Alex Jones Calls for Action on Every Eleventh

Alex Jones Calls for Action on Every Eleventh

Days of Truth Action Goes International

April 10, 2007

On Friday, April 6 2007, activist, filmmaker and powerhouse radio host Alex
Jones endorsed the call to National Days of Truth Action on the Eleventh Day
of Every Month. In the lead-up to an interview with activist
Cosmos, Jones declared, "they're pushing for a protest in every major city -
a demonstration - on the eleventh day of every month and I want you to join
them. I want everybody to get involved with this because this is the type of
action we need."

The Infowars host urged his listeners to get involved immediately and
"continually build momentum every eleventh day of every month - we need
somebody on the ground in every major city, down to small towns, don't wait
for orders from headquarters."

Jones and his guest agreed on the need for an ongoing nationwide campaign of
action that builds month by month - up through the coming 6th anniversary of
9/11 and beyond - providing not only a framework for the ongoing truth
explosion in the United States but also a defense mechanism against a
potential limited hangout cover-up.

Expanding on the implications of the campaign, Jones said "We are creating a
real grassroots, populist, non-partisan movement that is aware of government
tyranny, the Patriot Act, the North American Union... this is really an
anti-globalist movement, an anti-New World Order movement, a fusion, a
sword... a war machine against their fraud and against their lie - for the
truth. This is a defensive shield, this is a siege engine against their
operations and it's growing and forming organically. 9/11 Truth is the key."

Asked about upcoming plans for the monthly actions, Cosmos announced a call
to action at mass media outlets nationwide on May 11 and demonstrations at
state capitols across the country on June 11.

He urged listeners to get out in the streets for 9/11 truth. "Rosie opened
the door for us - we gotta kick it off the hinges."

Asked what he saw in the future for the United States, Cosmos said "America
is headed for truth revolution."

Alex Jones' passionate endorsement of the nascent national campaign for 9/11
justice was bound to take it to the exploding point and - sure enough -
within hours of the show the number of locations participating had tripled
from the previous month and Days of Truth Action went international with
Canada, Australia and Japan joining the action on April 11th.

The Alex Jones Show - April 6 2007 - mp3

Join the Action on April 11

The Third Stage

A Call to Action

Ron Paul

Is Alex's guest today for the entire first hour, on now, or catch the replay

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Great job Cosmos

...and thanks to whoever did the write-up. Nicely put. Japan is onboard!!??

Feel free to spam the Third Stage on message boards.

I was intending to do this myself today but one of my classes has been rescheduled.

Here's a list of the boards with the highest traffic.

Most of them are "a-political' (video games etc.) but usually have a section for political discussion, general discussion etc.

The anime board has something like 6 million members!?

Right now the combined views on youtube and Google for the video are about 50,000, which is pretty cool, but the numbers could be MUCH higher.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes up the mission! :)

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I keep bringing the subject

I keep bringing the subject of 911 being an inside job up with people I meet all the time. As more and more people talk about it with the uninitiated, the seeds of doubt will be planted in their minds. As time goes on, many of those seeds will grow to fruition, and the number of people believing the lie will diminish even further.

Check out my new 911 YouTube video "Songs on the Death of America." -


Join the Action on April 11!

This is not a complete listing, just what I could track so far:

New York City
Albany, New York
Tucson, AZ
Bangor, Maine
Boise, Idaho
Las Vegas, NV
Denver, Colorado
Philadelphia, PA
Chicago, Illinois
Salt Lake City, Utah
Jersey City, NJ
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Santa Cruz, CA
San Diego, CA
Palo Alto, CA
Chico, CA
Cincinnati, OH
Saint Louis, Missouri
College Station, TX
Portland, Oregon
Charlottesville, VA
Melbourne, Florida
Louisville, Kentucky
Shreveport, LA
Atlanta, Georgia
Morgantown, WV
Santa Fe, NM
Winona, MN
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Halifax, Canada
Sydney, Australia
Osaka, Japan

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Thanks Danse!

I don't see Vancouver on the list. :o

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Any suggestions, YT, on how to make some sort of national report on the day's events? Is there a place for this on

No News All Action on the Eleventh!

By the next 11 we plan to have a system in place that will make it easy for activists to submit pics, video and reports and have them featured quickly on the front page. For now, if people want to make it easier for me to collect the material and organize it onto the national page and into a report: Post your April 11 reports here

We took a bunch of stuff off the site the other today in an effort to not get shut down in the wake of the AJ publicity but pages that will be going back up soon include the national overview page as well as dedicated pages for full reports from each month and location. What with organizing nationally, locally, networking, promoting, writing, doing graphics, getting videos out and working on the site etc etc I'm spread a little thin so if there are any web wizards with a soft spot for truth revolution who are reading this and want to help out, please do get in touch!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Ask Rosie to endorse taking action on The Eleventh Day of Every Month until 9/11 Justice.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The 11th

My wife and I are the only Truthers in our little BC mountain town, but tonight we go out to poster. Tomorrow people will be thinking about 911 here, rest assured. The window for action is closing fast. Do what ever you can to wake people up. Remember, remember, the eleventh of September!


Just for fun

Go to the official WTC website ....go to the "contact us".....and let them know that it's the 11th and we are not going to let the questions about 911 go unanswered!
Together in Truth!

Contact info for Silverstein Properties

Dara McQuillian
Communications Director
Silverstein Properties
7 World Trade Center
250 Greenwich Street, 38th Fl.
New York, NY 10007
T 212 490 0666 F 212-302-6847


How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet five years later, the government cannot explain it?

Show "I never thought the media" by Hergoa

During Nixon

the media was not as consolidated as it is now. Nowadays the media, ALL OF IT, is owned by a handful (4 or 5) of companies, all of which are owned by globalist elite new world order types. Aside from NAFTA, we have Clinton to thank for starting the media deregulation ball rolling.

The left-right paradigm is false, they are all bought and paid for by the same people, and they are all playing for the same team.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Show "But the idea behind media is" by Hergoa

It depends on what you

It depends on what you precisely mean by "New World Order".

Many of us use that as a short hand to describe the effects of globalism, wars and the oligarchs who profit from it.

A smaller group uses it to project all their religious/political boogymen; a la "alien shapeshifting lizards".

So I don't blame you if you don't believe in the second definition of NWO--neither do I.

So, what got you into 911activism, Hergoa?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I answered you in the other

I answered you in the other topic.

Yes, Sorry. I thought you meant the the NWO and one world goverment controls everything etc etc.

Are you kidding?! They're positively Orwellian!

To paraphrase Orwell in 1984, 'Who controls [information about] the present controls the past, who controls the past controls the future.'

Of all the gross misconceptions that stand in the way of having more people open their eyes to the truth of 9/11, perhaps none is such an obstacle than the one about the news media having some kind of independent watchdog status (you know, the maddening, 'but if there were anything to these theories, the media would have reported it' line)--and the near automatic invocation of Nixon and Watergate as proof. But if Nixon hadn't roused the ire of the FBI and CIA, causing them to fear for their own status the more he concentrated power in the White House, then all the editors and publishers and reporters who were so chummy with the folks at such agencies would have been much less likely to pursue the Watergate story. The course of that scandal was more like a falling out and a reordering within the power structure, with the news media then as now very much a part of that power structure.

To the extent that the '70s was a more interesting time for journalism, even that was really restricted to just a few years--you can think of it as a Tale of Two Daniels, from Daniel Ellsberg's successful leaking of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 to Daniel Schorr's being threatened with incarcertion for leaking parts of the Pike Committee report in 1976. Others in this thread have pointed out the role of corporate consolidation in affecting news coverage since the '90s, but journalism in this country had already taken a serious turn for the worse well before that. If you haven't seen it, I would strongly urge you, Hergoa, and anyone else reading this to check out the article at the following link, written by a former Associated Press reporter:

Have you never heard of the story of Gary Webb, who bravely documented the long-suppressed story of collusion between cocaine smugglers and elements within the Reagan and first Bush administrations, and was instantly made the target of an elite-media pile on? The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CBS, etc.--all had assured their readers and viewers years before that there was nothing to such rumors, and they didn't like being exposed for frauds by an upstart at the San Jose Mercury News (greatly assisted by the internet--it wouldn't be the last time major news outlets would feel threatened by that medium). So they unleashed a barrage of smears against Webb until his editors caved and backed off the story, and Webb was ruined professionally. He wound up shooting himself (though some suspect he was bumped off) in December 2004.

Are you aware that the nonsensical magic bullet theory of the JFK assassination, now widely rejected in public opinion polls, continues to be embraced as unshakeable orthodoxy within the major US news media? As with 9/11, deviation from this creed is simply not permitted.

In short--the major news outlets have long been an indispensable part of the power structure; as such, what are supposed to be the ordinary rules of capitalism don't necessarily apply. There are considerations that come into play which distinguish them from more run-of-the-mill profit-seeking ventures. What these news corporations have in common with politicians and bureaucrats and the military-industrial complex, etc., is that the last thing they want is a genuinely empowered, engaged, aroused, involved citizenry. If the people start acting, in great numbers, as if they actually live in a democracy, then the capacity of corporations to bulldoze ahead with their agenda is significantly hindered. So while in the short run revealing the truth might sell papers and boost circulation and ratings and advertising revenue, these news corporations know that their ability to reap profits over the long term is more safely assured in having a public of stupefied couch potatoes content to leave politics in the hands of a wealthy, powerful few. Hence, they are not favorably inclined toward letting the public in on the truth of 9/11.

Will corporate media ever get on board with 9/11 Truth, beyond the ultra-limited hangout of 'incompetence'? My most typical answer is 'No way.' But sometimes lately I have wondered whether--If we keep up the pressure and continue to grow in number--they will ultimately resign themselves to the fact that the official story just won't sell anymore; and recognize that much as they loathe the democratizing effects of the internet, those effects are real and can't be ignored; and might reason something like, 'we may not be in the driver's seat like we used to be, but if we maneuver and postion ourselves now with respect to the truth of 9/11, we can at least keep our places near the front of the bus.'

But such a transformation is still very hard to envision, because these news organizations have done so much themselves to build up the official story and the whole psychology that surrounds it. To let up on ridiculing and attacking skeptics of the official story; more than that, to even become more open to such skeptics--these would be tantamount to disowning their own baby.

Then again, if governments are capable of murdering their own citizens....

Sacramento, 4/11

We will be demonstrating at 10th and L from 2:00 to 6:00. Plenty of signs wil be provided.

Or do something on your own if the time and place are not good for you.

ps. Way to go, Cosmos!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Los Angeles, 4/11

We will met at 10:45am in front of CNN headquarters at 6430 Sunset Blvd (at Cahuenga) Read about the action on Craigslist here. Please join us.

Former Senator Bill Bradley

will be promoting his new book at 7pm tomorrow at :

1360 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Another good opportunity for a Truth Squad.

I caught him in San Rafael tonight and he has completely bought into the government myth of 9/11. See if you can wake him up during Q&A.

Let us know how it goes if you guys can get there. Thanks.

He's in Seattle on Thursday.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

What excellent timing, just heading out to the truth unknown....

and listening to YT and Alex beaming spirit and people power is like a tonic to my soul, I had a tear.

YT you were the best guest I've ever heard on Alex's show you guys just didn't stop motivating for a minute!

I hope Australia does you proud today and 9/1oz(Hereward) will be uploading our demostation to you hopefully tonight our time.

Kindest regards John


Thanks John

Knowing that I could help inspire you and that you guys are taking action for 9/11 truth halfway around the world right now is the best reward I could possibly have for working my ass off around the clock for the past three and a half months. Thank you so much. I hope you're having a great day - looking forward to the report!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We did it and doubled our numbers, it was what you might call..

a relief to finally be on the streets!

There was no police trouble as they watched from afar and we played by the rules.

We had quite alot of good conversations with passers by although we generally found them to be foriegners, Irish, Canadian, American and German travelers. We recieved little hostility or distain, mostly people were curious.
My voice was fine after an hour of yelling out, it's lucky I sing in rock band, it's what you may call hardened.

One of the best things to hapen was at the Town Hall station Coffee shop, where it seems the staff new near as much as me about 9/11 are now giving the truthers discounted coffee (after a brief negotiation on my part) at every 11th protest. Now thats support I can deal with! What is it with taxi drivers and coffee shop staff they all know what's going on in the world??

Hereward(911oz) will post our video blog in the next few hours and we can meet in person. I'm in black with the black cap holding the banner, Johnny Cash style.

The 11th of the month from now on!

We know how important this is that we support you guys in America and the world, it has value simply because it was done and will be done!

Regards John



Doesn't that feel good? I'm itchin' to get out there today! I hooked up our new banner at the last minute and it's pretty rockin'. Your post was the first thing I read this morning and that's what I call good news. I'm glad your first day out went well and I look forward to hearing future developments from the brand new Australian 9/11 truth movement! Nice work on the coffee!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Alex Jones

Alex Jones is the man.

Hes the reason Im here...

If it wasnt for, I would have never found this site along with many others.

I was watching O'Reilly yelling at Kevin Barret on FOX news without touching ONE issue that was being addressed by Mr. Barret.
Before that I was a staunch Bush supporter for about 4 years. I was his lone defender at family gatherings. But the day I woke up, I remember I was listening to Alex Jones show and found a video of AJ predicting 9/11 2 months before it happened. It was that obvious to him, I had to look deeper. Boy, what a journey it has been.
Ive learned more about Americas secret societies and covert "Black Ops", more than I could ever imagine. Im learning more and more dailey.
To know that 9/11 was a self inflicted criminal act has driven me to find the motive. I think the "Truth" movement has just touched on the motives. They go far deeper as I see it..even occultism has been involved at a certain level.
Although I dont totally agree with Alex Jones method of delivering his message, I believe the message is very important one to get out.
God Bless people like AJ. He has done more for the truth movement than anyone IMO.
200 years from now, people will look back and see how couragous people stood up against a corrupt system and changed the world.


Incredible job Cosmos.........You the man!

Radical Pragmatist

Welcome to the 11th

It's going to be a BIG day!!

Every little bit helps

Do everything you can do to spread this message.

Pray for those on the front line.

Rosie, Alex, William, S. Jones, DRG, Kevin Barrett, Charlie Sheen, Ron Paul, Etc.
Together in Truth!

Ann Arbor 4/11 ALL DAY


Meet up at Kiosk on corner of State and North U. Bring signs if you have them and good cheer!! see ya'

Have a great day, everybody!

Be safe, have fun, spread the word and take pics!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Hitting the forums

I have hit the Topix forums in almost every major state with a message for Truth.
Together in Truth!

Topix is World Wide

and so is this message!!
Together in Truth!