National Enquirer rejects Rosie O'Donnell-9/11 Truth story idea

About two weeks ago from today (04/08/2007) I called the National Enquirer hotline to report that Rosie O'Donnell had come out in favor of 9/11 Truth. I requested that an article be written on this soon-to-be hot topic as no news agency had yet (at the time) covered anything about it. I also insisted that, if written, the story should just be a straight-forward report and not an exploitation piece representing Rosie as a "kooky 9/11 conspiracy theorist".

On two separate phone calls, I spoke to each of the only two operators on duty. One seemed interested; the other did not. I guess initially with the first one I was too aggressive in that I practically rammed the whole spectrum of 9/11 Truth down her throat in my haste to cram a number of important facts into just one short conversation. The second operator I spoke to in a more consistent and calm voice. I provided her with a list of informative and educational 9/11 Truth websites and said I was looking forward to reading anything the National Enquirer may soon be publishing on the subject.

Unfortunately, the National Enquirer never put the story out, and within a few days, the all-too negative news about Rosie coming out in favor of 9/11 Truth was everywhere.

This clip is of my last conversation with the one of the two operators of the National Enquirer hotline to determine why exactly my story suggestion was never pursued.

Note: This was the first recording I made using my new Diasonic digital voice/cell phone recorder ( I wouldn't say this trial run went as smoothly as I would have preferred but it was certainly a good start! Stay tuned for more!

Well, perhaps people don't

Well, perhaps people don't like getting Anthrax mailed to them?

It's called...........

the definiton of power!.......Go figure if this cheap tabloid won't report you may as well say guilty!

DO we?

Do we really want that rag publishing anything of real substance?

Inquiring minds want to know.......... RiiiiiiiiiGHT!
Together in Truth!

Dear JJJames

......I really believe that ANY information that makes a person curious,and points them to looking scares the hell out those responsible,and THEY KNOW IT!
Funny on how a bad comb over get's more attention than this.

well, well, I guess they

well, well, I guess they just go on the list of people who might face prosecution some day.. :)

Not really Enquiring that much, are they?