9-11 Truth Event in Ann Arbor

This was sent into me by Kathy from annarbor911truth.com.

On April 7 annarbor911truth.com hosted Kevin Ryan, Kevin Barret and William Rodriguez for an unforgettable afternoon of truth in the League ballroom. We filled over three hundred chairs for this event called "TRUTH STRIKES BACK".

Originally, the group had planned to sponsor a debate. We invited the members of YAF, a popular rightwing organization on campus to to debate us on the following issue: "Have the government and media lied to the public about the events of Sept 11."
Though we issued several polite invitations these were declined.

Next we tried the physics department at the University of Michigan as well as three departments in the school of engineering, Civil, Materials Science and Mechanical. We sent each faculty member a personal invitation as well as a copy of "Improbable Collapse" All of the invitations were declined or not answered; that's over three hundred invitations total for the University faculty. No one would defend the official story as related in the NIST, FEMA and 9-11 Commission Report.

Since we had advertised a "debate", out of desperation Kevin Ryan and Kevin Barret did a mock debate and took turns representing the official story as outlined in NIST and the 9-11 Commission report. Then they took turns showing how these reports failed the public.
The result was an awesome presentation with many important details and new information about exactly what these idiotic documents contained which have been foisted on the public at our expense as actual "investigations". Hopefully we will have this presentation available for downloading soon.

William Rodriguez enthralled the audience with his account of his experiences on this day and also with his adventures traveling the world in order to get out the truth about 9-11. Many cried during his retelling of the tragic day and afterwards he received a standing ovation.

A family traveled from a nearby town who had lost their daughter in flight 77 (she had been the flight attendant) to hear the presentation and had a highly charged exchange with William which he was able to record. They pledged their support for his work and endeavors. It was a very emotional moment.

Meanwhile, a film festival was held in the hall next door (which seats 120) from 10am to 10pm with continuously running features such as "9-11 Mysteries" "The Great Conspiracy" "Terror Storm" "Improbable Collapse" and "Press for Truth". This room was mostly full throughout the day and we distributed quite a few dvd's and free flyers as well.

At five, Adam de'Angelo had the premier for his new film entitled "Open Complicity", a documentary which uses a lot of original newscasters footage to make the point that there are several suspicious patterns discernable in the medias choice of what "truth" it has released about 9-11. For example, the "Dancing Israelis" and the outrageous behavior of the Bush entourage at Booker Elementary School are high suspicious lapses in the medias presentation of the "official" story about 9-11, lapses that are rarely addressed in an analytical manner by most 9-11 truth researchers. This new film fills this void by offering well supported and fascinating theories as to why the media released these incriminating pieces of footage. Hopefully "Open Complicity" will be available online soon. We'll keep you posted or check at our website annarbor911truth.com to find out when it will be available for viewing.

It was a wonderful day for truth!!!!

can you say more

about the exchange between the family and William? Were they pro-official story before this event? Were they fine with what he is doing because it has nothing to do with the pentagon?

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family/william rodriguez

I attended this presentation in Ann Arbor, and I have to say it was extremely powerful. Alex Jones had William on his show this afternoon 4/10 and Will aired about 5 minutes of him interviewing this family about what they thought of his account. They were in total agreement and were relieved to have finally heard someone who was there, telling them what really happened that day. They said that the governments story was full of holes and they pledged they would forever press for truth. William also revealed plans to release a documentary on the victims families which will feature interviews from over 400 families which he has been gathering!! Check out the alex jones refeed today to hear it. Im sure it will be released sometime soon, Ill keep you all posted.

William and Alex also hinted (though they said they couldnt reveal too much) that something big regarding 9/11 truth was going to come out this or next week. Ill keep you all posted on this as well.

Dan in the D.

How did you get them there?

Talk a little about that please.

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nice graphic!

how we got them there

Well, Kevin Barret and Kevin Ryan drove to Ann Arbor in their own cars and William Rodriguez flew on a plane from Newark to the Detroit Metro where we picked him up.

I meant

More along the lines of do you have to pay them? Do you have to provide motel? Was it part of a tour they were doing, or did you specifically invite them and they came just for that event? Did they or you plan other events in the area at the same time? How busy are their schedules, and how long in advance did you schedule them? Information like that for others to learn from so we can maybe do things like this, too.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief Correspondent


"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

9/11 Truth is the Path to Peace

William in Peoria, Il

on the 22nd of April

We contacted Kevin Barrett... I believe through his website www.mujca.com

We raised $800 and we secured a location for the presentation.

I believe that they are driving down from Wisconsin.

They may require more $ if the have to fly but you'd have to discuss that with Kevin

William is on the "No Fly List"
Together in Truth!

I hope...

Rosie comes out swingin' today. There's no reason in the world for her not to. She's got so much ammunition based on the media's attacks last week that it would be an injustice for her not to. I would like the girl on the right (the one that didn't know whether or not Iraq had anything to do with 9/11) to justify Danny Bonaduci calling for Rosie to hang for treason.

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More about the Ann Arbor Event

Hi. This is Jamie from Columbus 911 Truth. Four members of our group drove up to Ann Arbor for this event to network and because we're also planning a debate with Kevin Ryan and Kevin Barrett later this month.

About his exchange with the family:

They supported 9/11 Truth from what I could tell. William Rodriguez gave them a free autographed picture of the towers he took one day before September the 11th. He also spoke with them afterwards and recorded them. It looked like an interview of some sort though I was not close enough to hear.

All in all, it was a great event.

The reason they had to have Kevin Barrett and Kevin Ryan take turns defending the official reports is because NO ONE showed up on that side despite their efforts.

We are having the same problem for the debate we're planning at the end of this month.

We've contacted every physics profess at OSU and numerous business and groups. No one.

Does anyone here have any suggestions??



darkbeforedawn Maybe you

Maybe you should go a step up the food chain and contact actualy figures in gov. and/or the authors of these "reports" -- tell them no academics will defend their work and ask them to do so themselves. Ask specificly for a reply, but try to contact them in a nonpartisan nonthreatening manner. Tell them the debate will be moderated by a 9-11 neutral party---ask repeatedly for replies...get it all on record that they got and read your requests. Their refusal to defend their work is a big pieace of evidence in itself.

Try here

Why don't you try contacting someone from "Popular Mechanics" or "Screw Loose Change"?

I'd like to see some of these web posters who continue to use the words "Moonbat" or "tin foil hat" raked over the coals in a fair debate.

I would play up the "they refuse to debate us" angle....

....in any promotional work (flyers, radio ads, e-mails, etc.) you do for this event.

"Come find out why no one in government or academia will defend the story they told us and expect Americans to believe....", or some such line.....

Humiliate the scumbags.

Debaters WANTED

Great idea. How about taking out a full page add in you local newspaper... "Debaters WANTED. Someone. Anyone!". That should get some attention.

Great job Ann Arbor!

I drove up from Columbus with Jamie and two others from Columbus 9/11 Truth. Well worth the drive, to say the least. Here's my write-up of the event, along with a link to some pictures:

Interesting video of NYC truth outside ABC studios to support

Rosie about 2 weeks ago.

Rev. Al Sharpton walked right through the truthers without uttering a sound! First time I've seen the Good Reverend speechless before in my life! What the hell is wrong with him?

The cops in the video seemed very heavy-handed to me.



Great Job with the 'Open Complicity' video; watched it last night.

I think challenging the

I think challenging the faculty to a debate is bold and aggressive.
If the OSU faculty won't debate you, then challenge the faculty of another college, then another.

Advertise this fear widely. Its newsworthy.

Letter sent out to physics faculty of U of Mich


Below is a copy of one of several letters sent out to University faculty here. This one was tailored to the sciences. We have others for the less technical fields.


So far we have received no offers from anyone to support the "official Story" concerning the events on 9-11 at our debate on "Have the Gov. and Media lied about 9-11".
In fact, we have received very few replies from you whatsoever.
This is not surprising, considering that NIST and FEMA -- both government funded investigations -- have officially claimed that airplanes and a tank of kerosene initiated a collapse of towers 1 and 2 of the WTC. and of Building 7, the Saloman building, which was not hit by a plane.

As scientists, you understand the principles of conservation of momentum and know what must have had to occur for a building of this construction to collapse in approximately free fall speed. You know the conditions to be met and temperatures which must be reached to melt and soften steel. You understand the significance of the seismic record on this date and the NASA photos revealing large hot spots of over 2800 degrees Fahrenheit in the basements of these collapse sites -- hot spots which remained for weeks. You know the chemical make up of jet fuel and its incapacity to cause these failures of steel framed buildings.

And yet you are silent.

By your silence, you are admitting that the "official story" can't be defended. That jet fuel (kerosene) and a jetplane collision impact could not have destroyed these buildings or broken over 50,000 feet of strong linear steel girding into little pieces.

By your silence, you are admitting your complicity in these outrageous lies even though you won't defend them in a public debate or article.

Either way, you have defiled the name of science and sullied the reputation of academic freedom in the United States.

Has science so been reduced that "men and women of science" can only lap at the gravy and crumbs falling from a table bloodied with the deaths of innocents and with war crimes.
Have American intellectuals been so compromised that they cannot speak out against the criminal regime that has stolen our future and that of our children?
Science and education means nothing to those who profit from the gory debacle now unfolding in the Middle East.

By your silence, you enable and encourage "The War on Terror"--an enterprise that has abandoned the Geneva Conventions and every civilized restraint.

By your silence, you betray your country and every future generation the world over.

Tell the truth about 9-11.

Or tell us why you won't. annarbor911Truth.com

Please bring this letter to your Prof's and join us APRIL 7
"The Truth Strikes Back"
MICHIGAN LEAGUE VANDENBURG Rm 10am to 2pm, 5pm to 10pm

a prescription

That was very powerful and true.

Their silence is their complicity. It is an admission of their guilt. They must either defend their points of view or acknowledge the evidence.

All must confront them. One by one.
"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

Open Letter

I got a copy of that letter at the Ann Arbor event.

I did a similar thing.

I have since emailed it to every single physics and mechanical engineering staff member at OSU and also popular mechanics.

no responses...


If we can't find people to stand up for the nist report and 9/11 commission, I think members of c911t are going to split up and study differen't parts of the reports so we can provide a balanced debate. We want to show the expertise and knowledge of kevin barrett and kevin ryan.

Thanks for all the ideas!