Interviews from Irvine conference (March 2007)

From ahey;

9/11 Conf. Irvine, CA 3/11/07 : Tarpley, Rodriguez, Thottam

we shot these down at the Irvine conference in March...
produced by: Orange County 9/11 Truth & Justice....

our blog:

Tarpley's Da Man

Need I say more?


I see that Tarpley is his usual brilliant self. My hat is off to him. It would do us all well to take this wonderful mans suggestions. We can and will win this thing and rid this once great country of the cancer that has consumed it.


Willy Rodriguez is rightly bashing the 'no planers' and 'space weaponers', yet Jimmy Walters who has accompanied Rodriguez on his trips around the world is a major 'no-planer'.

Is Rodriguez 'on the outs' with Walters or has Walters finally cooled it with the 'no plane' nonsense?

Rodriguez' words:


"...I was supported by Jimmy Walter and his organization. I parted ways with Jimmy and efectively eliminated his funding and support because of his stance on the cgi-blue screen technology issue. Hope this answers your question..."

He also said he was a magician...

I would love to see him debate Penn & Teller...did anyone catch their 9-11 debunking act on google video?

If anyone is full of Bull S#** it is these two whores.

2007 is the year, get active and it will be radioactive!!

More calls to action please!

911blogger do the shit you know how to do best, provoke, encourage and inform!

Get our hero's to push the ELVENTH OF EACH MONTH!

Kind regards John


Thanx Rep

Didn't know about Willy Rod and JW parting ways.

How bout that Willy - 2 for 2!

Turned his back on Bush on principal and now JW's millions.

Funny how the disinfo types (Fetzer and Walter?) have tried to attach themselves to legit 9/11 individuals (Steve Jones and Willy Rod.)

Classic 'Trojan Horse' methods - infiltrate and sabotage.

Question about Walters

We just hosted William at our 9-11 Truth Event in Ann Arbor Mi. He gave us a stack of Jimmy Walters dvd's "A Call to Reopen the Setp. 11 Investigation"
I am asking all you experts here if perhaps we shouldn't be giving these out, even for free?
What evidence do you have that Walters is disinfo and is this particular dvd disinfo? Please let me know.

Might be OK

If Rodriguez gave them to you, then my guess would be that this dvd (which I'm not sure if I've ever seen) is one in which Walter steers clear of the kind of speculation of which Rodriguez does not approve.

Have you viewed it yet yourself?

The only thing wrong with

The only thing wrong with that video is the "Pod/In Plane Sight" disinfo. That was the initial blatant piece of disinfo that got replaced by the "no planes/space beams/mini nukes" bs.

Aside from the "Pod", it's a good very production.

I thought Mr. Thottam...

...was great as well....

I appreciate him sounding the alarm about the control grid being set up and impending martial law.....but I thought it was all compelling and very effectively communicated...

Start, just START a local truth group this week

Mastermind Alliance: Two or more people working together in a spirit of harmony, to realize a definite purpose.

There is no greater power, for historical transformation.

The perps use it in the formation of their isolate think thanks divorced from reality.

We will use it in congruent alignment with truth and reality itself and thus we WILL win, and can't NOT, in the realization of OUR just and noble historical pursuit.

Those Twin Towers remain conspicuously absent the New York City skyline, from generation to generation, and from age to age, in perpetuity. The future historical lens focused on 9/11, is comprised of nothing more or less than rational scrutiny and analysis, and in the rear view mirror of 20/20 historical hindsight, the verdict is already in. 9/11 WAS an inside job, perpetrated, by elements within the US government, the military/industrial establishment, and by the global intelligence apparatus (octopus) formed and directed via all manner of covert ops run by the CIA.


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