, and the SEC was investigating such cases as BCCI and Tyco. Video evidence shows that the damage done to the building by WTC 1 and WTC 2 debris was mostly very minor and superficial.

WTC Building 7 collapsed straight down into its own footprint even though the building was a fortified bunker with 58 perimeter steel columns and 25 core columns. Only a controlled demolition could bring a building like WTC 7 straight down, because if columns remained undamaged on one side of the building the whole thing would fall like a tree landing on its side. The building was a "planned" demolition and newly surfaced live video from both BBC and CNN from the day of the attack show news anchors reporting the building had already collapsed before it had actually collapsed. Reference: http://wtc7.net/ Who could have fed that news nugget for broadcast?

The terrible, horrifying reality implied by the planned demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 on the evening of 9-11-2001 is that insiders in our government perpetrated the nightmare of 9-11 on the American people to make us fearful, vengeful, and to propel us into war. Government insiders had to have at least a week to set the explosive charges required to demolish WTC 7. And no external terrorists could ever gain access to all of the structural columns of a building secured by the CIA, DOD, and the Secret Service to painstakingly set timed charges that would bring a building down into itself. Even more evidence surrounds the fall of WTC Buildings 1 and 2, but the crashes of the airplanes make the symmetric fall of those two towers seem believable to uncritical thinkers.

The mainstream media silence on the fall of WTC 7 and the implications of the media blackout show that by either intimidation or by pay off our media outlets are critically compromised and they have been complicit in a cover-up of a traitorous and heinous criminal group that America must overcome and exorcise from power.

Let us use our collective power to embolden the enemies of the real terrorists. Support those, like Rosie, who question the illusions we have been force fed. A critical mass of people is gaining strength and soon it will be common knowledge that we have been victimized, hoodwinked, and repeatedly abused. Stand up and refuse to be victimized and silenced by the talking heads who will say and do anything to remain on the payroll and protect the real traitors in power.

Leverage the corporate greed in our favor and contact ABC/Disney telling them real news and alternate opinions matter so much that sanctioning Rosie O'Donnell will be reason enough to contact and boycott their advertisers.

The real perpetrators of the horrors of 9-11-2001 are starting to fear exposure. The media attack dogs are barking and biting those who would dare point the finger at the huge inconsistencies in the official conspiracy story. The real story of 9-11 and the truth are already out in the public domain. It is up to us to educate our friends, families, and neighbors about the real enemies to Constitutional rule of law.

* * * * * Tim Riley is a father, husband, technical writer, and internet news hound avidly interested in progressive politics, environmentalism, social justice, and playing with his two children.

The one thing

.......I hope for is after this goes critical mass and we get a full honest investigation is that all major media executives that aided in this BS cover up stand trial as well.....With the charge of TREASON!
And hopefully once this is exposed we can keep it going and address the UnFederal No Reserve
bank that is breaking this great country,and aiding in corruption!