911 Truth: Disinformation & Terrorism - Jim Bamford

Jim Bamford, who discovered the Northwoods Document, discusses plans for the Iraq Invasion going back to 1996 with Neo-Conservative ties to Israeli interests. Does the death of William Colby [former CIA director] and Vince Foster for that matter have anything to do with what was told to fyi6reSEARCH back in the late 90's - that Colby was 'offed' because of his soon-to-be public objection to the "D-Plan" [disinformation]? And is this plan far more reaching than we can imagine, stretching into a far more pervasive form of "Operation Mockingbird"?

Google Search "a clean break" and "Operation Mockingbird"

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Ayup, my thoughts exactly.

Good editing, I was singing along to "We're not gonna take it" at the end.

Stun stun ....


Talk about someone sitting in a very interesting position to connect dots and draw pictures. All we must do (heart-felt truthers) is to hold Bamford's feet to the heat and not allow ourselves to be sept away by the magnitude and sensational imagery he could begin drafting in the public eye.


"that is what the military does when there is nothing else to do." -911truthiness


Don't you think it is strange that this person has supposedly uncovered a *real documented conspiracy* (the Northwoods plan) but when someone asks him about the authenticity of the document, he dismisses the legitimate question as a "conspiracy theory"!

What a joke.

Northwoods is v. interesting, and we need to have a much more thorough study or the origins of the document.